10 Most Haunted Places in Chennai

By Neha Kapoor on Sep 07, 2016
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While Chennai might have crossed milestones in becoming one of the fast developing modern cities of India, there are still some dark corners, crossing which can make your hair stand on their ends. These places are spooky, weird, dark and gothic to the extent of being termed as the most haunted places in Chennai. Most of us associate ghosts with deserted and desolate places, but hardly do we realise that the uncanny is always a part of the most crowded and the most developed. Blame it on imagination or the stories that surround, there are some shady places to visit in Chennai which the locals fear to tread after dark.
Keep your horror books/movies aside and have a look at these most haunted places in Chennai and the creepy stories behind them:

1. Blue cross road - the suicide corner

Image source: thehindu 
There have been a number of suicidal cases that have taken place on Blue Cross Road, making it one of the most haunted places in Chennai. A drive through this road will be a haunted journey in itself as the road is thoroughly covered with dense canopies of trees rendering a ghostly feel to the place. Be aware of walking down this road after dark lest you should encounter some spirits to terrify you.  

2. Broken bridge - the paranormal hub of Chennai


Image source: Vinoth Chandar/flickr
Some places are considered to be jinxed- Broken Bridge in Chennai is one of them. Built on the Adyar River, this bridge is considered to be the hub of paranormal activities. You might have come across this bridge many a times in the movies. However, venturing here late in the night can surprise you with an eerie feeling. Infact, many fishermen have complained of hearing the screaming voices of a woman here.  
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3. De Monte Colony - the Haunted Houses


Image source: thehindu  
Straight from the Ramsay Brothers Stories! It is believed that the entire colony of De Monte is haunted by ghosts and spirits. There have been instances of pets and also security guards going missing. There is a horror story associated with this place. This colony belonged to a Portuguese businessman who lived here with his mentally challenged wife. His son also died under unknown circumstances. The colony remains completely dark and spooky and visiting it after dark can scare the wits out of you. Although, this place has been completely demolished, yet it is considered as one of the scariest places in Chennai.  
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4. F2 Building, Valmiki Nagar - the ghost woman

Image source: thehindu

Popularly known as the F2 building, this structure in Valmiki Nagar in Chennai has been lying vacant for past 10 years and is thus considered as the perfect place for ghosts to make their abode. People here have complained of listening to the screams of supposedly the owner’s daughter who committed suicide in the same house. Ever since then, this house is empty and is thus on the radar of paranormal activities. Loss of mobile networks also adds to the horror of this place. Some people have also complained that the ghost opens the house for the visitors and welcomes them. Would you like to be her guest?

5. Anna Flyover - the strange noises

Image source: commons.wikipedia  

Anna Flyover has been notorious for being a suicidal point for many. Ghost sightings and strange noises are a regular features here making it one of the most haunted places in Chennai. During nights, this place becomes even more haunted with darkness and mystery.
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6. Theosophical Society - the haunted old banyan tree in Chennai

Image source: Ram Karthik/flickr  

People visiting the theosophical society have complained of eerie experiences that have jolted them. Inside, there is a big banyan tree which adds to the spookiness of this place. Haunted occurrences here include loud screams and random callings of indistinct names. 

7. Karikattu Kuppam - the wandering souls

Image source: thenewsminute 

The unfortunate incident of the Tsunami in 2004 left many souls to wander here with the loss of so many lives. People consider this place to be haunted by the wandering souls that are tormented by untimely death. The spirit of an old man and a child are common sightings of Karikattu Kuppam. After being hit by the Tsunami, here remains only a temple which is supposed to be haunted by the spirits.

8. Madras Christian College - haunted by the lover ghost

Image source: thenewsminute  

You won’t believe that it is love that has given birth to so many haunted stories. Madras Christian College is supposed to be haunted by the spirit of a lover who committed suicide because of unrequited love. That’s called a haunting love indeed! 

9. Wipro Technologies CDC5, Sholinganallur The engrave Cemetery

Whenever a building is built on a cemetery, it is considered to be a haunted place. The same fate is meted out to Wipro Technologies in Sholinganallur which was built on a cemetery. Security guards at the Wipro office have complained of sighting several apparitions. Scary indeed! 

10. Besant Avenue Road - Haunted Mystery

Image source: commons.wikimedia  

One of the most haunted places in Chennai, Besant Avenue Road spills with mystery and spookiness. This place is so weird that people have complained of paranormal activities even during the day. A lot of times, people are tortured and overthrown too. 
So which of these ghosts do you find the most interesting and most scary? Let us know in the comments below. 
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