Top 10 Honeymoon Booking Mistakes to Avoid

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The wedding isn’t over until the honeymoon sojourn begins. Practically, this sojourn needs as much planning as required for a wedding extravaganza. If you thought, it was as easy as just booking a ticket and taking off; firstly, it’s not! Secondly, you can make the most naïve mistakes that could cost you heavily. The cumbersome task of getting into the nitty gritties, might make you want to just assign the task to a travel agent, but that’s not the best thing to do either! So what is it, you ask? Well, the first few lines might have made honeymoon booking sound like rocket science, but it actually is not guys! You just got to keep in mind these common honeymoon booking mistakes, while you are at it.

1. Not determining the factor in best value

Fancying an overgenerous trip, but want it on a shoestring budget? Think places that have a strong value of the dollar. Southeast Asia, New Zealand, Turkey, Mexico, and Argentina are some of the best honeymoon destinations in the world, where national currency is feebler than the USD. These destinations along with being affordable, offer some of the most exquisite experiences making for a memorable honeymoon.

2. Underestimating a travel insurance

You and your better half are leaving for a sabbatical, only to start this new phase of life. You cannot possibly underestimate having a travel insurance, should anything happen to you or your spouse or even your valuables. While some countries necessarily require one, without which you cannot get a Visa for that destination, others don’t. In case you are planning a honeymoon to the latter, it is idealistic that you get one.   

3. Unfavorable season trip

To not be in the wrong place, at the wrong time, it is essential to determine the best time to visit the particular destination you are considering. This will not just be the ideal time to go there, but you will also benefit from good deals on accommodation, some great seasonal activities and interesting co-honeymooners amongst others. If you are going for something particular like skiing, wildlife safari, hiking, hot air balloon, or even sunbathing, check out the best time to do so.

4. Miscalculation of budget

You are not done when you have your accommodation and travel sorted. Very often couples, while planning a honeymoon, overlook other expenses like meals, travel guides, transport. You are thinking great hotels, amazing attractions, things you want to do, ticking things off your bucket list. When you are on your holiday, however, all this may actually lead to a trip turning out more expensive than you planned. In fact, even your dream accommodation might come with a few hidden extras and taxes. Tip - always ask for what is included and what is not. 

5. Delaying plans


Sadly, honeymoon planning is given lesser importance than the wedding and the honeymoon itself. Sure, everyone is too worked up with all the wedding frenzy, giving little attention or none to the honeymoon work. So much that you want to keep pushing the honeymoon further. In that case, chances are the honeymoon might never happen, once the marriage responsibilities start falling in. 

6. Rushing off after the wedding

Your impatience for taking off, after the wedding hysteria is understandable, but rushing immediately may not be the best idea. Unlike movies, where the couple heads straight after the nuptials, reality differs. Exhausted, buggered is not the ideal state to start this beautiful post-nuptial getaway. Get a breather, relax, go to the spa, pack thoughtfully and then leave all geared up!

7. Following the herd


So you are inspired to take that Parisian route, just because your friend or someone’s daughter thought it was amazing on her honeymoon?! You might not just end up replicating someone else’s honeymoon, but also not liking it. This is going to be your special, once-in-a-lifetime trip, why not take a little effort and tailor it according to your likes.

8. Planning unbalanced activities

There might be some who would not want to get out of the resort and do just one thing (pun intended), while there are a few who want to do all possible activities, in the bid to get the most out of the honeymoon destination. Keep the balance, don’t go all out marking all the things-to-do around, and in the first case, get out of the resort!

9. Counting on the internet a little too much

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In this digital age, the world has gotten a smaller place. Well, not until you venture to a place physically! Reading reviews and experiences are not the same until experienced firsthand. Getting in touch with a trusted agency or a friend for that firsthand experience is a great idea. 

10. Procrastination

Lastly, stop procrastinating about anything and everything related to honeymoon! Choosing the destination, tickets, accommodation, packing all this will require a good amount of time. Ideally, the planning should begin 6-8 months in advance. If you don’t you might miss out on the best rooms and the cheapest tickets. So, get moving!
Keep in mind the above blunders and be rest assured for that much-awaited honeymoon!
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