Explore Vietnam through the eyes of Rosemary Neave

viWhile scrolling through some interesting blogs and reading about traveller, we came across an amazing traveller and her journeys across the world. Rosemary Neave travels around the world and after reading her blog we just knew she would be a perfect addition to our hobos we admire. So here is her story in her own words.

I joined a group of 'Venus Adventures Women' to explore Vietnam the best of both worlds when traveling on your own. Some company along the way, a guide who knows how to make the most of the time you have, someone to share a room with to cut expenses and a small enough group to be flexible if things changed.

We started in Hanoi, and I found out the hotel they were to start from and booked in a few days earlier. I had time to recover from the flight, have a massage and get out and about exploring before meeting the others. It was fantastic.

Advice #1 when joining a group travel experience, find out where they are starting the trip from, and arrive a day or two earlier at the same hotel.  It is great to be over jetlag, and acclimatised a bit before meeting everyone else.

Most of the women on the trip were New Zealanders, so it did not take long to find out who we knew in common and form friendships that remain to this day.  New Zealanders are friendly and easy going, they speak their mind.

Advice #2 If joining a tour group, my first choice is always to travel with people who come from your own culture.  Second choice travel with indigenous people those familiar with the country you are in.  Third choice everyone else. Every country has it’s own characteristics it is just we are familiar with people like us.

Highlights of Vietnam for me:

  • Overnight on a Junk in Halong Bay
  • Meeting the Hmong indigenous people in Sapa
  • Getting some amazing clothes made in Hoi An
  • Cycling in the Mekong Delta and overnighting in a homestay
  • The food and learning to cook some of it - always fresh and
  • Visiting the Saigon War Museum everyone should visit a war museum of their ‘enemy’ and see their story of the war.  It was horrific for everyone, but mostly for those who called Vietnam home.

Five Reasons I like Traveling with other Women in Vietnam

It is hard to describe why traveling with other women is so different.  I grew up with my parents each enjoying separate holidays my father went trout fishing for a week and my mother golfing with her women friends.  I know those experiences with their friends, was different to that of traveling together.

  • It is a different energy hard to put your finger on, but it is there
  • No focus on couples, even if partners and friends are traveling in the group. Room sharing cut out costs. On your own, you do not stand out you are the norm.
  • We seem to laugh at the same things, talk about the same things, enjoying meeting local people and engaging with them.
  • Certainly having clothes made at Hoi An was huge fun all of us encouraging each other to splash out and try something new.
  • All women love a massage and so it was something we looked for and relished.

Rosemary Neave is above all a networker she loves sharing information that can empower other women.  Writing on her travels is a way of reflecting and sharing the core of what she has learnt. In 2015 she won a place on the #keralablogexpress2 a three week blogging trip in South India. You can read about her travels at Women travel blog.

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