Halloween in San Jose

San Jose is the center of Silicon Valley and has a lot to offer to the visitors and the residents during the famous festival of Halloween. The city and the people celebrate Halloween with all the pomp and show. You will find activities ranging from Halloween parties to trick or treat events and fests. The city gets into the Halloween spirit about ten days before the festival and the festivities also start early. No matter how young or old, there is something for everyone on Halloween in San Jose. Do check out the following events that take place every Halloween in San Jose.

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Famous Monster Halloween

Famous Monster Halloween is by far the biggest Halloween celebration in San Jose. Halloween in San Jose is incomplete without this event. People dress up scary and have a time filled with entertainment. The event is held in an area of 200,000 sq ft, celebrity guests come to address the people and it has lots and lots of haunted attraction, games, and contests.

Admission: You can buy the tickets at the venue. Entry for the children below the age of 12 is free.

Annual Halloween Yacht Party

If you are a fan of the Yacht parties, the Annual Halloween Yacht Party at San Jose will blow your mind. Live music, drinks, and great food on the cruise is what makes this party so special. Set sail in your spookiest Halloween costumes and get on the Yacht. Dance the night away and enjoy the Halloween special menu plus the cocktails. So, grab your friends or your partner and be a part of the best Halloween party every year. Every year only 500 tickets are sold, hence make the bookings earlier. 

Admission: The tickets are sold at the door, so it is better to reach the location on time.

Pumpkin in the Park

Pumpkin in the Park is a costume parade that takes place in the Guadalupe River Conservancy. The parade is so important because it teaches the children and their parents about environmental conservation. It is a fundraising event with lots of fun activities.

Admission: The passes can be bought at the venue.

The Halloween Club Crawl

Join the club goers this Halloween in the best Club Crawl of San Jose. Some of the best clubs come together to organize this crawl. Wear your costumes and visit each of these clubs with your friends or the significant other. Each club has something unique to offer, and you can enjoy live DJ, specially crafted cocktails, and tasty food. Do yourself a favor and book the passes early because only limited members are given an entry.

Admission: You need to buy the passes. While checking in, you will be provided with a wristband, show the band at each club after that and get free entry.

San Jose Day Of The Dead Celebration

Day of the Dead is a Mexican festival that takes place with the Halloween and people of San Jose celebrate the Day of the Dead with utmost joy. You will find numerous events at the San Jose Museum of Art and St James Park. At The Museum you can celebrate with live music and cultural programs. This is a party for the entire family. At the St James Park, you can enjoy the fest. The activities include live DJ, sugar skull workshops, t-shirt coloring and much more. You will also see some dancers, red store bums and much more. People dress up in the best costumes and attend both these events.

Admission: The entry passes for both the events can be bought from the venue.

Halloween Flashlight Tour

If you want to do something spooky, join the Halloween Flashlight Tour at the House and Gardens. You will be taken to a mysterious mansion. The flashlights are the only source of light in this giant dark house. On your way, the guide will tell you dozens of haunted stories that will send chills down your bones. The tour is best for the kids above the age of 8 and all the adults. The tour will last for about 75 minutes.

Admission: The tickets can be bought online or at the House and Gardens.

Trick Or Treat

Trick or treating is the most significant tradition of Halloween, and so, the entire city prepares for the trick or treating event for the children. Children go around the city from door to door asking for treats. They dress up in their best costumes. The dates for the events are decided prior so that everyone has an idea when to dress up and go out for a treat. The parents are asked to accompany their kids during the event.

Admission: It is free of cost.

Halloween Hunt

Next comes the scary as always, Halloween Hunt. This is a secret event that is only organized on certain nights in October. This is one of the most frightening Halloween hunts that take place just in the night. There is no age limit. However, the park does warn the ticket buyers of the risks. Children below 13 years should not attend this event. You will find scary monsters roaming freely in the park and do not miss out on any chance to scare you. Unlike the other haunted houses, the monsters might also chase you. With that said, you are guaranteed a scare of a lifetime.

Admission: The tickets can be bought at the ticket booth.

Haunted Tours In San Jose

In addition to the Halloween Hunt, there are many other Haunted tours for the people in San Jose. You can join the troops and take a trip around the most haunted locations in one night. Even if you do not encounter any ghosts on your way, the spooky stories are sure to scare you.

Admission: The passes and the tickets for each of these tours can be bought online.

Every year you will find a new event happening in San Jose. From parties to festivals and music concerts, there is a lot to explore. Most of the events start ten days prior to Halloween and last until early November. So, bring out your scariest costumes and get ready to join the Halloween Spirit if San Jose.


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