Halloween in San Diego

Halloween is the most celebrated festival in the country, and the people of San Diego have mastered the art of perfectly celebrating this festival. Halloween in San Diego is a mix of fun, scare, and food. From Pumpkin Patches to haunted houses and fun parties, there is nothing that Halloween celebration in San Diego lacks. Visiting San Diego during Halloween can be a double treat for the tourists. If you think there is not much in San Diego during Halloween, we would suggest you think again, because the list below will blow your mind.


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1. Haunted Houses In San Diego

It is a common tradition to visit the spookiest places in Halloween in San Diego and what is spookier than a haunted house. There are lots of haunted houses in San Diego. Some of these houses are actually haunted, and some of them have been created as attractions. Whichever you choose, be ready to be scared to the most. There are also children friendly haunted houses that are not extremely scary. So, gather up your friends and family and take a tour of the haunted houses this Halloween in San Diego. The Haunted Hotel is the most famous attractions in the city.

Admission- Each haunted house has a different entry charge. Some haunted houses are only open to the adults(18+)

2. Ghost Tours and Trails on Halloween in San Diego

Another very spooky activity to participate in is the Ghost Tours. Get to know about the history of the city and discover some of its most haunted locations. The Whaley House Halloween Ghost Tours are one of the most famous tours in the city. Apart from this, you can also go on the Haunted Trail which includes crossing a trail through the haunted woods. 

Admission- Each tour rates are different, and the tickets or passes can be bought online.

3. The Zombie Bar Crawl

The zombie bar crawl is another famous Halloween tradition in the Country, and hence over 25 bars in San Diego participate in it. The Zombie Crawl takes place either on the Halloween night or the night before it. People dress up in their spookiest costumes and walk around the city, hitting every bar and tasting the specially made cocktails and food. It is like a big zombie party moving from one place to another.

Admission- The tickets to the zombie crawl are available online prior to the event. 

4. SeaWorld Halloween Spooktacular 

Kids are usually most excited about Halloween, and SeaWorld San Diego organizes a special Spooktacular event for its little visitors. From the custom-made Halloween displays to trick or treating, there is everything your child can expect from a fun Halloween event. Additionally, games and competitions are held where the kids can win prizes. The event is just like a little fair where you can see people walking around in their costumes entertaining the children. 

Admission- The entry fee to the SeaWorld has to be paid by the children and adults. 

5. The Boomont Park Fall Festival

The Boomont Park Festival is one of the oldest and the most anticipated festivals in October. The festival lasts all October and people can visit every Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. Activities such as trick-or-treating, pumpkin painting, zombie laser tag, costume contests and art and craft competitions are organized. There is also a live music performance by the live band at the Belmont Park. Every year their park adds new activities to the festival to make it even more fun for the people. 

Admission- The admission to the festival is free of cost, and some activities might have extra charges.

6. Halloween At The Museums

The museums around San Diego hold special Halloween events for the kids and their families. These include trick-or-treating, games and much more. Attend the Haunted Tales at the Maritime Museum or the Pumpkin Express at the Pacific Southwest Railway Museum. The activities are specially designed for the children up to the age of 14. However, the adults are also most welcome to get involved.

Admission- The museum entry fee is applicable at all venues.

7. Bates Nut Farm Pumpkin Patch

The Bates Nut Farm Pumpkin Patch has been a tradition in San Diego for over 50 years. Families from all over San Diego city come to the farm and enjoy the event. It involves tractor hayrides, snows pony rides, petting corals, straw maze and much more. Different activates are designed for the children as well as the adults every year.

Admission- The entry is free.

8. Balboa Park Family Day

Every Halloween, Balboa Park, and museum organizes an exclusive event for the kids and their families. You can participate in the Family Day and indulge in activities such as costume parade, art and craft projects and much more. Your kid can also take back prizes for the best costume during this event. 

Admission- The event entry is free. However, the museum tickets have to be bought.

9. Haunted Birch Aquarium

Aquariums are a fun place to hang around and have fun. The Haunted Birch Aquarium is another Halloween attraction that involves a Halloween party. There is live music, games, trick or treats and the kids get a chance to interact with the Humbolt squid. One of the activities that attract the kids the most is the slime creation lab. The café serves exclusive Halloween food, and the best-dressed family or kids receive prizes at the event. 

Admission- The tickets cost $18.50 if you book in advance and $20 if you come on the day of the event. Furthermore, the members get a special discount.

Halloween at San Diego is fun, and a must attend if you are looking to participate in some exciting activities. People who are interested in partying also have many options. Each year there are hundreds of Halloween special parties organized across the country. Each restaurant or bar creates a Halloween special menu for the customers. There is a lot to do for the kids as well as the adults every Halloween in San Diego.


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