Hanukkah in Liverpool

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Hanukkah is the festival of lights which is celebrated with great pomp and show by Jewish people. It is the rededication of the Holy Temple which goes on for eight days and it is celebrated from around late November to late December.

The festival has a great history behind its celebration. In the second century, the Jews of Israel defeated the powerful armies of the Greek and rededicated the Holy Temple in Jerusalem and service of God. They lit the Temple’s Menorah with a single cruse of Olive Oil which miraculously lasted for eight days.

So, to show these miracles to people, the community celebrates the festival of Hanukkah (also known as Chanukah) which is also regarded as the Festival of Lights and The Feast of Dedication.

Here’s how the Jewish people in Liverpool celebrate Hanukkah with great enthusiasm and spirit:

1. Casino Night at Hillel House, Liverpool

The casino night with doughnuts, latkes, and dreidels will be a treat for all the youth in Liverpool. They will lovingly celebrate the festival of lights by shining greatly to their joy. The event is particularly hosted by Liverpool JSOS in which all the graduates and post-graduates are invited. 

They also enlighten the festival by their young spirit and dancing throughout the night. The students usually celebrate the first day of the festival with great enthusiasm and unbeatable energy.

2. Lighting of Menorah at University Square, Liverpool

The event is hosted by University’s Vice-Chancellor as he lit the pious menorah. It is attended by the Heads of Departments at University Square by the Foundation Building. The event is executed nicely by offering free doughnuts, chocolate coin, vegetable soup, and coffee.

The commemorating of the miracles of the festival is followed by the music, dance, and raffle. It is more like a carnival to the Jewish in Liverpool where the other communities also join in and rededicate the service of God along with them. 

3. Doughnuts and Coffee with Grand Menorah at St. George’s Hall

The Lord Mayor of the city attends and lit the Grand Menorah to spread the victory of faith over greed. The event is executed with doughnuts and coffee for all the visitors. Doughnuts are the traditional snack of the event along with the coffee.

The Fire Jugglers and other entertainers will also be called to entertain the visitors. The whole idea of celebrating Hanukkah is to light up the spirit through entertainment and music as it is to remark the happiness for Jewish people.

4. Participating and Spreading the word about Hanukkah on social media

Share the light Campaign was initiated by all the students and faculty members of good institutions in Liverpool. The pictures of the festival Hanukkah is posted and shared through social media sites such as Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. These pictures were posted with the tagline of #share the light and #light up Liverpool.

The whole idea behind was to spread the light of humility and humanity across the city, Liverpool. All the Jews happily join the campaign as they wanted to curb the darkness prevailing in the society by severe social evils these days by spreading the light of Hanukkah. 

5. Entertainment Shows hosted by Merseyside AJEX

The Merseyside Association of Jewish Ex-Servicemen and Women host the standup comedy and singing shows for the Jewish people. The event will be executed with the refreshments and the people will together offer the rededicated service to God. 

The event has an entry ticket for around £8.50 per person and the money collected through the event will be collected for donation. Jews find donation and gifting happiness to people on their feast of dedication i.e. Hanukkah.

6. Fireworks for children at Childwall Synagogue

There can be no other special way to celebrate Hanukkah by celebrating it with children. The children are the bundle of joys and miracles of God and to commemorate the miracles witnessed by Jewish centuries ago, the fireworks for the children are organized at Childwall Synagogue.

The end of the festival is always celebrated by rejoicing it with children with a big and lavished party for them. The city looks beautiful as the fireworks spread all over in the sky and enlighten the surroundings. 

Hanukkah is the festival of lights which remarks its significance to curb the darkness in today’s world and to spread light and happiness. It commemorates the miracles of the Holy Temple centuries ago which were witnessed by Jewish people. Jewish celebrates the festival in a unique way and does not let its significance fade away. 


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