Halloween in Portland

Portland also known as the City of Roses is a beautiful place to visit all throughout the year. However the best time to visit the city is during Halloween. Just like other states in America, Portland celebrates Halloween with all the cheer and joy. You will find all the Halloween festivities in the city that start about 10 days before the actual event. There are numerous activates that any person can participate in. So, grab your costumes and join the people of Portland in celebrating Halloween in Portland. Here are some events that you should definitely check out during Halloween:

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Halloween in Portland for Kids

1. Events At The Portland Zoo

The Portland Zoo is one of the places that organizes Halloween events for the children of all ages every year. The event is divided into two parts; Squishing of the Squash and Howloween. The Squishing of the Squash is an extremely entertaining activity where the visitors can see Zoo animals squishing large pumpkins. During the Howloween, the kids get to participate in more activities such as trick-or-treating and different games. The activities are designed targeting the 2-12-year-old age group. However, even the adults can come and be a part.

Admission- The ticket for the adults costs $14.85, and for the kids, it is $9.95. Infants can enter for free.

2. Poor Farms Pumpkin Patch

If you need some pumpkin carving inspiration, head on to the Poor Farms and look at the pumpkin carvings by some of the greatest local artists. After you are done looking at the pumpkins and want to experience something for yourself, feel free to participate in the pumpkin carving contests. If you win, you can take back big prizes.

Admission- The ticket costs $10 and includes a Pumpkin and a carving kit.

3. Tour of Untimely Departure

Take a tour to the Lone Fir Cemetery which is considered haunted by most of the residents of the city. Go through the history of Lone Fir and know about the untimely death of some of the residents of the city. You might even spot a ghost or at least have a great time exploring the haunted Cemetery area with your friends. Dress up in your spooky costume and go on an adventure.

Admission- The entry ticket costs $10 for adults and $5 for kids.

4. Trick-or-Treat

Different places in Portland hold trick or treating events for the kids in the area. The dates are pre decided by the members and parents are informed. Children dress up as their favorite characters walk down every door and look for treats. Alongside the trick or treat event, the children can also participate in other fancy dress competitions and take home prizes.

Admission- Attending Trick or treat events is usually free of cost. However, tickets might be needed in some places.

5. Not-So-Scary Halloween At The Portland Children Museum

The Portland Children’s Museum has a lot to offer to its young visitors. Activities such as decorating bags, storytelling, pumpkin smash, trick-or-treating and live DJ are organized for the kids. The children dress up in their best Halloween costumes and participate in the costume party. It is a great way for the children to learn while having fun.

Admission- The ticket for the museum is $10.75, and extra $5 is charged for the decoration material.

Halloween in Portland for Adults

1. Fright Town

The Fright Town is no doubt the scariest attraction of Portland. There are three attractions that include the Witch House, Grimthorne Manor and the Baron Von Gool’s Museum of Horror. It has been featured in many TV shows and magazines. So, if you want to get adrenalin rush and get the fright of  a lifetime, visit the Fright House this Halloween.

Admission- The ticket cost $23 per person.

2. Portland Erotic Ball

Portland Erotic Ball is one of the reoccurring adult Halloween events. The party is for all those people who want to have some unfiltered fun on the Halloween night. There is a live band performance, aerial performances, burlesque artists, stilt walkers and much more. In addition to this, there is food and lots to drink. People dress up in the most revealing Halloween costumes and dance the night away at the party. The party is can only accommodate 2000 people at a time.

Admission- The pass need to be pre-booked.

3. Haunted Pub Crawl

A few pubs in Portland are haunted, and you can go on a haunted pub crawl on the night of Halloween in Portland. Go to these clubs and taste the finest beer and cocktails that have been specially designed for the occasion of Halloween. What is best is that you will find lots of offers on foods and drinks during this time of the year.

4. Half Marathon- Run Like Hell

If you are a fitness freak and do not want to spend Halloween overeating and drinking, here is an event that will interest you. The Run Like Hell half marathon is organized every year and the marathoners from the city run the marathon. The winners get prizes. There is a separate race for the kids as well.

Admission- The entry to the marathon $89 and $8 for the kid's race.

5. Killer Pumpkin Festival

What is better than carving a pumpkin on Halloween? We would say, it is drinking pumpkin flavored craft beer. The Killer Pumpkin Festival offers 40 toes of crafts beer to the attendees. The best part about this festival is that it is pet friendly, so you do not have to leave your pet home. Also, there is a best-dressed competition, so wear your costumes and take home best-dressed prizes.

Admission- The entry is free. However, people are encouraged to make a $5 donation.

6. Trip To The Most Haunted Spots In Portland

Portland has lots of haunted spots that you can visit with your friends on Halloween. So, get ready to explore the most haunted spot with the other thrill seekers just like you. Many official tours are also organized where you can find out about the history of the haunting and might experience one yourself.

Halloween in Portland is a delightful experience. There is something for every person so that they can have the time of their life. From basic Halloween activities to madhouse parties, there is a perfect fit for everyone’s Halloween night at Portland.


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