Halloween in Seattle

Surrounded by the sea, Seattle is one of the most beautiful cities in the world. The city becomes even more attractive during the Halloween events. All the residents from different parts of Seattle come together to commemorate the festival and indulge in some enjoyable activities. Halloween in Seattle is a combination of late night partying, family events and haunted tours. If you are looking for Halloween ideas in Seattle, we can assure you that you will find something to suit your taste. Here are some activities that take place around Seattle during Halloween.

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Woodland Park Zoo Pumpkin Bash

The Woodland Zoo is one of the most visited locations by the kids around the city. So, the Woodland Park zoo organizes lots of events for the children of all ages to come together and enjoy the festival of Halloween. Activities such as trick or treat and pumpkin bash and much more are organized by the Zoo.

Nightmare at Beaver Lake

The Nightmare at Beaver Lake is the perfect event to attend on a Halloween night. This is a half mile forest trail that is filled with all kinds of scary things. There are two types of events, the family-friendly one runs from 7-7.45 PM and have all the things designed to suit the needs of the small children. The second one is the Full Scare that starts at 8 PM and goes on until 11 PM. The best part is that all the benefit goes to charity.

Admission: The tickets are available at the venue.

Georgetown Morgue Haunted House

If you want to be scared by the stories or real haunting at a real Morgue, visit the Georgetown Morgue. This place was an actual morgue when nine people were forced into the crematorium and killed. This place was then converted into a haunted house. The artists dress up as characters and recreate the scenes from the actual Morgue that was there years ago. This place is not for the faint-hearted and should not be visited by kids.

Admission: $13 to $75 tickets are available.

Wild Waves and Enchanted Village

The two events in Federal Way are specially designed for the Halloween. There is an array of activities for people to participate. There is a Booville Children’s Area, a haunted house, Camp Whispering Pines Haunted Trail and much more. There is also a rollercoaster ride available if you want to go on the adventures and want to stay away from the spooky activities. We would suggest that the people who do not like getting scared should not indulge in the scary activities.

Admission: The price might vary each year, and the tickets are available at the venue.

Monster Mash Dash

For all the health conscious people out there, the Monster Mash Dash is a great way to burn some calories and also celebrate the festival of Halloween. Every Halloween in Seattle, the Monster Mash Dash is organized in which the participants are encouraged to wear costumes and run for 5 kilometers. You can also walk if you cannot run. The primary aim is to reach the finish line. The winners are given prizes, and you can have a graveyard smash in the end,

Admission: The entry to the event is free of cost.

Seattle Chocolate Haunted Factory Tour

Halloween goes best along with candy and what is a better way to celebrate this festival than visiting the haunted chocolate factory. The Chocolate Factory in Seattle is haunted, and every Halloween, special tours are organized for the kids and their families where they can see things like haunting spirits, ghoulish delights, scary characters and mystical magic mirrors. The tour takes place twice a week for the last two weeks of October. You can also witness the art of chocolate making and maybe get to taste some if you get lucky.

Admission: Passes can be bought online or at the venue.

Halloween On The Hill

Halloween on the hill is a Halloween festival that includes events such as the carnival, food, the great pumpkin race and much more. You can come here with your family and have a day filled with fun. Additionally, you can also stay until the night and watch some of the most famous scary movies on the big screen. The event is suited for all ages, and there is something to entertain everyone.

Admission: Tickets can be bought at the entry to the event.

The Halloween Celebration At The Children’s Museum

The Children’s Museum in Seattle organizes a Halloween celebration for the kids and involves activities such as trick-or-treating, pumpkin carving and many interactive games. Each year new activities are added to the list and children are given prizes for the best costumes. The parents can also come and have a good time with their kids.

Admission: The museum entry fee applies.

Haunt at the Museum of Pop Culture

Haunt: The Ultimate Halloween Bash is one of the oldest parties that is an annual occurrence on every Halloween in Seattle. It is one of the biggest parties in the town with an extensive guest list of 2,000 people. This is an adult only event and is also the longest party in Seattle. So, get dressed in your best outfits and hit the Museum of Pop Culture for a night filled with music, food, and dance every Halloween in Seattle.

Admission: The price of the tickets vary from year to year.

Seattle has one of the most diverse cultures of the world. Hence there are numerous types of activities available for the people to enjoy the festival of Halloween in Seattle. You can go to any club or bar in Seattle and taste their Halloween special drinks and foods. You can also be a part of the Halloween Pub and Club Crawls. Find the thing that suits your interest the most and invest your Halloween holiday on it.


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