Top Honeymoon Destinations in December

honeymoon destinations in December

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They say, "December is the Friday of the months" and rightly so! This month is all about overindulgence in all things good and a little debauchery 😉 Intimate winters vibes, festivities, and the impending year-end celebrations are just a few more reasons to fall in love with this wintry month. 

Now if you are planning a honeymoon around the month of December, you are in for a treat. With warm winter sun, cozy blankets, knitted sweatshirts, and hot beverages; the entire build-up seems extremely beguiling. Choosing a honeymoon destination can be an overwhelming task, after all, it is all about getting to know each other and having a great time. You could opt to lay on sandy beaches of Australia; walk through the rainforests of Thailand; do a tango in Argentina; sail through the Caribbean; ski on the slopes of Canada; or plunge into thick jungles of Mexico, after all it’s all about doing what you love the most, with the one you love the most. 

Check out these super-duper honeymoon destinations that you can visit in December.

1. Backpack through the rainforest jungles of Khao Sok National Park in Thailand

rainforest jungles of Khao Sok National Park

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For the nature lover in you, head out to the jungles of Surat Thani in Thailand. Here it’s all about "less words, more wows". This southern state of Thailand is all about secluded, dense, virgin jungles; and what better way to spend your honeymoon than canoeing together in the warm lake waters of these enchanted and unbroken forests.

What to do at Khao Sok National Park:

The beautiful Khao Sok National Park has many things to do: Take a lake trip on a long tail boat; Lunch at a raft house; Trek through the evergreen rainforest on the back of a friendly elephant; Take a night safari to see those nocturnal creatures; Visit the hot springs and soak in its therapeutic warm waters; Witness the biggest flower on earth, The Rafflesia Flower; Enjoy a lazy afternoon, river tubing down the small rapids; and do not forget to get a traditional Thai massage back at your jungle resort. 

Honeymoon style: Adventure, Exploration 

Number of days: 3-4

2. Fly over the Iguazu Falls in Argentina

Iguazu Falls in Argentina

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The Iguazu Falls are a fine example of nature’s jaw-dropping beauty. Landlocked, and located at the northern most point of Argentina in the province of Misiones, these waterfalls speak of mother Earth’s savage history. Named after River Iguazu, these waterfalls comprise of two-hundred-odd cascades of water that drop 200 feet or more giving rise to many rainbows and powerful spray. 

What to do at Iguaza Falls:

Agreed that taking a chopper ride over the Iguazu Falls will treat you to some of the best views, but there is much more to do while here, this includes: Taking a Macuco Jetboat safari along the Iguazu river; Riding a bike through its jungles; Ziplining or rappelling through the Iguassu Rainforest; Watching exotic bird species at the Parque das Aves zoo, and witnessing the largest hydroelectric dam project on earth at the Itaipu Dam.  

Honeymoon style: Adventure

Number of days: 4-5

3. Laze through the easy-going Bahamas


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If sipping Champagne on luxury yachts is your thing, Bahamas is the place for you.  It’s all white and turquoise here. With more than 700 archipelago islands dappled over the Caribbean Sea, Bahamas is an environmental oasis. This place is an ultimate romantic retreat with its silvery beaches, vibrant orchids & bougainvillea, plush resorts, and sumptuous table d'hôte. 

What to do in the Bahamas:

With your special someone right next to you, you can go exploring secluded beaches of Bahama’s many islands, go island hopping, powerboat through some of the clearest waters on earth, dive into the waters and encounter many dolphins, enjoy deep-sea fishing, pamper yourself at a local spa, dance to some live music, enjoy water sports, and how can we forget the romantic candle light dinners at the beaches. 

Honeymoon style: Laid-back 

Number of days:

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4. Take a cruise through the Milford Sound in New Zealand

Milford Sound in New Zealand

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Located on the southwestern coast of New Zealand, Milford Sound can easily be termed at the 8th wonder of the world. High-reaching, snow-capped mountains peaks, plunging waterfalls, and exotic wildlife are few of the many reasons to visit Milford Sound. Disconnect from the world and let the days pass in oblivion; as it is just you, and your better-half.  

What to do at Milford Sound:

Milford Sound is an unspoilt wilderness that offers you many activities. Enjoy an in-depth exploration of Milford Sound by embarking on day-cruises, kayak through the dazzling blue waters, touch upon your daring side by rafting through the rapids, cycle through the tall and lush jungles, explore the twinkly & lambent Glowworm Caves and take an overnight cruise deep into the heart of Fiordland National Park. 

Honeymoon style: Laid-back

Number of days:

5. Lay on the finest beaches of Bali

Lay on the finest beaches of Bali

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One of the most sought-after destinations by the newly weds; Bali is luxurious, yet surprisingly affordable. A Balinese honeymoon is all about romantic spa dates, dinner cruises, walking hand-in-hand along the palm-lined beaches of Bali, trying your hand at farming at paddy fields, exploring volcanic mountains, and enjoying a laid-back lifestyle. With many properties lining along the sandy white beaches, you will have a plethora of accommodation options to choose from. 

What to do in Bali:

Bali has it all. Spend a relaxing day at an open-air massage villa, overlooking the coastal splendour of Jimbaran; Dine at a live volcano at The Madu Sari Mountain Restaurant; Watch the artistic Devdan Show; Safari through the Bali Marine and Safari Park; Dip into an infinity pool nestled within mountain greenery in Ubud; Sip a cocktail on a floating platform; Visit the secret canyon of Sukawati; Offer your prayers at the 70-metre clifftop Uluwatu Temple; Immerse yourself in rice paddies, planting seeds and little shoots; Take a walk on the seabed and explore the island’s exotic marine life; oh! and do not forget to kiss your bride, once again 😉

Honeymoon style: Laid-back

Number of days: 7-8

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6. Drive through the Great Ocean Road in Australia

Great Ocean Road in Australia

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Venture out on an ultimate Aussie Road trip and drive past one of the finest roads in the world. The Great Ocean Road is a 250-kilometre-long stretch of asphalt that runs between Geelong on the east and Warrnambool on the west in the state of Victoria with many exciting pitstops along the way. Pack your bags, get a picnic basket along and a selfie stick and embark on this overarching road-trip. 

What to do along the Great Ocean Road:

Making your way from east to west, here are some of the most amazing stops along the Great Ocean Road. Enjoy the big swells, go snorkelling and skydiving at the Bells Beach; Take a quick selfie at the Split Point Lighthouse; Visit the dramatic rainforests of the Great Otway National Park; Surf along the waters of the Apollo Bay; Soak in the majestic views of The Twelve Apostles; Make a quick stop at the impressive London Arch; Try your hand at cliff jumping at the Loch Ard Gorge; Explore the shipwreck coast at The Grotto; With a cheese museum, a cheese cellar, a cheese restaurant, dive into the world of cheese at Cheese World; and end your trip by indulging in some whale-watching at Warrnambool.

Honeymoon style: Road-trip

Number of days: 7

7. Enjoy a beer at a beach shack in Goa

beach shacks in Goa

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Goa is one of the most lively and vibrant places to be. If you want to party hard, head out to Goa along with your special someone. Come December, and this tiny Indian state is bustling with many carnivals, galas and soirees. Whether it’s the happening North Goa or the enchanting South Goa, your honeymoon adventure here is going to be a rather memorable one. 

What to do in Goa:

Whether you choose to do the regulars or take an unbeaten path, Goa will not fail to surprise you. Visit beautiful beaches in goa; Enjoy parasailing and dolphin -watching activities; Walk through the Portuguese-flavoured streets of Fontainhas & Sao Tomé; Visit the grand churches and basilicas; Hire a bike and drive through the coconut-lined streets of North Goa; Gorge on lip-smacking sea-food delicacies at a beach shack; Shop at the flea markets; and go dancing all night long at Tito's. 

Honeymoon style: Laid-back

Number of days: 4

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8. Steal a kiss under the Northern Lights in Norway

Northern Lights in Norway

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Move over the sun, sea and sand and head to the icy land of Norway for your honeymoon this December. Well at first this doesn’t sound like a ideal place to visit in December, but hold on. How about spending a night in a glass igloo in the wintry Laplands and getting a teasing view of one of the nature’s most exquisite phenomenon, the Aurora Borealis? With incredible beauty and silence all around you, I am sure you are tempted to spend your most special holiday here, cuddling in the arms of your special someone. Northern Norway during the polar night is your best place to catch a glimpse of these wondrous occurrence. 

What to do in Norway:

Apart from enjoying an icy cold night together while watching the Northern Lights, you can also choose to go on to explore the many frosted trees and frozen lakes, drive a snowmobile, go husky sledging, strap on snowshoes and go ice-skating, enjoy a sumptuous dinner from the arctic view room, visit the Santa Clause village, or take a dip in one of the thermal pools here. 

Honeymoon style: Adventurous

Number of days: 7

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9. Combine the beaches and safaris at Zanzibar, Tanzania

Zanzibar, Tanzania

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Give a rest to the usual honeymoon destinations and travel to Zanzibar this December for an unparalleled honeymoon experience. Located off the eastern coast of Tanzania, Zanzibar is an archipelagic island which also known by the name, The Spice Island. The island is thronging with tourists who travel long distances just to explore its outstanding beaches and native wilderness. 

What to do in Zanzibar:

With attractions ranging from 19th century monuments to powdery white beaches to stunning green jungles, things to do in Zanzibar are many. Step back in time and visit the capital city of Stone Town, the one with myriad of narrow streets, art galleries and coffee shops; Visit the beaches of Nungwi and Kendwa; Get a step closer to the exotic marine life as you go snorkelling at Mnemba Atoll; Watch stunning red sunsets from a comfortable hammock; and witness the wondrous Giant Turtles on the Prison Island. 

Honeymoon style: Exploration 

Number of days: 5

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10. Cruise through the intriguing River Nile in Egypt

River Nile in Egypt

Image Source: Wikimedia Commons

Hop on a cruise that will perfectly blend the luxury and romance for you. Trip down the longest river on earth on a luxurious ship vessel and explore the enchanting lands of Egypt. With all meals, sightseeing and accommodation included, this deal is a steal. Start your journey from Aswan, moving down proceed to Edfu and Luxor, further head to the Hurghada beach and after visiting the Red Sea, end your journey in the Egyptian capital of Cairo. 

What to see during the Nile Cruise:

With the journey lasting from an average of 8 to 12 days, places to see/visit here are many. Explore the Obelisk and Philae temples of Aswan; visit the Temple of Horus in Edfu; Sip on some afternoon tea as you sail on to Luxor; Visit the Valley of the Kings and the Colossi of Memnon in Luxor; walk on the pristine sandy beaches of Hurghada; Explore the coral reefs of the Red Sea. 

Honeymoon style: Exploration, Cruise

Number of days: 10

Just a handy little tip, let people know you are honeymooners. This will help you avail some wonderful upgrades and freebies. Maybe the bartender will offer you drinks on the house, or the restaurant may whip up some creamy pudding for you, the resort may offer you a spa coupon; coz hey! a little extra indulgence never hurt anyone.

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