Colombo To Bangkok Trip to Witness Cold Play Concert

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Are you Bangkok bound? Here’s a travelogue from TripHobo user Roshane De Silva who’s been to the city twice and yet, can’t wait to go back! As she likes to put it “There is something about Bangkok that has got me enticed. The people, culture, attractions, food and everything in between feels so nice and even though I have been to this country twice, I still miss it! I long to go back!

Read Roshane’s first-hand experience of her second visit to Bangkok with her friends, this time to attend Cold Play's concert. 

Here's a link to her Bangkok itinerary from Colombo.

No of days spent: 5

No of travelers: 5

Places covered: Pratunam and Siam areas in Bangkok

Cost: USD 4075 for five people

Day 1: 

After a 3-hour flight from Colombo, we landed at the Swarnabhumi International Airport during the early hours on a Wednesday, 4.30am to be precise. Shops in Bangkok usually open at around 8.30am and we were up for a quick bite. 

After having a not-so-great meal at the ground floor of the airport, we took the BTS sky train from the 2nd floor of the airport to Ratchaprarop, our home for the next few days.

Our first stay for three nights was at the KC Place Hotel, a small but well-maintained guesthouse. The staff was nice enough to check us in earlier than the specified time. 

Having been to Bangkok once before, I recommended the KC Place restaurant opposite the hotel which has the most delicious noodles and rice dishes for a relatively cheap price. We ended up eating most of our meals there. 

The rest of the day was spent walking around the streets of Pratunam eating street food and shopping at the Platinum night market. 

All of Bangkok’s night markets are a must visit, perfectly safe and female friendly. These markets pop-up at 7 pm and go on till around 11 pm. You can find various merchandises; average quality ranging from tee-shirts to passport holders and sold at a lesser price than at the malls.

Day 2:

We headed to Big C, a huge discount store with one floor dedicated to food items. My friends literally went crazy, cruising isle after isle stocking up their carts with numerous items. Alongside the wide range of food items, they also have skin and hair care products for a cheaper price than you would usually find. 

The main highlight for us was the sweet and salted tamarind packs. The supermarket allows sampling of these so be sure to try it out.

To a foodie, Bangkok is paradise.

Even though we had a well-planned itinerary that we chalked out on TripHobo, we ditched our plans for visiting the Dream World amusement park which was at a 1.5-hour drive. 

Instead, we headed to Platinum Fashion Mall. Mind you this mall has two buildings with hundreds of small shops on six floors each and a convenient food court serving local meals and desserts! 

Our second day ended up with loads of shopping bags in hand and liters of Chang beer (local Thai beer)! Gulped down our throats!  

Day 3:

Today was the day of the concert! Indra Regent Hotel was booked for us as part of our tour package and we enjoyed their scrumptious breakfast buffet.

The main reason for our trip was to witness Coldplay live in action and undoubtedly Bangkok is the cheapest destination to go see concerts. Since the concert was in the evening, we decided not to tire ourselves too much and we roamed around Siam which is only a 20-minute walk from Pratunam. 

MBK mall is another shopping destination in Siam which has discounts for handbags and electronics. But it is not advisable to purchase electronics here due to the abundant fake products. If you are on the hunt for mobile phones and such; Central World is the place for that. On the contrary, you can buy fake but genuine-like quality branded handbags to your heart’s desire and no one will know the difference.

It is amusing how transportation works in Bangkok. You have buses and trains, but nothing can compare to the experience of riding a boat along a dirty canal. The boat ride was the quickest way to get to the National Stadium that day evening for the show. The pier to take these boats are by the bridge near Platinum Mall. Even though the reeking water wasn’t a plus point, the experience was memorable!  Hopping into the boat itself is not an easy task so watch your step and hold onto the ropes as you get in. Make sure to pull up the covers on either side so as to not get splashed from the dirty water as well. 

Day 4:

Our first stop for the day at the Ocean World in Siam. The gigantic aquarium resides at the ground floor of the Siam Paragon mall. This is a nice attraction to see with family and friends. If you visit during the morning hours, you may be able to witness the underwater dance show. 

The shark tank was also an interesting section that lets you see sharks swim past you. Many different sea world species can be seen here with an attractive souvenir shop at the exit.

On our way to the Siam Paragon, we visited the Wat Pathum Wanaram Temple a few minutes away from the mall. This temple lies amidst a bustling city yet has somehow managed to preserve its tranquility.

Standing tall beside the Siam Paragon are the Siam Discovery and Siam Center malls having almost all of the luxurious genuine branded clothing and accessories. Even the ambiance of these malls radiate elegance unlike their low-priced counterparts back in Pratunam.

In the evening, we enjoyed a dinner cruise that would let us see all the landmarks in Bangkok in 1 1/2hrs. The cruise was inclusive of international dinner, and transportation. With a little bargaining involved, we confirmed the booking for TBH 1100 per person equivalent to USD 32 which was a pretty neat deal given that the experience on the cruise was breathtaking. The cruise ships sail on famous Chao Praya River ideally passing all of the Bangkok’s attractions illuminated in the night sky; the Grand Palace, Wat Arun temple, and The Asiatique Riverfront to name a few.

Day 5:

This was our last day in Bangkok. Our last stop was at Central world; another upscale mall which has quality products. This mall is big and widely spread with similar entry and exit points that makes it hard to figure out where you are in the mall and how to get out in case you get lost. (which happened to us and resulted in the girls having to circle the 1st floor thrice to find the meeting point where the guys were)

Since our flight was in the evening we dashed to get more luggage and it was a mad rush to pack everything and check out in time.

Why I love Bangkok:

Before I visited Thailand, I had only heard of what the country is like. I only knew of it to be a good place to shop. It was only when I actually got there that I realized how much this city has to offer. Some of the most serene temples can be found here. Serene temples, amusement parks, nightlife spots, shopping malls, safaris, floating markets, snow towns, Madame Tussauds wax museum, The Ocean world, Adventure zones for kids and adults both, it has got it all!


Why I would recommend TripHobo: 

I found planning my itinerary with TripHobo to be extremely convenient and user-friendly. Within a few minutes, I had managed to sort out my trip for 5 days and the site has almost all the attractions and landmarks I wanted to visit so I could easily add it onto the plan.

The saying ‘so much to do, so little time’ is pretty accurate if you are a newbie to the Thailand, so plan your trip well to make sure you make the most of your time here! 

Inspired much? Read this recommended list of things to know before you visit Thailand.

Travel Tips:

• Travel light. You can buy quality luggage for cheap in Bangkok, if you end up shopping at lot

• Remember to bring sunscreen as it can get very hot outside.

• Most hotels require a TBH 1000 deposit when you check in. Make sure to read the hotel’s policy section prior to booking.

• A three-star hotel is of no less quality and is your best option if you plan to spend more time outside of your hotel room.

• If you are a first-timer in Bangkok, 90% of your time will be spent inside shopping malls without you realizing it so keep track of time.

• Have copies of your passport at all times with you and only take limited cash for that day when going out. It is safe to leave your passport and extra money in the hotel locker. (at least it was safe for me when I was at the KC Place, Indra Regent, and Siam star hotels)

• There are money exchanging places almost everywhere for your convenience.

• Use the BTS to travel instead of taxis but if it isn’t too much of a distance, walk!

• Even though there is a rail link between Pratunam and Siam, save your money and walk instead. You can reach Siam in 20 minutes.

• Avoid eating at the airport food court. There are much better restaurants once you get to the city.

• If you are with a group, don’t wander off alone in Central World mall or any mall for that matter as you can get lost!

• Meaty snacks, fruits and fruit juices sold by street vendors are perfectly safe and are delicious. (especially the Pomegranate juice)

• Make sure to check out of the hotel at the specified time to avoid unnecessary situations with hotel management.

• 7/11 will be your go-to shop for any kind of need and they are open until around 11 pm. Also, they have a variety of yummy ice creams.

• Most clothing shops will not allow you to try the clothes, you can always check with the vendor. 

• If you are traveling far from your hotel, make sure to arrange some mode of transportation to get back.

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