Hallstatt - A Small Village Destination for Your Vacation

By Guest Blogger on Jan 08, 2019
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Titled as the “Pearl of the Salzkammergut”, Hallstatt has been on our Travel bucket list ever since we first saw its picture on our Instagram feed. If you are reading this post, there are high chances that you also must have seen those postcard pretty pictures of Hallstatt and are dying to visit the place.

Breathtakingly stunning, Hallstatt is considered as one of the prettiest lakeside villages in the world, but that’s not all- it holds a lot of historical and cultural importance as well.

The classic view of Hallstatt

Being extremely popular with tourists and travel photography aficionados, Hallstatt can become extremely stuffy with tourists during peak seasons.

The hotel prices are high and since it is so close to Salzburg a lot of tourists prefer covering Hallstatt as a day trip, but we highly recommend to pay a little more and stay there for at least a night. Why do we say that? Well, go there, wait until 7 pm and you would see it for yourself. The herd of day trippers would have gone and you will have the entire town almost exclusively to yourself.

Tip: Make an effort, get up early and roam around the town, chances are you will be all alone except for a few photographers lined up at a particular spot, trying to get the perfect click of the iconic frame.

Lahn, Hallstatt

Lake Hallstatt

Hallstatt is a rather small town and you can cover end to end in an hour’s time with a leisurely stroll.

The Scenic View from Lahn, Hallstatt

So, what all is there to do in Hallstatt?

Honestly, you can just spend a few days here doing absolutely nothing. There cannot be a better place than this to just disconnect from the outside world and unwind. But don't worry, if that’s not what you are looking for, there are ample amount of touristy activities to do here.

1. Visit the Salt mine – our favourite part was the thrilling miner’s slide down

2. Go up the funicular way and enjoy the world heritage view

3. Visit a quirky church which has a collection of Painted Skulls

4. Go on a hike and experience the real Alpine thrill

5. Ride an electric boat all by yourself.

Welterbeblick World Heritage View

The Viewing Platform

View of Hallstatt from the Viewing Platform

How to get there

1. Driving – rent a car, it’s just an hour’s drive from Salzburg

2. Join a day trip tour with several tour providers. One of the best ones is Panorama Tours.

3. Make it a DIY adventure – that’s what we did. Catch bus 150 from Salzburg to Bad Ischl, then a train from Bad Ischl to Hallstatt and then cover the final lap with a short but beautiful ferry ride to the town.

On the way back instead of going to Bad Ischl, we took a train to Attnang Puchheim and from Attnang Puchheim to Salzburg.

Whenever we sit and reminisce about our travels we find it very difficult to believe that such a pretty place exists ☺.

Hope this post inspires many more people to pack their bags and visit this magical land and experience its beauty.

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