The Beauty Of Japan Through Robert's Lens

By Niyati Shinde on Jul 06, 2016
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Robert Schrader has been blogging about his travels since 2010, when he took the name of his blogLeave Your Daily Hell literally, leaving his entire life behind to seek adventure and freedom abroad. Since then, his writing and photography have inspired millions of travelers from around the world. Hopefully, now you too.

Here’s a fascinating pictorial narrative of his trip to Japan accompanied with few of his memorable experiences.

When I decided that my first trip to Japan would correspond with cherry blossom season, it was just as much about intentionit’s well-known among travelers that every scene in Japan looks better framed by sakura treesas it was about the stars aligning: April 2014 just happened to be when I had three spare weeks to travel in Japan.

But as time has passed (and indeed, several subsequent visits to the Land of the Rising Sun), I now remember my flower-filled maiden voyage to Japan as one of the happiest times in my life, its intrinsic travel value notwithstanding.

Recollections of my visit to the country’s most scenic onsen hot spring or my traipse through its randomly-placed desert are among my favorite travel experiences, but I just as fondly remember how strangely serene I felt while onboard a speeding Shinkansen bullet train for the first time, or how it was my heart as much as my coat that warmed me on a long walk through Kyoto on an unseasonably chilly evening. (No, I didn't see any geishas!) I felt happy in Japan. I felt free. I felt alive and also, more aware of my mortality than ever before.

It’s very likely that I will be making my fifth journey to Japan sometime later this year, and while I look forward to it, it’s difficult to imagine it coming close to the transcendental trip I enjoyed the first time around.

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