Highest Places On The Earth In India

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The top of the world feeling is no longer a phrase used to describe happiness metaphorically. In India, one can actually experience the feeling of being on the highest points of the world in several notable destinations. Packed with adventure, snow and beauty, these places are a must visit for every travel junkie who visits India. These places are not known just for their altitude but for the other exciting historic significance. 

1. Yak Golf Course 

Image Source: Katja Hasselkus/Flickr  

If you are a golf enthusiast who happens to visit Kupup valley of Sikkim, try to catch a couple of rounds at the Yak Golf Course. Spread over 6000 years of landscape, the Yak golf course holds the Guinness record for being the highest golf course in the world. Situated at an altitude of 13,025 feet, the golf course makes a mark as a popular sport in India. It is converted into a ski centre during chilly winters.
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2. Chail Cricket Ground

Image Source: Andy Dickinson/Flickr  (Picture is used as representation only)

India being a cricket crazed country has set the record for building the highest cricket ground on earth. Built by the royal family of Patiala in 1893, Chail cricket ground stands at an altitude of 2250 m above the sea level. A spectacle by itself, the ground has several visits from test players who frequent for silent practice sessions. Although the place has never hosted any international matches in its history, it is still a notable mention as it is the highest cricket ground that is there in the world today.

3. Hikkim

Image Source: Wikimedia Commons  

Although the concept of sending posts has reduced in the recent times India still has the record to have built the post office at Himachal Pradesh which is located at 4440 m above the sea level. India known for its penetrable citizen reach with All India radio and the Indian Railways, the Indian post office situated at Hikkim sets the benchmark for postal axis even to the remotest locations in the country. Otherwise sleepy village this place holds the record for having the worlds highest Post Office in its locales. 

4. Kolukkumalai Tea estate

Image Source: Ashwin Kumar/Flickr  

Famous Assamese Tea of India is not only the book one of the worlds best teas but it also has a companion down south. Situated 38 kms south-east of Munnar, Kerala, the Kolukkumalai Tea Estate enjoys the reputation for being the highest tea plantation on earth. Sprawling over an old tea factory, the widespread tree plantation is about 7900 ft. above sea level. If you are in the mood for some tea with history, then this place is a must visit.

5. Siachen 

Image Source: ks_bluechip/Flickr  

Situated east of Karakoram range that is part of Himalayas, the mighty Siachen glacier stood witness to the mighty Indian Army fighting all odds including temperature. Located at an altitude of 5400 m above sea level, Siachen is the highest battlefield on planet Earth. Surrounded by snow capped mountains the place has a scenic view but with the sad significant history. 

6. Khardung la

Image Source: Simon Matzinger/Flickr  

For all the bikers and road trip aficionados, the mountain pass located in Ladakh is the perfect destination. Located at an altitude of 18,380 ft., the Khardung La is is part of every adventure junkies bucket list. These roads were open to the public in 1988 and has always attracted travellers from all over the world who prefer to explore their adventurous Side during trips. These roads are not exactly "safe", but that a constant excitement for all the explorers who come to visit this place.

7. Rinchen Cafeteria

Image Source: Lucy Fisher/Flickr  

Caffeine gets you high, but the high you get from the taste of tea from this major tourist pitstop is even higher. At the staggering height of 18,380 feet above the sea level, this Rinchen Cafeteria is a must visit for all the tourists to the locals of Khardung La. Imagine having caffeine from the highest cafeteria on earth after a long drive through the highest mountain pass on earth - the feeling is incomparable.

The next time you use a phrase "On top of the world”, make sure you are standing in one of the highest points on earth. But in order to do that, you do not need to travel miles to other continents. Travel to the corners of the country and explore the serene beauty and spectacular views of our country. 
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