Hidden gems of Hungary that are not known to locals as well

By Dhruvalakshmi Paithankar on Jan 23, 2019
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Let’s establish one thing first - Hungary offers far more than what can be found in Budapest. Be it the places boasting of natural beauty or sites that hold historic significance in every corner, Hungary is ready to surprise you with so many gems. You will be welcomed with so many places that even locals do not know about. All you have to do is refer to this list of lesser-known tourist attractions in Hungary and start exploring! 

1. Mosque of Pasha Qasim

media_gallery-2019-01-23-5-Mosque_of_Pasha_Qasim_b45ee9ab74f9f1926011d99e656b27d8.jpgImage Source: wikimedia.org

Mosque of Pasha Qasim is known to many but as Downtown Candlemas Church of the Blessed Virgin Mary. It was built during the 1540s as the mosque and has been converted into a Catholic church in 1702. One of the few Turkish buildings in Hungary, this place represents the turbulent past of the country perfectly.  

2. Istállós-kői Cave

media_gallery-2019-01-23-5-Ist__ll__s_k__i_Cave_b43b38c170f8104ef64ac7eaf65480bc.jpgImage Source: wikimedia.org

Though there are many caves in Hungary, especially in and around Budapest, Istállós-kői Cave is still hidden away in Istállós-kő Mountain. Found only a century ago, this cave has been excavated a couple of times till today. Each time, from bone tools to mammals and birds species remains, something new was found here. People who are interested in caving in Hungary will love exploring Istállós-kői Cave.

3. Szentendre

media_gallery-2019-01-23-6-Szentendre_2cab845330686c1356761d17ada0ea00.jpgImage Source: pixabay.com

The town of Szentendre is already a popular tourist attraction. But, its winding lanes and cobblestone streets are still hiding away many interesting places. Different churches and tiny art galleries make it an interesting town to explore. The open-air museum like Skanzen and natural attractions like Szentendre Dömörkapu are sure to entertain you here. 

4. Rezi castle ruins

media_gallery-2019-01-23-6-Rezi_castle_ruins_fd23bba4a7ec5b37bd79f5b2b93bc93d.jpgImage Source: wikimedia.org

With different castles dominating the skyline of Hungary from centuries, the ruins of Rezi castle have been long forgotten. Though the history of Rezi castle is a little blurry, the ruins still have many tales to tell. Perched on top of the hill overlooking Rezi village, this castle is a must visit for history buffs. You can plan a trip to Hungary right away to explore such places.

5. Megyer-hegyi Tarn


media_gallery-2019-01-23-6-Megyer_hegyi_tengerszem_a475f828d4ee4ede7754f63c155c87e5.jpgImage Source: wikipedia.org

Megyer-hegyi Tarn is literally a hidden gem in Hungary as it is tucked away between Megyer Hill, mountain slopes, and forested lands. Today, it has become an exquisite point of interest that also represents the mining history. There are three different hiking trails leading to the lake, but it is still a little hard to find. 

6. Zirc Abbey

media_gallery-2019-01-23-6-Zirc_Abbey_1194d1c4421181c7aa4bfe0ecbd53f02.jpgImage Source: maxpixel.net

Zirc Abbey in Zirc town makes for one of the lesser-known places in Hungary. With the history dating back to the 1180s, it is surprising that this magnificent structure is not yet a popular tourist attraction. Take a guided tour or stroll around exploring all the information boards and the experience is sure to mesmerize you. 

7. Szimpla Sunday Farmers' Market

media_gallery-2019-01-23-6-31574784995_9f74fc253b_h_71faaa3df27aa28b1d060ad3ce7a5629.jpgImage Source: flickr.com

When it comes to becoming a part of the local canvas, famous points of interest are of no use. You need to visit places like Szimpla Sunday Farmers' Market where you will be surrounded by everything delicious. If you are interested in exploring Budapest’s off the beaten path, this is the place to be! Be it selecting from organic produce or enjoying a brunch with live music, you will fall in love with the bustling vibes here. 

Lose yourself in these sites and let them steal a piece of your heart with their unexplored beauty! 

If you have some free time, you can opt for day trips from Budapest as well.

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