13 Haunted Places In Kolkata That Give Nightmares

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Bored of exploring the top attractions in Kolkata? In search of someplace offbeat and thrilling? We have made just the list for you and we solemnly promise that no amusement park ride will give you as much a thrill as a visit to one of these places. The list is of 13 haunted places in Kolkata you can explore, because you are too cool for mediocrity! The places will give you the spooks and the chills, especially if you visit them during the night. Go ahead, be a daredevil but please don’t blame us for your nightmares or imminent death! 

1. South Park Street Cemetery- Spooky place in Kolkata: 


Image Source: Wikimedia
Built in 1767, the South Park Street Cemetery is the oldest burial ground in the city. And possibly the most haunted place in Kolkata! Having said that, the spirits that haunt the place generally don’t bother visitors. There has been one singular peculiar incident where a group of friends that was visiting the cemetery clicked photographs. Soon after, all of them fell ill and one guy even had an asthma attack! The residents of houses located close to the cemetery keep their windows closed at all times. Visit the cemetery during the day if you must. But please don’t click photos; you have been warned! 

2. Rabindra Sarovar Metro Station- One of the most haunted places in Kolkata:

Did you know that according to a research, almost 80% of the suicides that take place in Kolkata happen at the Rabindra Sarovar Metro Station? A truly tragic fact that has plagued this bustling metro station. Many travellers who hop on the last metro ride claim to have seen blurry visions jumping onto the tracks. Many of the metro drivers too feel the presence of unexplained energies at the station. The Rabindra Sarovar Metro Station is definitely one of the scariest places in Kolkata.  

3. Ghats near Howrah Bridge - Where souls wander:


Image Source: Wikimedia
Unfortunately, this is another one related to suicides and untimely deaths. With so many people ending their lives by jumping off the Howrah Bridge and with people tragically dying in swimming accidents, the ghats near the Howrah Bridge are said to be haunted. The Zanana Ghat and the Mullick Ghat are said to be the most haunted ones amongst the lot. There have been incidences where people visiting the ghats in the wee hours of the morning have seen a hand popping out of the waters, as if gesturing for help. Rumour has it that if you try to rescue the drowning person by holding the hand, you too are pulled in!

4. The National Library- Haunted by a classy ghost:

Known for its huge collection of books, the National Library in Kolkata is infamous for its haunting! While visiting, if you feel someone breathing down your neck, it might be the ghost of Lady Metcalfe. She was known for her love of orderliness and cleanliness. Kind of like Monica from F.R.I.E.N.D.S. So, if her wandering soul finds visitors to the library keeping the books out of place or creating a ruckus, she ensures that they clean up their mess by making her presence felt! 
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5. Kolkata Dockyard- Lesser known haunted place in Kolkata:

The Kolkata Dockyard is said to be haunted by the spirit of Nawab Wajid Ali Shah of Awadh. And it may just be so because the dock was owned by the Nawab before the Britishers captured it. The residents and business owners located near the dock claim that they have seen the spirit wandering around the area during the night. It is said that the Nawab’s soul rambles around in order to defeat the Britishers once and for all!

6. Nimtala Ghat - The place where nightmares begin!


Image Source: Wikimedia
The Nimtala Ghat is one place you should stay clear of during Kali Puja. It is then that Aghori Sadhus visit this oldest crematorium in Kolkata to evoke Shamshan Kali. These sadhus feeding on the flesh left at the burning pyres is a sight you don’t want to behold while visiting Kolkata do you?! 

7. Royal Calcutta Turf Club - Haunted by a horse:


Image Source: Wikimedia  

This one is for animal lovers. The Royal Calcutta Turf Club is another place in Kolkata which is believed to be haunted. By the ghost of a horse nonetheless. The story goes- there was a Mr. George Williams who was a horse racing fanatic. He had a lovely white horse called Pride and she was definitely his pride and glory. She won many races for him and brought him fame. Over a period of time however, as she started getting old, she lost a few matches. Then, a day after losing the Annual Calcutta Derby, she was found dead on the tracks. Even today, on moonlit nights, passersby might spot a lovely white horse galloping across the race tracks. 

8. Lower Circular Road Cemetery - Scary place in Kolkata:

There is a story involved over here as well. It goes like this- Sir William H MacNaghten died in the field during the Anglo-Afghan war. His body was horribly mutilated. His wife visited Afghanistan, assembled his body parts together and then got him back to Kolkata where she buried him at the Lower Circular Road Cemetery. According to a legend, if you narrate this story near Sir William’s grave, the tree near his grave shivers. Unquestionably a haunted place in Kolkata worth visiting and exploring!

9. Hastings House - Haunted college:


Image Source: Wikimedia  

Another popular haunted place in Kolkata, the Hastings House was constructed by Warren Hastings who was the Governor General back in the day. Today, the place is the Women’s College of Calcutta University. There have been many spooky incidences associated with the house- from sightings of Mr. Warren riding on a horse asking people for a file to some of the students getting possessed to a young lad mysteriously dying on the football field. This is one scary place in Kolkata you should definitely explore! How about you plan your trip using this cool itinerary planner?  

10. House of Dolls - An Eerie place to visit at night:

Putulbari, popularly known as the House of Dolls, is one of the most haunted places in Kolkata. Boasting of charming Roman architecture (along with statues of some dolls on stands), the ground floor of the building is still inhabited. However, the top floors give chills even to bravehearted visitors and very few people actually climb up the stairs to explore. In the old days, when landlords used to be filthy rich, it is said that the Babus (landlords) of this house used to lure young girls and molest them. They used to kill most of these girls after they were done with their gruesome act. Even today, the top floors are haunted by the souls of these girls. In the quiet of the night, one can hear shrilling screams or childlike laughter. 

11. Writer’s Building - Haunted building in Kolkata:


Image Source: Wikimedia
The Writer’s Building, now a functioning office of the West Bengal government, has many rooms that have been closed for ages. One of the most haunted buildings in Kolkata, nobody stays back to work over here after 7 p.m. It is said that these closed rooms hold many secrets and mysteries. Employees and passersby have claimed to have heard wicked laughs and giggles resounding in the building during the night. 

12. Wipro Office, Salt Lake - Haunted office in Kolkata:

A modern day ghost story! The place where the architecturally chic Wipro office building stands used to be a graveyard. Then the IT boom hit the city and the entire area was converted into a commercial hub. Employees have been warned to stay off the 3rd floor of Tower 3 of Wipro as it is said to be haunted by the souls of many. The floor is kept under lock and key on most days. Infact, employees working the night shift have experienced paranormal happenings while leaving the office premises in the dark.

13. Old Radio Station - Musical Ghost:

Located behind the St. John’s Church, the Old Radio Station is a lesser known haunted place in Kolkata. Blessed by the presence a musical ghost, it is said that sometimes people hear symphonies being played on a piano while passing by the area. The spooky part? There is no piano anywhere in sight! Legend has it that a musician died at the radio station building long ago. And although the building now ceases to exist, the deceased soul still wanders. 
Ready to explore Kolkata like never before?! We wish you all the very best! 
P.S: Please don’t haunt us if something happens to you!
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