Escape the bustle: hidden travel gems to discover in Malaysia

Discovering local art, joining walking tours, visiting free museums and religious sites, enjoying greenery in the urban jungle and hiking represent exciting and most importantly free activities that travelers can do in Malaysia, more specifically, Kuala Lumpur with glass-and-steel-clad skyscrapers, an observation deck and a public skybridge. Apart from the overwhelming capital of this Southeast Asian country, visitors around the world can also explore other famous locations including Penang, located on the west coast and renowned for its delicious food, Malaysian Borneo with its fascinating wildlife and green rainforests, Taman Negra, which translates into uo;national park” and gives travel enthusiasts the chance to meet wild elephants, see waterfalls, experience a rafting and fishing adventure, Selangor, which includes huge theme parks and shopping malls, Malacca, which is worth visiting for its rich history and culture, Cameron Highlands with trekking trails and tea plantations. Even though these locations are breathtaking, few people actually get to discover the hidden gems of Malaysia. 

Tenggol Island and Janda Baik: ideal for divers and nature lovers

Of course, every experienced traveler knows that before leaving home, acquiring some information regarding the amazing destination, in this case Malaysia, is fundamental. You have to become familiar with the weather, transportation and accommodation options, exchange rate and potential restrictions, not to mention about Malaysia visa. However, after you put all the necessary documents in order and create a travel itinerary, you can start exploring those underrated places that truly deserve your attention and have the power to make you forget about the most popular locations mentioned above, such as Kuala Lumpur. Tenggol Island, which in comparison to Redang Island represents a tiny, peaceful haven, with a few small resorts, passive whale sharks, slow-moving turtles and colored nudibranchs, is perfect for experienced divers and snorkelers cannot miss the opportunity to explore the incredible and unique sites. The small village called Janda Baik, which does not receive the true appreciation it deserves from tourists, reminds of Cameron Highlands, but it provides a more tranquil atmosphere, since it focuses on farming and it is surrounded by rainforest. Mature and eco-tourism lovers should definitely add this place to their list. 

Madai Waterfall and Broga Hill: perfect for camping and hiking

The Madai Baturong Nature Center hides a 40-meter waterfall that not many travelers get to admire simply because Sabah is one of those less explored places in Malaysia that few people know about. However, the Madai Waterfall located among the lush jungles has the potential to captivate your eye from the very first second. Even more, it gives tourists the possibility to camp and swim there. Bringing a mosquito repellent during this adventure might be a good idea. Another off-the-beaten-path place that travelers cannot miss refers to the Broga Hill in Selangor. Some people might wonder: why would I want to visit a hill? If you believe that there is no excitement associated with this gem, you have to think twice because it gives you the opportunity to enjoy a breathtaking view after reaching the hilltop, which represents a challenging task. Make sure that you go hiking when the weather is pleasant.


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