Halloween in Washington DC

The capital city of United States celebrates Halloween in the best and the most extravagant way. Tons of events are organized every year by the residents on Halloween in Washington DC. People from all walks of life gather and decorate the city to look even more beautiful than it is. One of the oldest cities in the States, DC has some fascinating Halloween traditions. If you want to celebrate your Halloween in Washington DC and are looking for the fun activities, here is a list of all the activities you can participate in:

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Boo At The Zoo

Every child loves the zoo. Hence the National Zoo organizes a Boo at the Zoo Halloween event for the children. There are 40 treat stations where the children can go trick or treat in their costumes. They can also enjoy haunted trails and pumpkin carving contests. Each year, new activities are added to the list to make the event even more fun for the kids and their families.

Admission: The zoo ticket is necessary.

The Fright Fest

If you are a resident of the States, there is a good chance that you have heard about the Fright Fest. This is the Six Flag America sponsored fest that has all types of Halloween fun. You can visit the haunted attractions such as the haunted houses. We must warn you; these are some of the scariest haunted houses you have ever been to, so be careful. There is also a magic show and a big roller costar for the people to celebrate Halloween. Take our advice and wear a spooky Halloween costume because prizes are given to the best costumes.

Admission: The tickets are available both offline and online.

The 13th Street High Heel Race

The 13th Street High Heel Race is something you have never seen before. This race happens every year on Halloween in Washington DC. People dress up in their costumes and the mandatory high heels to participate in the race. It is a quarter-mile race, and the winner takes back home big prizes. If you do not want to compete in the race, you can cheer the people who are running in their heels from the sidelines.

Admission: You do not have to pay any charges to participate in the race.

Nightmare on M Street

The best costume party of the town, Nightmare on M Street comes back every Halloween in Washington DC. Get on a cruise and take a trip to the different bars. Each bar has food and special Halloween drinks for the customers. This is one of the most awaited parties of the whole year, and we assure you that after one visit, you will surely want to come back again next year for all the fun.

Admission: The entry tickets can be bought online or at the entry.

The Pumpkin Patches

There are numerous Pumpkin Patches around Washington DC where the whole family can go and enjoy a day filled with activities such as pumpkin carving, trick or treating and much more.

Admission: Each place has different admission charges for both adults and the kids.

Ghost Tours In Washington DC

Washington DC is an old town. This means that there are lots of haunted locations and ghost stories about the diseased. Join a ghost tour on the Halloween night and explore all these haunted locations in the city. If you get lucky, you might even end up experiencing a haunting. If not, then the spooky stories told by the people will keep you entertained all throughout the night.

Admission: Different charges are applicable on different tours.

The International Spy Museum

you have a chance to turn into real life detectives at the International Spy Museum Halloween event. You can enjoy things like code-breaking competitions, go on secret missions and much more. The visitors are also given spy snacks. The most important thing is to dress up as your favorite spy.

Admission: The tickets can be bought at the museum or online.

Night Of The Living Zoo

The National Zoo does not forget the adults and thus organizes the Night of the Living Zoo every Halloween for the 21 plus age group. The zoo transforms into a devils den in the night where you will see people dressed as animals and monsters walking around the place. There are live music, dancing, and a costume contest. So dress up in your best costume since the prizes are big. You can also enjoy some lip-smacking dishes and crafted beers in the evening.

Admission: The entry ticket is available at the venue.

Air and Scare

Visit the Steven F.Udvar-Hazy Center and have some Air and Scare. This is another annual event that is especially held for people of all ages. You need to get ready in your best attire and trick or treat. You can also participate in the crazy science experiments with the scientists at the National Air and Space Museum.

Admission: The entry to the event is free.

Mansion on the O Street Scavenger Hunt

The Mansion on the O street is a very old building and naturally has an eerie look to it. On Halloween, a special event is organized in the building where each room is decorated with a different theme of Halloween. It is not a very scary event, but they also have an auction at the end where you can buy some beautiful antiques for your home.

Admission: The tickets can be bought at the gate of the venue.

On Halloween in Washington DC, the fun never ends. You can attend numerous parties and events that start about ten days prior to the actual festival. You can see the unique menus in the restaurants and bars that are based on the Halloween theme. There are also special musical performances and comedy shows by famous artists. If you want to sit back and relax, head out to the theaters and watch your favorite Halloween movies. Grab your costumes and get ready to be a part of the fun Washington DC has to offer you on every Halloween Night.


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