10 Hill Stations Near Bangalore

By Priya Sanyal on Jan 24, 2019
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We bring to you a list of best hill stations near Bangalore, that will not only provide you an escape from the city, but also provide you with a chance to completely rejuvenate yourself.

  1. Coorg
  2. Ooty
  3. Wayanad
  4. Chikmagalur
  5. Yercaud
  6. Munnar
  7. Kodaikanal
  8. Horsley Hills
  9. Yelagiri Hills
  10. Thekkady

1. Coorg

best hill station near Bangalore - CoorgPC: Flickr/Navaneeth KN

At a distance of 267 kilometers from the city, lies one of the best hill stations near Bangalore. The emerald green beauty of this town can give a run to even some of the best hill stations in the world, so much that Scot coffee planters themselves compared it to their beloved country.

The sparkle of the dancing Abbey and Mallalli Falls, the tranquility of the Tibetan Buddhist Golden Temple, the piousness at the origin of River Kaveri, a trek to the top of the sky-scraping peak of Tadiandmol; all of these just make Coorg an unforgettable experience. Just hop in your car, and say good bye to the rush of Bangalore, and drive your way to a peaceful weekend at Coorg.

2. Ooty, Tamil Nadu

Ooty - hill station close to BangalorePC: Flickr/Sateeshkumar K

About 270 kilometers from Bangalore, a scenic journey for about 8 to 10 hours, will land you in this stunning hill station amidst the lush Nilgiri Hills. The weather is pleasant all around the year, thus you can visit this pretty town any time.

A leisurely boat-ride in the Ooty Lake, a walk around the picture-perfect tea estates, watching golden deer at the Deer Park, a hike to Doddabetta Peak, a picnic among velvety roses at the Government Rose Garden, and a ride to Coonoor aboard the mini-train, are some of the must-do things when in Ooty.

3. Wayanad, Kerala

PC: Flickr/Sarath Kuchi

In God’s Own Country, is a paradise that will definitely mesmerize you. Between November to April, when the country bids adieu to the monsoons, take a road trip to one of the best hill stations near Bangalore. 275 kilometers from the city, the ruggedness of the surrounding Western Ghats, adds in to the exquisite beauty of Wayanad.

This cozy little town packs in a variety of attractions that will completely rejuvenate you, like the pristine Sentinel Rock Falls and Kanthanpara Falls, the charming Pookot Lake, the lush green Kuruva Island and Muthanga Wildlife Sanctuary, the majestic Chembra, Banasura and Brahmagiri hills, and the sanctimonious Thirunelli Temple. For those seeking for a bit of an adrenaline rush, there are wildlife watching expeditions and river rafting open for you. Wayanad is a complete package.

4. Chikmagalur

Chikmagalur - within 300 Km from BangalorePC: Flickr/prashantby

The hill station is merely 277 kilometers from Bangalore, and it is totally worth the trip. The climate is pleasant here at any given time, so you can head to Chikmagalur any time of the year.

There are various peaks along the Baba Budan Giri range, that you can hike for a panoramic view from the top that will just take your breath away. The Bhadra Wildlife Sanctuary is one of the highlights of Chikmagalur, with over 1200 species of birds making the gorgeous forests their home. You can even go mountain-biking, island camping, sailing and kayaking, while in Chikmagalur. And don’t forget to sip on some exotic coffee, the taste will definitely be one you will carry back home.

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5. Yercaud, Tamil Nadu

Yercaud within 300KM from BangalorePC: Wikipedia.com

Yercaud may be called Poor Man’s Ooty, but it is rich in nature's bounties. Amidst the Shevaroy Hills, lies this pretty-as-a-picture town just 228 kilometers from Bangalore, that can deceive of you of its beauty by its size.

There are a lot of things you can do while in Yercaud. You can take a boat ride in Yercaud Lake, hike up Servarayan Hill to take the blessings from God Servarayan and Goddess Kaveri, find out how silk is made at the Silk Farm, look at the town through the telescopic at Lady’s Seat and enjoy the dancing Kiliyur Waterfalls. Just take a day out from your busy life, drive down from Bangalore and enjoy the gifts of nature here at Yercaud.

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6. Munnar, Kerala

Munnar, most visited hill station close to BangalorePC: Flickr/Raj

At a distance of 476 kilometers from Bangalore, Munnar is one of the most unique hill stations in India. The atmosphere is a romantic and dreamy one, with fresh air and greenery to add to it. While there are many activities to do in Munnar, strolling in the tea estates and lush green forests will definitely get in touch with your inner self amidst nature.

There are many wildlife sanctuaries in the surrounding forests, where you can go and spot exotic animals like Nilgiri Tahr, Gaur, Grizzled Giant squirrel and Nilgiri Langur, as well as, Elephants. The most unique thing about this hill station is that every 12 years the hills turn blue with Neelakurinji flower in full bloom. This phenomenon is the reason why these hills are known as Nilgiris. While it is chilly here all the time, the best time to visit Munnar is during summers from March to May, to beat the city’s heat.

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7. Kodaikanal, Tamil Nadu

PC: Flickr/Thangaraj Kumaravel

About 459 kilometers from Bangalore, Kodaikanal is a haven of eucalyptus trees, grasslands, and shola forests. The Kodaikanal Lake, while man-made, is a striking feature in this hill station near Bangalore.

Other natural locales like Bear Shola Falls, Berijam Lake, Silver Cascade, Pambar Falls, and Dolphin's Nose are all a must-visit in this scenic hill station. For those who are all about gaining knowledge about nature from scholars, Shembaganur Museum of Natural History and Kodaikanal Solar Observatory is where you should head to. All in all, Kodaikanal has something for everyone.

8. Horsley Hills, Andhra Pradesh

A green bounty amidst a rather dry topography is what makes Horsley Hills a notable hill retreat. Set in the Chittoor district of Andhra Pradesh, Horsley hills lies around 157 kilometres away from Bangalore, making it one of the best places for a weekend vacation.

Home to beautiful flora and fauna, that includes aromatic eucalyptus trees and Sambar deer add to the allure of this untouched destination. The place is great to visit all-round the year, but December to February are the most recommended months. While all you would want to do on your visit here is relax and enjoy the views, Koundinya Wildlife Sanctuary, Environment Park and Mallama Temple are few places that the sightseeing enthusiasts can visit.

9. Yelagiri Hills, Tamil Nadu

PC: Wikimedia Commons

Located at a distance of 178 kilometres from Bangalore, Yelagiri lies in the state of Tamil Nadu. Sweeping valleys in various shades of green flank the destination on all sides and colourful orchards and rose gardens add to the panorama.

Made up of small hamlets connected with twisting roads, this paradise was once home to tribal communities that preserved its rustic beauty for years.

Although not very popular among tourists, Yelagiri is the right place for a sojourn without the crowds. Trekking is one of the most recommended activity, and adventure junkies can also indulge in paragliding and rock climbing. Swamimalai Hill, Javadi Hills and Palamathi Hills, Velavan Temple, Jalagamparai Waterfalls and Nature Park and Punganur Lake are some attractions you can explore on your visit.

10. Thekkady, Kerala

PC: Wikimedia Commons

This popular tourist destination is at a distance of 500+ kilometres from Bangalore, and hence, needs at least 3-4 days to be explored to the T. As soon as you arrive in the place, you will be treated with the aroma of spices, quite literally.

Set in the Periyar National Park where you can witness adorable elephants enjoying their natural habitat, Thekaddy is a perfect hill station near Bangalore for nature and wildlife lovers. You can spend a day at the park and if you are lucky, you’ll also spot a tiger. You can trek around or opt for a Jeep Safari, as you pass by wild elephants, deers and bisons! Go boating over the Periyar lake, take a spice plantation tour (and of course shop for them!) and enjoy the gorgeous views of the hills splashed in emerald green. Mangala Devi Temple, Chellar Kovil, Anakkara and Murikkady are nearby places worth visiting.

So don't wait any longer and go ahead and take that much needed break you’ve been longing for. These hill stations are just what the doctor prescribed for your overall well-being!

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