Hobos Milind and Kirty's Homestay Experience in Goa

By Guest Blogger on Oct 05, 2017
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They say, there is no better place than home! My perception about this old adage changed for good during my recent trip to Goa. I feel there is equally good, if not better a place than home A home, away from home. Especially, if you are traveling with a bunch of friends or family members, then Home-Stay is a perfect choice.

We were a group of friends (3 families), staying in a 3BHK Bungalow. While each of us had our share of privacy, but the most exciting part were the common areas. Our Bungalow had a huge living room, dining room and fully equipped kitchen.  Each of the oversized rooms was furnished with antique wooden furniture giving a luxurious, yet relaxing feel to the whole place.

Every time I stay in a hotel, I hate going to their restaurant for breakfast. I mean who wants to wake up and immediately dress up while on vacation. That’s what we do in our daily lives to rush to work. While on vacation, I love to start with lazy mornings. Imagine, walking from your room to dining table, while packed breakfast of your choice is waiting for you. No better feeling than spending your morning chit-chatting with your friends, while sipping over a freshly brewed cup of coffee in your kitchen. 

Every night, once we were back from dinner, we would spend another couple of hours together. Each day we had a different theme. While on one evening, we got lost singing our favorite songs; on the other, we couldn’t stop sharing our life experiences with each other. Though we have been friends for long, this place had some magic that made us feel at home with each other. We felt lot closer at the end of the trip and I’m sure a Hotel, no matter how luxurious, could have never done this to us. 

In Goa, there are a wide variety of professionally managed Studio Apartments and Bungalows that are straight from the fairy land.

I’m already looking forward to my next holiday to "Feel at home, while on vacation"!

Author Bio :

(MaK) Milind and Kirty are a couple from Pune, Maharashtra. After having worked in the IT industry for more than 15 years, they quit their cozy corporate life in 2012 and started their own venture. 

One of the objectives behind quitting job was to fulfill their innate passion for travel, meeting new people, exploring new cultures and getting to know about different perspectives. They also believe in giving back to the society and are quite instrumental in participating in various social initiatives. They are actively involved in volunteer exchange programs and have worked as volunteer at several international projects.

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