10 Best Adventure Hikes To Explore In Oregon

By Revati Tamboli on Oct 11, 2018
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Oregon is often deemed as an outdoor lovers’ paradise as it houses some of the most diverse landscapes in the United States. It is also graced by a decent amount of rainfall. These are the major reasons why there are a lot of diverse hiking trails in Oregon. What are the best hiking places in Oregon? This is the most frequently asked question by the locals and tourists of Oregon. This article enlightens you about the most scenic hiking spots in Oregon. Have a glimpse and you will know.

1. Neahkahnie Mountain Trail

media_gallery-2018-10-10-10-Neahkahnie_Oregon_6a870d6174715aa2ebc8237490bfbb94.jpgImage Source: wikimedia.org

Majestic and breathtaking, the Neahkahnie Mountain Trail is one of the best Oregon hiking trails. The stunning view of the glorious ocean waters meeting the horizon is the reward you get after hiking through the elevation gain of 2,300 feet. The trail is an abode to a wide variety of wildflowers and offers a lot of activities to do. The trail starts from Neahkahnie Mountain and descends to Manzanita. A shorter version of the hike begins at the North Neahkahnie Mountain Trailhead.

Difficulty level: Moderate

Best time to hike: June-September

2. Trail of Ten Falls

media_gallery-2018-10-10-10-Trail_of_Ten_Falls_f574b0392a1b25d382cf73e18b2d3b67.jpgImage Source: Flickr.com

One of the best waterfall hikes in Oregon, the Trail of Ten Falls is a great place to enjoy a hike with your family. The trail is located in the Silver Falls State Park near the city of Silverton. The park actually has 10 waterfalls which range in height from 27 feet to 178 feet. The trail has two loops to choose from, either the 8.2-mile loop or the 5.2-mile loop. The beautiful waterfalls, lush green forests and limitless serenity are the reasons why Trail of Ten Falls is one of the best places to hike in Oregon.

Difficulty level: Moderate

Best time to hike: November-March

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3. Mirror Lake Loop Trail

altImage Source: wikipedia.org

The Mirror Lake Loop Trail is located in the Mt. Hood National Forest. This moderately difficult trail offers a great view of the Mirror Lake. The trail is 4.1 miles long and is heavily crowded during March till October. Located near the Government Camp, Oregon, the Mirror Loop Trail is a well-marked and well-maintained trail. You can also get to see the reflection Mount Hood in the Mirror Lake while hiking. The Mirror Lake Loop Trail is one of the best hikes in Oregon.

Difficulty level: Easy

Best time to hike: Late spring to late fall

4. Latourell Falls Loop Trail

altImage Source: Flickr.com

Still confused for a perfect family spot for hiking in Oregon? Then Latourell Falls Loop Trail is your answer. It starts from the Latourell Falls Trailhead and ends at the Upper Latourell Falls. The trail is 2.4 miles long and can easily be completed by kids as well as senior citizens. The Loop trail offers a view of the Latourell Falls, which is one of the most photogenic waterfalls in Oregon. With an elevation gain of just 625 feet, this trail is one of the easiest Oregon hikes.

Difficulty level: Easy

Best time to hike: Year-round except for winter storms

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5. Burma Road Trail, Smith Rock

altImage Source: wikimedia.org

The Burma Road Trail in Smith Rock State Park is popularly known for its rugged terrains and steepness. It is one of the most challenging hiking trails in Oregon. The trail leads you to a 3600 feet summit that offers great views of the State Park. Located near Terrebonne, Oregon, the Burma Road Trail is 9 miles long. The trail passes through a barren hillside and hence it is recommended to start this hike early in the morning before it starts getting hot.

Difficulty level: Very difficult

Best time to hike: April to September

6. Watchman Peak Trail


The Watchman Peak Trail is located in the Crater Lake National Park. It is one of the best day-hikes in Oregon. The trail offers panoramic views of the Crater Lake, an iconic natural landmark in Oregon. You can also get a view of the Wizard Island from the top. The trail gradually switchbacks to the Watchman fire tower. Hiking the Watchman Peak Trail is truly a fulfilling experience. It is one of the easy hikes in Oregon.

Difficulty level: Moderate

Best time to hike: June to October

7. Spencer Butte

altImage Source: wikimedia.org

Spencer Butte is a popular landmark located in Lane County of Oregon. It is a heavily trafficked trail offering the chance to see the most diverse wildlife in Oregon. The trail is 1.4 miles long and has an elevation gain of 698 feet. A panoramic view of the bare rocky lands around is worth the short yet a little challenging hike. The summit is at a height of 784 feet. The trail connects to the Ridgeline Trail System which is comparatively less crowded and you can even spot rattlesnakes and poison oaks there.

Difficulty level: Moderate

Best time to hike: May to September

8. Sweet Creek Trail

altImage Source: Flickr.com

The Sweet Creek Trail is located in the Siuslaw National Forest. The trail is dog-friendly and kid-friendly and is termed as an easy-level trail. The trail passes by a lot of waterfalls and ends with the majestic Sweet Creek Waterfall. This trail is graced by vibrantly colored wildflowers in the autumn. You will also come across Douglas firs, maple trees, and alder trees across the trail. This out and back trail is open year-round and should especially be visited in the spring season.

Difficulty level: Difficult

Best time to hike: Year-round

9. McKenzie River Trail

altImage Source: Flickr.com

The McKenzie River Trail is one of the most popular trails in Central Oregon. The 3-4 mile waterfall loop trail portion is one of the most stunning features of the trail. The 9.5-mile hike will lead you to a beautiful turquoise-blue colored pool. Located in the Willamette National Forest, some parts of the McKenzie River Trail are popular among mountain bikers, hikers with dogs and trail runners as well. 

Difficulty level: Difficult

Best time to hike: Year-round

10. McNeil Point

altImage Source: Flickr.com

The McNeil Point Trail starts from Top Spur Trailhead and ends at the McNeil Point Shelter. It is 7.7-miles long and is rated as difficult especially for kids and senior citizens. This hiking trail has a whopping elevation gain of 2200 feet and the highest point in the trail is of 6100 feet. You can get a picturesque view of the Heather Meadows and Glisan Glacier while hiking your way through the trail. 

Difficulty level: Difficult

Best time to hike: July to November

Take the healthy route and go hiking at one of these spots in Oregon!


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