7 Haunted Places In Bangalore

By Niyati Shinde on Sep 20, 2016
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Boasting of many famous tourist attractions such as the beautiful Lalbagh Botanical Garden, the fun Wonderla Amusement Park, the enchanting Bannerghatta National Park and the serene Cubbon Park, the city of Bangalore proves to be a great host to visitors. Are you done visiting all the tourist attractions and are now in search of something unique and quirky? How about you explore these 7 haunted places in Bangalore now? If you live to tell the tale, you’ll be deemed a hero! 

1. Bangalore International Airport - high flying ghost!

Image Source: Wikimedia

The ghost of probably a globetrotter, the spirit that haunts the Bangalore International Airport scares the crap out of many travellers. Many people at the airport have seen visions of a lady draped in a white saree with her long hair let loose. In fact, there is a short video circulating that shows the ghost standing on the runway with her arms outstretched! Would you dare to board a flight now?!

2. Naale Baa- spooky experience in Bangalore:

Naale Baa is a Kannada term which translates to ‘Come back tomorrow’. During the late 1990s, a ghost made its appearance on the streets of Bangalore. It used to go knocking on the doors of houses. God forbid if you opened the door, you would invite your doom! So how do you tackle such a situation? Well, if you hear a knock on your door late in the night, you just slip a paper to the other side with ‘Naale Baa’ written on it and hope that the ghost does not take it literally and visit again the next day! The legend of Naale Baa is making its return again nowadays. Please pray that you do not hear a knock on your hotel room door late in the night!

3. National Highway 4 - haunted road in Bangalore:


Image Source: Wikimedia
The National Highway 4 that runs through the city is one of the most haunted places in Bangalore. There have been instances where drivers have been flagged down for a lift and when they have halted, the vision asking for the lift has disappeared! There have also been stories circulating that claim that the spirits asking for the lift have disappeared for a second and then reappeared in the Samaritans’ cars!  

4. Terra Vera - most scary place in Bangalore:

Image Source: Youtube.com

Although now in a state of ruin, the Terra Vera house is one of the spookiest places in Bangalore. The house was built in the year 1943 by lawyer EJ Vaz. His daughters, Vera and Dolce used to stay here until the year 2002 when, tragically, Dolce was murdered by a thief in front of Vera. The police requested Vera to shift to a safer location and the empty house has been an epicentre for paranormal activities since then. Daredevil visitors have witnessed furniture moving around on its own accord, the sounds of a piano filling up the house and even faces showing up at windows! If you try clicking a photo inside the house, it gets corrupted or is always blurred. 

5. Victoria Hospital - haunted hospital in Bangalore:

Image Source: Wikimedia

The Victoria Hospital’s grounds seem to be haunted by the ghost of a soul who is perennially hungry! Visitors have found their lunch boxes and snacks missing and have claimed to have seen a vision lurking in the branches of the trees. This one seems to be a friendly ghost though; if you run into it, do pass on our ‘hi’ to it! :-)

6. M.G. Road - dare to walk down the road at night!?

Image Source: Wikimedia Commons

Although not confirmed, there is a specific night in a year when the ghost of a young female call centre employee haunts the M.G. Road in Bangalore. It is the same night when she met with a horrible accident on the same road and died. It is said that she laid there, screaming for help but nobody came forth. So now, her spirit roams the road on the night of her death and spooks the unwary passersby. 

7. Kalpalli Cemetery - haunted graveyard in Bangalore:


Image Source: publicdomainpictures  (image for representative purpose)
Cemeteries and hauntings go hand in hand don’t they?! The Kalpalli Cemetery is another scary place to visit in Bangalore, and not just because it is where the dead rest. Passersby have noticed a scary looking man lurking in the darkness inside the cemetery. Some brave enthusiasts who have visited the cemetery in the night have felt an unexplained presence of something evil. Would you still like to visit the cemetery? Good luck to you!
All set to explore these haunted places in Bangalore? Please be careful. You have been warned! 
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