Couple Inspiring for World Travelling Before Turning 50

Everyone wishes to travel the world and see every country on planet but very few can actually do it. It's not easy to just leave everything and travel full time because of many factors like family responsibilities, work, money etc. Yes, you can certainly make money online but again everyone is not equipped with required knowledge and know-how to make this venture successful. Also, if everyone will just leave the work and travel, how will the world progress economically?  Doesn't make sense right?

So, how do we fulfill the dream of seeing the world or should we just stop dreaming about it. Ali and Lubaina say big NO and don’t want to settle like this.

They will explain you with their knowledge and experience on how to see the world without compromising work and family responsibility. In other words, you can even travel the world with your family and all this before you turn 50.

Let’s see the Calculation

Let us calculate mathematically as how to make it practically possible in real world with this simple calculation. Keeping in mind that onegets paid leave or vacation in a year on an average of about 25 days from work and add 2 days off which you get on every weekend.

Here you can plan a short break on weekend and long trips on your long leave from work.You can take a 25 days leave from work at one goand cover multiple countries at a stretch or you can divide it in 3 parts of about 8 days each. So this can make you travel 3 times in a year on your long vacation.


Target 2 countries in your 8 days trip or 6 countries in your 25 days holiday in a year approx. and 2 neighboring countries for your weekend break or extended weekend break. This will help you achieve 8 countries in a year.

Assuming one starts to travel from age 25. We now have 25- 50 I.e. 25 years in hand. Calculating 25 * 8 countries a year = 200 countries

We have 197 countries as of 2016.

So you can complete seeing every country in the world before turning 50. 

How should I make it to 8 countries in a year?

Yes, this is the question in everyone's mind. As 25 years is a long period and many things can happen in life. Forget 8 countries but sometimes visiting even 1 country is not possible in a year and we might end up missing out a whole year.

It's Ok, Don’t Worry!! You can be sick sometime or have family work or something else which consumes your holiday, money etc. and you can’t travel. It's Fine, world doesn't end here. As long as you have the will to see the world nothing can stop you. Try to cover it up 1 country extra in coming years to compensate the missing year. If you will find ways you will get success and if you will find excuses than nothing can motivate you. It's up to you.

Well, there are some ideas wherein you can complete 8 countries in a year.

Visit border countries together or take an organized tour. You can also choose to visit neighboring countries together in a single visit; thiswill not only save your time but money as well.

There are many tour operators or online portals like MakeMyTrip, Expedia, ClearTripsetc who offers complete package like East Asia tours or East Europe, West Europe tours. In these tours they cover 4-5 countries in less than 15 nights. This can be a great option to start your first travel. This will help you cover as many places of the world initially without worrying about your goal. Once all these countries are covered then you can look towards countries which are less visited by tourists. 


Money is really an important factor when you travel. Transport, stay, food, activity, etc., all these can make a big hole in your pocket which most of the time restrict one from travelling. The following things below can help you plan your budget.

Travel regularly and free 

Yes, when you travel regularly (As mentioned 8 trips in a year), you can save a lot or even travel free to your next trip. How? Be loyal to particular brand and they will reward you in return. Apply for travel credit card, become a frequent flyer member of airlines, become a reward member of hotel group chain, apply for travel portal membership etc.

These are the ways you will collect reward points and then redeem for free travel or stay. If not free then at reduced rates than the normal charges. You can read this article on How to travel free


Make a regular investment in mutual funds or share market for long term or fixed deposit in your bank whichever is more rewarding and beneficial according to your respective country and market. The dividend or interest you earn can be used solely for travel.


How to take your first step?

When you start travelling at 26 years of age as we are discussing in this article, most of the people just starts working after completing their studies and let’s say you are working since 2-3 years. Here, you can target neighboring countries. By doing this, it will be cheaper to visit these countries and won't affect your saving much that of choosing far countries. Once you cover that, you can choose countries whose currency is down from your country. 

By completing above countries, you have now collected enough reward points in your respective loyalty program to redeem them against your next travel or stay. Make optimum use of it.

Let us explain the above plan by taking example of 2 different countries, India and England.

If you are residing in India you can visit Nepal, Sri Lanka, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Thailand, Malaysia, Myanmar etc. These will not cost much as compare to US, Canada, Australia.


If you are residing in England, you can choose any European countries as they are neighboring Countries and due to European Union it's easy and cheap to visit these countries as compared to Australia, South Africa, Brazil, Peru etc.

Important Advice

Make sure you always use your credit card for all the above purchases so you can make points on every purchase. Now day’s companies are tied up with theirpreferred partners. So you get benefitted twice in one transaction For example if you have a Citibank Premier miles card and you made apurchase on Etihad airways then you get points on credit card and miles onEtihad airways as well. Some companies also have features wherein points can also be transferred fromcredit card to Etihad and vice versa which gives you more flexibility. 


Only you can make your dream come true, it’s only about taking first step. I hope this article motivates you to take first step towards your travel dream. Sogo and make your plans and get this article handy and make sure you accomplish it.

Best of Luck!!!


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