9 Most haunted Places in India

By Neha Agarwal on Sep 08, 2015
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As children we have heard a lot many scary ghost stories. These haunted stories still scare us in our dreams. If this is not enough to digest then let us brief you about some best haunted places on earth that would really give you that real jolt. Drowse yourself in a pure hair rising experience on most haunted places in India.

1) Bhangarh Fort, Rajasthan

Source: Shahnawaz Sid/Flickr

Bhangarh is a ruined town between Jaipur and Alwar in Rajasthan. There are many stories that revolve around this fort. One of them being, city of Bhangarh was built by King Madho Singh after getting an approval from a Guru Balu Nath, who meditated there. Guru Balu Nath a very strong ascetic sanctioned the establishment of the town unless, the moment the shadow should fall on the Guru, the palace would be undone and the city shall be destroyed! But one of the ambitious descendants raised the palace to such a height that it cast a shadow on Balu Nath's forbidden retreat and his prophecy became true as predicted and the whole town was devastated. The Samadhi where Guru Balu Nath is said to lie is still there. Local villagers say that whenever a house is built there its roof collapses. People also say that nobody returned who stayed there after dark.

2) Jatinga Valley, Assam

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The village of Jatinga in the Dima Hasao district of Assam has a population of around 2500. The village is world famous for its phenomenon of bird suicides. Most of the migratory birds visiting the area never leave the village and just drop to their death on the streets. The case gets even inscrutable in the sense that these birds drop to their death precisely between 06:00 p.m. to 09:30 p.m. on the moonless nights of September and October. Though more theories continue to arise, no one has yet been able to prove the exact explanation behind this phenomenon. Hence, it makes our list of top haunted places in India.

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3) Kuldhara, Rajasthan

Image Source: Tomas Belcik/Flickr

The village of Kuldhara is popularly known to be a deserted ghost village that has been abandoned since 1800s. It is said to carry a curse of the villagers who vanished from there overnight, after having lived there for over 7 centuries.
The village lies in ruins, established in 1291 by the Paliwal Brahmins, who were a very prosperous clan and were known for their business acumen and agricultural knowledge. One night in 1825 all the people in Kuldhara and nearby 83 villages vanished in dark, without any warning & abandoned this village.

4) Agrasen Ki Baoli, Delhi

Image Source: Wikimedia Commons

Just small walk from Jantar Mantar, Agrasen Ki Baoli is a paranormal activity marvel. In the age of the Mahabharata, Raja Agrasen ordered to build this 104 red stoned steps magnificent water temple. This is considered as the first form of step wells and water reservoirs. Besides historical importance, thos place is famous for ghost stories. Even though the Well inside the Baoli has dried out but that now, the stories refuse to desiccate. Going deeper only your footsteps can be heard, as the sounds becomes more louder in a complete vacuum silence, the atmosphere turns more creepy feelings. A strong eerie presence is felt here. Before the place lost its shine, the Boali was filled with black water which would call out to people strangely and ask them to scarify their lives. This might be the rationale behind the strangeness felt inside the vicinity of this Baoli. The water is believed to have had mesmerized people and drove them to death. Many have lost their lives here.

5) Lambi Dehar Mines, Uttarakhand

Image Source: news.indiaonline.in

Due to improper work conditions, workers died coughing blood. Hence, the mines were shut down. Since then people believe these mines to be haunted and many stories have been formed. Locals also say that the location is haunted by a witch who makes unnerving noises at night.

6) The Shaniwarwada Fort, Pune

 Image Source: Priya Saha

Besides being a architectural wonder, Shaniwarwada is also known for its spooky stories. It is believed that the level of supernatural activity is on its peak on every full moon night. The mysterious story behind the strange activities suggests that a young prince was brutally murdered here, which is maybe why his spirit haunts the place and when the night falls, and people say they have heard someone shriek at night. Many locals who take this as a challenge have put up tents at night to hear the boy scream.
It is preferable to visit the fort during day hours since the fort is deserted at night except for maybe a caretaker. Visit this place at your own risk as this would definitely be the scariest haunted places in Pune.

 7) GP Block, Meerut

Image Source: itimes.com

GP Block in Meerut is also very particularly known for all the paranormal activity it beholds. Despite being a popular zone, there have been reportedly a lot of strange sightings. For instance people who pass this place claim to have seen four males sitting together and enjoying an alcoholic beverage by the light of a single candle.  People have even seen girls in red dress coming out of the house. The house is double-storeyed and people have seen the boys sitting on the roof-top. People have stopped going to that place now but it continues to catch the fancy of those who love the paranormal.

8) Jamali Kamali Masjid, Delhi

Source: statenewslive.com

Built in 1528-29, is located within Mehrauli Archaeological Park, which actually shares boundary with Qutub Minar premises. Jamali Kamali mosque which if one is to consider has more magnificence to it than Qutub Minar itself but the only attention it now gets is because of the haunting stories related to Jinns that are believed to reside there. According to the mythology, Jinn exist in a parallel world and were created out of fire. They continue to exist in their own world while still have power to cross over world. Some being criminal minded, they are feared by humans. A Jinn prefers to reside in abandoned places, the mosque being one of them. It was left abandoned for a long time until ASI took over the restoration work. The Jinns however refused to leave and still live here.

9) D'Souza Chawl, Mahim

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A Chawl is a building up to 4-5 floors. D'Souza Chawl in Mumbai holds one spooky story. During old days, there was to be a Well inside the compound. A woman while fetching water fell into it and died. People here say they have seen the lady of the Well on a numerous occasions sometimes screaming for help, sometimes wandering around at night. Sometimes the sound of anklets of an unknown invisible lady could be heard. Localities of D'Souza Chawl experienced several times in a night though nobody has seen the lady.

We grew up listening to ghost stories, sometimes even created them. Almost every city has some story about some place being supposedly haunted. A woman in white sari, anklet noises being the typical of all. Still when we think about nights spent discussing horror stories or trying to planchette a spirit, a chill run through our spines.

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