Honeymoon Destinations for Backpackers

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Are you done with your poised, simple wedding and want to have a honeymoon with a twist? Don’t worry! If you and your life partner have the thing for an adrenaline rush and love backpacking, then there are plenty of options around the world which can assure you a budget friendly but equally fun backpacking honeymoon.
Here are ultimate honeymoon destinations for backpackers:

1.  Prague, Czech Republic

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This backpacker friendly city which is situated in the heart of Europe is very popular amongst couples who love backpacking. The city offers plenty of options to explore and you don’t need to spend much if on a shoestring budget.
Prague, which is also the capital of Czech Republic is also known for its architectural masterpieces. You can stroll around the city and explore the wonders of ancient architecture and after hours of walking try Czech beer at the Prague Beer Museum along with some traditional Czech snacks. The beer museum also has 30 different varieties of beer.
In addition, you can also stay in some reasonable hotels and apartments which are probably the cheapest in Europe.

2. Sarajevo, Bosnia

This Bosnian capital is also known for its beautiful churches and picturesque parks. Sarajevo is a must visit place for every backpacker in the world.
The city is a perfect amalgamation of Eastern and Western culture and is often referred as Jerusalem of Europe. You and your partner can take romantic walks in one of the parks with a scenic view is just a cherry on the cake.
Try and explore the oldest form of transportation in Sarajevo. It also has trams which will take you back in the golden era.

3. Athens, Greece

PC: Kristoffer Trolle/ Flickr 

This Greek city is slowly and steadily becoming a hotspot destination for backpackers. The stunning locales and laidback nature of the city, also make it an ideal honeymoon destination. If you and your life have an inclination for archaeology, Athens is a world centre for archaeological research. You can visit various museums which will take you back in the history.
If you find museums boring, Athens also has a fascination of performing arts. If you love live music, go and visit Athens Concert Halls which is attracting world-class artists, since ages.
The infrastructure facilities in Athens improved drastically during the 2004 Athens Olympics. It was also declared as the third best European city to visit in 2015, by a survey done by European Best Destination.

4. Montana, The United States of America

Camping into the wild, discovering dinosaur fossils and visiting one of the ghost towns, Montana is a thrilling ride for all the backpackers who love to explore the unexplored. Montana is also known for its cowboy culture which will take you back in the late 80s.
In addition, try out the local fresh organic food produced in the farms of Montana. Don’t forget to binge on the huckleberries and flathead cherries.
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5. Goa, India

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For Goa, there is only one word- Happening! This coastal state has attracted tourists from all over the world because of its lively and peppy atmosphere.
While the majority of tourists go the partying and clubbing way, but if you and your partner are hardcore explorers, try exploring the beautiful south Goa.
Also, Goa offers accommodation, food and drinks at a very low cost which eventually adds to your unforgettable experience.
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6. Budapest, Hungary

This Hungarian capital is also known as the financial hub of central Europe. Known for its amazing Hungarian cuisine and cafe culture, Budapest is a must visit destination for newly wed couples who love backpacking.
Budapest has plenty of spas, parks, interesting buildings, streets and lanes. Try exploring the city at night, when the atmosphere is totally different, in a good way!
If both of you love films and the idea of filmmaking, try planning your honeymoon during Budapest International Film Festival and Budapest International Documentary Festival which attracts film lovers from all over the world.

7. Cairns, Australia

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This Australian marvel is such a place that every backpacker dreams of visiting, one in his lifetime. So what better opportunity than to make Cairns, your romantic getaway.
Go and complete a part of your bucket list by visiting the Great Barrier Reef,  one of the seven wonders of the world. If you both share the love for barbeques, then Cairns will not disappoint you. Restaurants, shopping centres and hotels of various sizes are in plenty in Cairns which makes it a very backpacking friendly honeymoon destination.
The honeymoon is the most exciting part of your married life. You don’t just visit places. Instead, you make memories. Hence, just pack your bags, grab the hand of your partner and just go on for an unforgettable experience.
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