A Filmmaker In Search Of Inspiration- Cailin O'Neil

By Niyati Shinde on Jan 08, 2019
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A multi-tasker and an inspiring woman, Cailin is a Canadian filmmaker, an avid traveller, a blogger and is also a web-series creator. Heres her fascinating story-

Q1. How and when did the travel bug bite you?

All my life I travelled around a bit of North America on family trips. However it wasnt until 2006/2007 when I went on a University trip to France and later a Contiki tour around Europe that I really got the travel bug. Previously I wanted to travel but was afraid of going by myself. I soon realized however that it was awesome to travel by myself and that I didnt need anyone else to go with. Ive just kept traveling more and more ever since then and havent stopped yet!

Q2. Which destinations have you explored till now?

I have been to 43 countries so far and after next week it will be 46! I have been everywhere from Mexico to Indonesia, Australia, Fiji, New Zealand, all over Europe, South Africa and more.

Q3. Which has been your most memorable journey till date?

This is one of the tough questions that people always ask me. I have had so many great trips and so many different experiences that it is hard to even compare them to each other. If I had to pick one out of any I suppose it might be my first trip to South Africa and going on safari for the first time. We visited Johannesburg and took the Blue Train from Pretoria to Cape Town and spent a few days in the Greater Kruger National Park.

Q4. Why is it that most important and memorable one for you?

I got to explore this beautiful country, friendly people, stunning scenery and I got a great glimpse into its amazing wildlife and it is now one of my favourite places to visit.

Q5. Apart from wonderful memories, what have you brought back with you from the journey?

I love sending postcards to friends and I always bring my sister back a magnet. I never actually buy too much for myself however I have a few key pieces here and there that I cherish. A good life lesson would be to trust your gut, always watch out for pick pockets and learning to drive on the other side of the road is an important skill to have.

Q6. Which place are you planning on visiting next and why?

I am currently in London, next I head to Spain for TBEX, a travel blogging conference and then I am off on a trip to the Baltics, to Latvia, Lithuania  and Estonia and then finally Northern Ireland before heading home again. Why not?

Q7. Lastly, any travel tips for the readers?

Your money is better spent on travel experiences than material objects.


-By Cailin ONeil

As told to Niyati Shinde

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