Of Treks And Travels - Journey Of Aditya Basu

Q1. How and when did the travel bug bite you and how is life post that?

Hailing from an upbringing which made me grow amidst the cultural & geographical diversity of the country (thanks to my Parents) the whole philosophy of travel and exploring was always there imbibed inside but then I started acknowledging it lately during my first voyage to California in 2014. I realized how important it was to explore and share your experiences with other people. When you tell your story, you free yourself and empower other people to acknowledge their own. That has been the prime motivating factor for me to travel and start a travel platform (www.Trouvaille.co.in) where people could share their perspectives and experiences. 


Travelling for me has been an experiential inward journey. Once the travel bug bites, you’re afflicted for life. It creeps into the edges of your mind and once you have a voyage on the cards , it’s inevitable that your eyes look towards the free space in your calendar where the itch is only satiated by the tickets , bag pack and plans which take you onto  another life changing journey making you question the perspective of being u. I love filling out Where I have been maps and just seeing how much of the world I have covered.

There are very few things which fed a soul. Food, water and sleep feed the body. Soul is fed my moments and I capture those.  

Q2. Which destinations have you explored till now? 

My destination clock reading is 3 Countries, 79 destinations and counting!!

I have been inquisitive about discovering the world’s most multi-dimensional country and that’s India. I want to be a testimony of this 'In your face diversity' from snow-dusted mountains to sun-kissed beaches, tranquil temples to feisty festivals, lantern-lit villages to software-supremo cities. Here is a brief about expeditions:



I have been trekking through the Trans-Himalayan, Middle Himalayan and Shiwaliks or outer Himalayan ranges in the north and the Western Ghats in the south. Some notable locations are [Lahaul and Spiti Valley, Hampta Pass , Pin Parvati to Kheerganga , Deo Tibba trek]  in Himachal , Valley of Flower trek , Har ki dun trek , Kedarnath , Chopta Chandrashila trek in Uttrakhand .



From [Santa Monica , Malibu , Coronado , Encitinas , Mission Bay] in California to [Juhu , Ganpatipule , Diveagar, Alibag, Kashid , tarakli] in Maharastra to [Baga , Palolem , Condolim , Agonda] in goa to the pristine Varkala in Kerala , Gokarna in Karnataka. 



From the opulent Mysore Dushera to the colourful Holi celebration in Vrindavan. From Durga and Kali puja celebration of Kolkata to Ganpati celebrations in Mumbai. 


Heritage Sites 

Hampi in Karnataka, Capitol Complex in Chandigarh, Khajuraho in MP, Ajanta & Ellora in Maharastra , Taj Mahal and Fatehpur Sikri. 


And the list goes on...

Q3. Tell us a bit about your journey as a traveller, and then your motivation to create the travelling platform trouvaille.co.in.

Ans - It has been an unbelievable and overwhelming journey at the same time. Graduating from one of the most prestigious colleges and landing a good corporate job, I could have termed my life uo;Perfect uo;as per the society but then I wanted to explore the unknowns, wanted the acknowledge the untold and then empower common people to celebrate, encourage and embrace the amazing spirit of human life. That has been the only motivating factor about bag packing across the country and launching a platform "trouvaille.co.in" to empower fellow travellers to share their inspiring and exhilarating stories. 


Q4. Apart from wonderful memories, what have you brought back with you from the journey? (any life lessons, any special memorabilia etc.)

If I had to summarize it briefly, I would frame it up like this 

1) It teaches you to acknowledge your roots and your family and embrace the quarter life crisis 

You can go to the most beautiful parts of the world and you may still forget about them in a few years. What you will not forget are the people you meet on the road and the friendship that binds you. Travel makes you realize we are all similar no matter what race, colour, language or country. It teaches you how beautiful the people around you are and that will reflect in your actions from this point in your life. 


2) You realize that prejudices are myth and best thing ever happened to you is the people around you.

Born in a middle-class family in India and a set of prejudices, orthodox and conventionalism comes as your existence gift. During my voyage, I met and shared space with people of all imaginable race and religion, learnt a lot about love from a couple where lady was almost twice the guy’s age, hiked one of the most beautiful trail with a woman who was in her late 50s, discussed childhood dreams with 5+ rural boys, explained cricket and Indian culture to a set of Europeans, learnt about conventionalism from a gay couple and troubled childhood from an American young boy. Needless to say, my prejudices dissolved with a pinch of wisdom. 

Q5. Which place are you planning on visiting next and why?

On the International map I have Bali, Vietnam and Nepal (Mt.Everest Base Camp) pinned in for the next 15 months . On the domestic side, I want to explore the diversity of cultures and understand the richness of Indian traditions and heritage and hence would be covering major festivals which include Pushkar Mela (Rajasthan), Holi in Vrindavan, Magnetic Festival in Rajasthan and Deep Deepawali in Varanasi for this year. 

Q6. Lastly, any travel tips for the readers? What’s your advice for aspiring travellers?

I have stumbled over the same question over and over again in my Life from various sources "What it is like to Travel, will it be worth the time and money spent, will it provide me the pleasure or would it be in my comfort zone"

The problem starts when we start looking at travel as a mode of entertainment and luxury or a style statement. Your approach should be to look at travel as an investment for your life. Trust me, it can be worthier than the most prestigious of college degrees. I have one myself and I value my travel experience equally if not more. 

The big question you usually face is, do you get anything worthwhile out of travelling for such a long time? And the end of the day, you visit a handful of places, listen to some stories and make some new friends. But is this really worth all the time and money?  

No one realizes how beautiful it is to travel until he comes home and rests his head on the same familiar old Pillow. 

Travel gives you just one learning. Nothing more. Travel gives you Perspective. Perspective for life. And let me tell you, the only difference between a setback and come back is your perspective. A guiding hand for the rest of your life. 


More than advising you to travel I would advise you to search and live that passion. Here's one thing I've learned about finding your passion, you don't find it, you can't find it or else you'll keep hopping from one thing to another wondering where your passion lies.

Instead it's the other way round, it's about being passionate in whatever you do, it's about inculcating the habit of doing the hard work, it's about knowing that hard work is as important as dreams, and it's many a times not as beautiful as it seems.

You need to be passionate first to be able to do something when the opportunity comes your way. For example, while my passion lies in climbing mountains, I need to do the hard work of becoming fit enough by running around the same track no matter how boring it is, every day, so that when the opportunity comes knocking I'm ready enough to do that.

So , start exploring the world, go to different places, meet different faces, kiss them, hold them, make stories and not just tell them, run after your dreams and not just watch them. Take those first steps towards great achievements, build something of your own, create something of value, create yourself of some value. And not just immerse yourself in the wait for someone.

Don't wait. Don't worry. You're enough for yourself, and this blue sky is all yours to embrace, so embrace every piece of land that you can find, and live the way you dreamt about as a child. Develop those skills you have, be amazing at something, be good enough to entertain your ownself, and learn to love your own self before you expect it from others.

Addios , Happy Travelling, You can reach to me at  

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About him: Aditya Basu is the founder and chief curator of www.Trouvaille.co.in .His passion for travel photography and exploring the unknowns have taken him to 3 countries and 78 destinations . He is a avid trekker and have trekked through Trans Himalayan , Middle Himalayan . Shivaliks ranges and Western Ghats . He has been featured in multiple national and International publications such as Lonely Planet and NGT India . He believes that Souls are fed by moments and he captures those .You can check his work at!
*all the photos are attributed to Aditya Basu 

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