Best Outdoor Activities to do in Queensland

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Queensland is one of the most interesting places in the world for those who love the outdoors and want to try some exciting new activities. Here are some of the best ways to get fit and have fun in Queensland:

Rock Climbing and Abseiling

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Rock climbing and abseiling are both ways of making use of the terrain we have in Queensland for strength training and adventure. It's simply up to you whether you are more interested in going up a rock face or down! In both cases you have to use your body to scale rocks, and use your sense of balance and physical strength to get to the upper or lower extreme. These activities are fairly safe owing to the ropes and equipment you use, but are quite thrilling as even though you'll be fine if you fall, you are really using your body to reach new areas. Both rock climbing and abseiling can give you a good workout for your core and your limbs, and the adrenaline involved makes for a memorable and fun experience. Perhaps not for those with a fear of heights, most other people will love the views and the natural feeling of the activities.


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If heights aren't your thing, getting close to the water may be the exciting activity for you to try in Queensland. Kayaking is easy to learn and a very good workout for the whole body. Yes, you will probably end up in the water while you are still learning, but this can be fun and refreshing, and when you get the hand of manoeuvring your kayak you can have a lot of fun exploring on the water as well as training your arms and core and getting a good cardio workout.

Horse Riding

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Horse riding is often under-rated as a fitness activity. While it may seem to the casual observer as though you are just sitting there letting your horse do all the work, the posture and muscle positions used to ride well are actually akin to Pilates in terms of how they work on your core. You will soon feel in your arms, legs and abs the exercise you have had riding a horse, and you'll also get a great way to explore the beautiful surroundings in Queensland as you ride. 

Horse riding is a pretty popular activity in Queensland and you will find organised riding tours and stables that offer lessons, so you can choose the kind of experience you want and where you want to go based on your current horse riding ability and what you want to see. For more advanced people who already know how to ride, there are plenty of opportunities to spend all day on horseback travelling through some of Australia's most gorgeous settings, and for novices, tours that include basic lessons in riding and taking care of horses can be easily found.

Queensland is a fantastic destination and if you want to be outdoors and have some fun adventures that you won't forget, these are just a few of the healthy activities you can enjoy. 

Whether you live in the area, are planning a visit from another part of Australia, or are travelling to Queensland from further afield, perhaps to enjoy the money you earned forex trading on a cool vacation, there are so many great ways to enjoy yourself that can also boost your fitness and leave you feeling great! 


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