Halloween in San Antonio

San Antonio is not the city that comes to mind when we talk about Halloween. However, most people will be surprised to know that the city celebrates Halloween with exhilaration and enthusiasm as the rest of the country. From pumpkin carving to the day of the dead parades, there is everything you can expect from a Halloween in San Antonio. Kids have the time of their lives when they become a part of some exciting activities organized specially for them. So, if you think that there is nothing for you to do this festive season in San Antonio, think again. Here is a list of all the things you can do in San Antonio on Halloween.

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1. Haunted Houses In San Antonio

Haunted houses and Halloween go side by side with each other. No Halloween is complete without a visit to the haunted house and without getting the scare of a lifetime. You will find numerous haunted houses in San Antonio, and some of them are the scariest place you have ever been to. We must warn you; these are no child’s play. Small children are not allowed in most of the haunted houses. Some of the most famous haunted houses you can visit are; 13th Floor Haunted House, Psycho Asylum and Slaughterhouse, Six Flag Fright Fest and much more.

Admission- Small kids are not allowed in most of the haunted houses. Tickets are available online as well as offline.

2. Howl-O-Scream Event at SeaWorld

The SeaWorld organizes the Howl-O-Scream event that is one of the scariest events you will attend this Halloween. The event is only for the teens and adults. People who get scared easily should not attend. The event includes five haunted houses with different themes. You can choose from the House of Dolls, Underneath Scarlett’s Revenge, ICU, Prey and the Frightmare Forest. You will surely find something that interests you in these houses. 

Admission- Tickets are separate for each haunted house.

3. Zoo Boo at the San Antonio Zoo

The San Antonio Zoo organizes the Zoo Boo for all the kids in San Antonio area. Numerous events such as fashion shows, trick or treat, art and craft competitions and much more. Each year a new activity is added for the entertainment of the children at the Zoo. However, one thing that does not change at all is the adorable animals enjoying their special Halloween treats.  This is a great fun-filled event for the kids and their families to celebrate Halloween in San Antonio.

Admission- The tickets can be bought online or at the Zoo itself for both the adults and kids.

4. Halloween Parades In San Antonio 

Halloween Parades are a tradition in San Antonio, and all the people participate in it. Different small or big parades are organized on different days before or on Halloween. Some of the most famous parades include the Riverwalk Bud Light Fest which is a very special river parade and involves decorated boats with the participants dressed in costumes on them. The Halloween Open House is another parade cum party that is only for the adults. You can have a night filled with fun and some drinks with your friends. East El Paso is another parade that you should attend if you want to see the real spirit of Halloween in San Antonio.

5. The Fright Fest

The Fright Fest is one of the most enjoyable events of the Halloween celebration. There is everything here from the haunted houses to puppets, good food, and music. Dance till you cannot feel your feet at the Monster Mash Bash. There is a special presentation by the Zaragoza theater showing best thriller movies. The fest is packed with activities and can be enjoyed by people of all interests.

Admission- The passes can be bought online. Avail exclusive discounts if you buy more.

6. Spooktacular at SeaWorld

The Howl-O-Scream was the event for the adults, and the Spooktacular is the event that sees to the requirements of the kids. The kids can enjoy shows and activities specially designed for them. These shoes involve dogs, cats, and other such animals. The kids can also trick or treat in the park while playing different games. 

Admission- The activities are free of cost with the entry ticket.

7. Bootanical at Botanical Garden

The Botanical Gardens in San Antonio provide the children with an opportunity to have a first-hand experience of the biological activities. Art and craft events related to a theme are organized, and the children are told to participate in them. Additionally, many other games and activities are also held to keep the kids entertained.

Admission- The entry pass costs $7 for kids and $10 for adults. The kids under the age of 3 are given a free entry.

8. The Ghost Tours In San Antonio

Another way to spend your Halloween is by participating in exciting ghost tours and exploring some of the most haunted locations in the city. Join a group and get on the adventure to explore the unknown. Who knows, you might even spot a ghost in a graveyard or a haunted building.

Admission- The ghost tour charges are different for each tour, and the tickets can be bought online.

9. Halloween Spook-Track-ula at Texas Transportation Museum 

This is a specially designed event for the younger kids and is not too scary. The kids get a chance to ride the Transylvania Express and take rides on haunted trains. Additionally, they also enjoy an evening filled with stories from the past and fun activities.

Admission- The tickets cost $12 for adults, $10 for kids below 12 years and free for the kids less than two years.

Apart from these special events, every bar, club or restaurant in San Antonio also organizes activities for their guests. From costume parties to fashion shows, you will find an event happening at every corner of the city. If you are not a fan of the getting dressed up and going to a club, hit the theaters where you can find the special screening of some of the most famous Halloween movies. When in San Antonio, you never run out of options.


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