5 Historical Tours You Have to Take At least Once

There are many ways you can fully explore a country’s (or a destination’s) history. You can visit the local museum and learn more about history there. You can also choose to explore ruins and historic landmarks for a more immersive experience.

Regardless of the method you prefer, having a trained tour guide is a huge plus. You can learn so much from tours and visits to historic places, especially when there is an experienced guide. Here are the five historical tours you definitely have to try at least once.

Amsterdam Holocaust Tour

Image Source: Wikimedia Commons

Amsterdam is the home of many great walking tours. You can join a photographic tour and see the city’s most photogenic sights. You can also take the Hungry Birds tour, a tour famous for taking its participants to Amsterdam’s greatest street vendors and top restaurants.

The tour that will please even the most avid history fan, however, is the WWII and the Holocaust in Amsterdam tour. It is a day trip that takes you to the most important locations from the era, including the Bridge Too Far and the site of the Battle of Arnhem.

Constitutional Walking Tour of Philadelphia

Image Source: Wikimedia Commons

If you are a student studying for an online degree in American history, then the Constitutional Walking Tour of Philadelphia is a must try. It is a tour that many students of top universities such as Norwich University regarded as exceptional.

You will be exploring the Independence Hall and the Liberty Bell, along with many other historic sites of American history. You will even get to visit the house of Betsy Ross and the first Bank of the United States, sites that will help complete assignments for your online master of arts in history degree.

Best of Greece

Image Source: Wikimedia Commons

We can’t talk about history tours without talking about a visit to Greece. Greece was once on the leading edge of modern civilization, and signs of its glory can still be seen today. You have the Parthenon and other ruins of the Athenian Empire as part of the tour.

Greece is also a country that preserves its history well, which makes the Best of Greece tour even more fascinating. There are places such as the National Archeological Museum that will simply blow your mind with their collections.

Albania Historic Tour

Image Source: Wikimedia Commons

Albania may not be an obvious holiday destination, but that’s only because you don’t know what the country has to offer yet. It is actually a country with gorgeous lakes, modern cities, and some of the most remarkable historic sites in the world. You will be able to explore the Rozafa Castle and the Pyramid of Tirana as part of the tour.

WWII Battlefields

Image Source: Flickr.com

World War II is fascinating for many reasons. A lot of people who love history focus their attention on this period. If you are one of those people, the WWII Battlefields tour is simply perfect. The tour takes you to places such as London, Paris, and Amsterdam. It takes 12 days to complete, but it is a definite must-try.

The five historical tours we covered in this article will take you back to different points in history. These are the tours you must try if you are a history student or you simply love history.


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