10 Hidden Lakes Of North India To Seek Out

By Vanhishikha Bhargava on Oct 12, 2016
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The Himalayas is home to everything beautiful. Right from towering hills to endless lakes, the beauty of it all is unexplainable in words. Every traveller needs to see it, to believe it. But there are still a lot of areas that are unexplored and unadulterated by tourism - especially some lakes, that are mostly frequented by locals only. 
Tucked away and hidden by hills, there are a number of lakes that are the true definition of natural beauty. While some of them can be driven down to, there are others that you might have to trek to along with someone who knows the area well. 
Here are 10 such hidden lakes of North India that are bound to leave you mesmerised forever. 

1. Chandra Tal, Spiti  

Located at an altitude of about 4,300 metres in Spiti, Chandra Tal is a beautiful lake surrounded by snow covered peaks and expansive green pastures. You can drive to the lake from the Kunzum Pass. The best time to visit the lake is early in the morning when you can see the reflection of the peaks in it clearly. Visiting this lake is jut one of the exiciting things to do in Spiti.
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2. Prashar Lake, Mandi 

The Prashar Lake lies in the lap of the snow covered Dhauladhar ranges in the Kullu valley and truly resembles a saucer in shape. The blue water lake is located at a height of 2730 metre and is fed by rainwater as well as the glaciers. A peculiar phenomenon to see here is a small floating island that keeps moving and changing its position at regular intervals.
Image Source: Ashish Gupta/Flickr  

3. Tso Kar, Ladakh  

Situated in the Rupshu Valley, Tso Kar is a small high altitude lake. It is also popularly known as the ‘White Lake’ because of the salt deposits on its bank. There is practically no accommodation here and is great for nomadic camps. The area around the lake is famous for views of cranes, geese, grebe and a lot of migratory birds. 
Image Source: Wikipedia.org  

4. Siliserh Lake, Rajasthan 

One of the most beautiful lakes in Rajasthan, Siliserh Lake is spread around 7 sq km in the Aravalli hills. The picturesque lake is actually man-made and was built in 1845 by Maharaja Vinay Singh to cater to the people of Alwar. The lake is merely 170 km from Delhi and is a popular weekend getaway destination for many. 
Image Source: Ashish Gupta/Flickr  

5. Suraj Tal, Lahaul-Spiti 

Located in the Bhaga Valley, Suraj Tal is the third highest lake in India and the 21st highest lake in the world. It runs along as you drive on the NH 21 from Keylong to Ladakh and lies just 3 km before the Baralacha Pass, which is at a height of 4890 metres. The lake is fed by the glaciers and the road along it remains open from May to October. You can also trek to the lake from Chandra Tal. 
Image Source: nishanth adu/Flickr  

6. Nako Lake, Kinnaur

Nako Lake is situated at an altitude of 2662 metres in the Hangrang Valley in Kinnaur district, which is near the Indo-China border. Nako is a small settlement near the lake and serves as a stopover for those travelling to Spiti. The lake is said to be the place where Guru Padmasambhava meditated and is considered holy by the locals.
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7. Gadsar Lake, Kashmir  

At an altitude of 3,600 meters, Gadsar lake is known as the lake of flowers in the Ganderbal district of Kashmir. One look at the lake and you’ll instantly relate with a bowl of water being cradled in green painted hands. It is surrounded by green hills and alpine meadows that simply add to its beauty further. 
Image Source: Cajetan Barretto/Flickr  

8. Deoria Tal, Uttarakhand 

Deoria Tal is a freshwater lake situated at a height of 2438 metres. The lake is popular for the lush greens surrounding it and the snow covered mountains in its backdrop. A perfect site for camping, stargazing and enjoying the perfect sunrise, the lake can be reached by a mere 2 km uphill trek from the Sari village in Uttarakhand. 
Image Source: Wikipedia.org  

9. Vishansar Lake, Kashmir 

Another beautiful lake in the land of paradise, the Vishansar lake is a little ahead of the Nichnai pass. A 1 km long lake that gets frozen in winters and accentuates the beauty of the greens around it in summers, is perfect to experience paradise. You could even set up a night camp around it.
Image Source: Wikimedia Commons  

10. Naukuchiatal, Uttarakhand   

The lake of nine corners, Naukuchiatal is one of the most beautiful lakes in the Nainital district of Uttarakhand. Situated at a height of 1,220 metres, the lake is fed by an underwater spring and surrounded by lush greenery. If you have a day at hand, you can indulge in activities like boating, kayaking or horse riding along the lake. It has a lot of hotels around to stay at as well! 
Image Source: Wikimedia Commons  
The nature truly has some of the best of things tucked away from the common eye. If you’re willing to seek them out, they can truly become a life experience that you wouldn’t forget - because you’re going to come back with endless pictures!
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