Holistic Experiences in Thailand - The Land of Smiles

By Reshma Dewda on Jul 26, 2016
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There are few better places in Asia for a refreshing and exotic break than Thailand.  The intoxicating lure of sin and sun interspersed with the heady mix of culture and zen makes for a grand holiday for sure. Thailand is unabashed, unashamed and unflinching. A magnet for beach lovers and those looking for hedonistic pleasures, this gifted country might have become typecast as a ‘slippery’ getaway but it surely packs more than you expect. For those looking for a more holistic holiday, Thailand has a spiritual soul that is untouched by its sinful excess. Apart from that, the country offers many reasons to indulge in some pampering and there are many opportunities to experience something new.

Here are a few of our recommendations for a holistic experiences in Thailand:

Thai Cooking:

Thai cuisine is something that is appreciated by both food snobs and street food lovers around the world. And believe it or not, there is much more to Thai cooking than galangal and lemongrass!  Learning authentic cooking from locals is an incredibly fulfilling experience and something you can brag about at your subsequent dinner parties!

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Brush with History:

Thailand has some fascinating historical heritage like the throne in the Phraya Nakhon cave and also its very own version of Angkor Wat the UNESCO World Heritage site of Ayutthaya. This only goes to prove that if you’re open to alternative experiences, this country is full of surprises.  

Stay with a Local

Sure, you have the option of plush resorts and luxurious hotels, but none of these will give you the original, grassroots experience of spending time with locals and being a part of their community.  Whether it is meeting some of Thailand’s unique tribal people or staying at local homes in Chiang Mai, there is an exciting revelation waiting for you if you just give it a chance.

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Scuba diving and snorkeling is definitely a must-do at Thailand’s beautiful beaches but another relatively uncommon water sport is sailing. Whether you desire to be moored under the stars or yearn to explore the unexplored, sailing is a great way to tread on uncharted waters.  

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Exotic Facials:

Thailand is full of wellness centers that will relax you in any and every way you like but if you’re not one who likes to be rubbed that way, this is a great option for you. Try one of the very exotic facials that use rare resources from the natural treasure chest of this country. You can indulge yourself in a seaweed facial or even a caviar skin treatment or spend some time in a rose water pool if you please!

Image Source: flickr/merlinphuket

Keep Fit with Muay Thai

Discover the best use of your shins with a lesson or two in the Muay Thai Thailand’s most popular combat sport. A kind of kickboxing, this is a great way to keep fit and also kick some a**!

Yoga Retreats - Om Sweet Om

Find your inner Zen at Thailand. Experience the calming effects of Buddhist meditation and gentle yoga at one of Thailand’s many yoga retreats. Taught by thorough professionals, there are courses to suit all levels of practice.  

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Time to tattoo!

It’s time to finally get that tattoo you’ve been thinking about for so long. Thailand has a number of great tattoo artists and you’ll see tattoo parlors pop up almost overnight. Get your beau’s name tattooed in Thai or stick to the stars and dragonflies if you wish, getting inked has never been this cheap. Of course, we assume you’ll make hygiene your first priority while choosing an artist!

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Foot Spa - Here Fishy Fishy!

You might think it is unfair to subject tiny fish with smelly feet but believe it or not, these fishes are actually feasting on your dead skin cells! Not for those who are easily tickled, this spa is unlike any therapy you have ever enjoyed.  

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Hello Elly the Elephant!

Spend quality time with elephants apart from riding on them at the many elephant camps all around Thailand. You can see how they are trained and also bond with them at these humane volunteer camps that believe in treating animals with love and care.    

A vacation in Thailand is like a layered dessert, interesting flavors reveal themselves as you dig deeper. So go on, indulge in that sinful, soulful spoonful!

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