How To Spend Holidays In San Francisco

San Francisco the city of the Golden Gate Bridge, the city of the Golden Gate Park, the city home to fascinating museums, the city with enthusiastic festivals and concerts, the city that goes way beyond your imagination, the most liberal city of U.S.A and the city where your next holiday should be enjoyed. The misty city with flamboyant attractions is also a commercial, cultural, and financial hub of Northern California, and a sole consolidated city-county of California. The tourist heavy destination has plenty to explore at minimal cost. Most of them also come for free. On a visit to this glorious corner of the world, that’s encompassed with water and steep hills on three sides, here’s what all you can see and do to enhance your holiday

The Golden Gate Bridge and Golden Gate Park

Image Source: Wikimedia Commons

Of course we’ve seen the bridge in the movies. This time witness its true beauty by standing right on it. The bridge flaunts the marvelous architecture of 1937 and is by default photogenic in appearance. You could hike or bike this bridge yourself and witness the unmatched beauty of San Francisco on both sides. A foggy afternoon dresses the structure in silvery white cotton-like wraps giving it an angelic makeover. What better than exploring the mesmerizing city from a narrow path about 80 stories above water? The Golden Gate Park on the other hand is home to a couple of interesting museums, lakes, ponds, bridges and the popular Japanese tea garden. This park is all about sand dunes, windmills, and a lot more.

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Chinatown and North Beach

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You’ll find a Chinatown in almost every city today, but the Chinatown in San Francisco is a level above. This city is home to the largest Chinatown in entire North America which is also the largest outside the continent of Asia. On a visit here do take a look at the spectacular temples workshops and go on a shopping spree at the antique and souvenir stores here. Visit north beach to explore the city's Italian quarter with cafes, restaurants, romantic sidewalks, Washington Square along Columbus and Grant avenues shops in its neighborhood. The big surprise is that North beach is not actually a beach. You’ll only find the aforementioned in the name of the beach, here

Transamerica Pyramid and Lombard Street

Image Source: Wikimedia Commons

This is an elegant 85 feet tall structure in the city. The Transamerica Pyramid is San Francisco’s tallest skyscraper that showers the streets below with a beam of extra light and a whiff of extra air. The building is remarkable and iconic. Lombard Street on the other hand is the most crooked street in the world with 8 hairpin turns that were constructed in a manner to minimize the steepness of the hill. The mesmerizing street is a must visit when in the city of San Francisco.

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Cable Cars and Fisherman’s Wharf

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Who isn’t familiar with this term? These cars are famous across the globe as a trend and a style statement and therefore should obviously not be missed when in San Francisco. The cable cars take you from the market street to the Fisherman's wharf. Do explore the ride and try standing on the running board to get the best of it. The Fisherman’s Wharf on the other hand is a top tourist destination in the city.


Image Source: Wikimedia Commons

This is an alluring island that once served as a lighthouse, military fortification, and a prison. Machine Gun Kelly and Al Capone were kept as prisoners here. The island has freezing cold water encompassing it and was believed to be inescapable once upon a time. The island is also locally known as a rock. The Alcatraz today, is a historic attraction in the city of San Francisco that sees a lot of tourists each year.

Alamo Square

Image Source: Wikimedia Commons

The Alamo Square is beautifully dressed with lavish Victorian houses dressed in high-contrast color palettes and decorated with stained-glass windows, gilded stucco garlands, fish-scale shingles, and peaked roofs with carved wood. The park alongside offers spectacular views of these houses and features a tennis court, playground and more. On a visit here you’d also encounter picnic groups, local persons, pet owners and other people. This square is a tourist hotspot in the city.

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San Francisco has umpteen numbers of joys to explore. The city follows a ‘First Free Tuesday’ wherein almost all the events, concerts, museums, and attractions come for free on the first Tuesday of every month. The interesting places, shopping spots like Chinatown, malls and plenty of restaurants with variable cuisines give you enough reason to visit here. Check out the San Francisco Coastal Walking Tours to enjoy the beautiful city on foot.

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