Hanukkah in Glasgow

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The largest city in Scotland, Glasgow is famed for its world-class attractions, impressive gastronomic scenes, stunning architecture and plenty of other things to keep you interested. The world’s friendliest city is sure to make you feel like home with diverse neighborhoods and people from all kinds of races and religions. 

The city of Glasgow hosts many of the festivals with great zeal and joy and among them is the 8-days long Hebrew festival called “Hanukkah”. Also known as the “Festival of Light”, celebrated in the wintertime, Hanukkah is a light menorah with fried food and prayers.

If you happen to visit the wonderful city of Glasgow during the time of Hanukkah, don’t forget to take part in the following activities taking place all over the city.

Menorah shopping at the Prince Square Shopping Centre

The best place to buy special gifts and presents for your close family members and friends is the Prince Square Shopping Mall which is known as the dinning and shopping sanctuary by the people of Glasgow. The place also organises many festive events with some very appealing Christmas light works throughout its area. One can also shop at the St Enoch Centre that hold almost 80 stores. It also provides the service of hiring a personal shopper for your help and assistance. 

Recite blessing at the historical churches in the city

The most important part of the Hanukkah festival is offering prayers to the almighty and Jewish ancestors. There are many prayers in Jewish that are recited in the rich religious heritages of the city that include Glasgow City Free Church, Govan Old Parish Church, Oran Mor and many more that are in the city and lit with candles through the eight days of the festive week.

Play dreidel with a local family

A dreidel is a four-sided top that is used to play a game of gambling with nuts or small candies. All the players are given equal amount of candies in the beginning of the game and a few are placed in the centre in a pot. Each side of the dreidel bears a letter which tells the player whether to take out of put in a candy. The game ends with someone having all the candies or someone losing them all. The interesting game can be played with the children in Glasgow who are too excited to get all the candies.

Watch people present gifts and cards or buy some for your loved ones too

On eight nights of Hanukkah small tokens of money or chocolate coins are presented to the children and everyone exchanges gifts. One can find the perfect present on Glasgow’s style mile which has a number of stores which are open till extended hours of the day. The variety and range of presents that one can find here can solve everyone’s dilemma for a perfect gift. If you are looking for big high street stores then you should head to Buchanan Gallery which has stores that you would not find anywhere else in Glasgow.

Enjoy the traditional food at the Hidden Lane

The Hidden Lane in Glasgow is the place of main attraction when it comes to great food and simply having a good time with your family members. The Hidden Lane Tearoom is most famous for its soups, drinks and delicious cakes. The new Lean factory on the street has also been every one's centre of attraction lately. If you want to go out and have some good food in the Hanukkah week, Hidden Lane is the place. 

Christmas lights at George Square

The George Square turns into a winter wonderland with fairy lights and Christmas lights in full-swing. The city lights up with sparkling lights in the first week of December to begin the season of festivals in great joy and zeal. The spot is also a tremendous hit with the people from outside the city for its decoration.

Make the most of your Hanukkah when in Glasgow and keep this list of things in mind.


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