Top Honeymoon Destinations in June

We are here to save your time in honeymoon planning with these top 10 honeymoon destinations in June.

1. Grand Canyon National Park, USA

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A geographical wonder, a natural marvel, Grand Canyon National Park is an ideal adventure honeymoon destination for outdoorsy couples. The marvellous sand dunes, bunch of trails and three distinct and equally alluring rims make it a surreal place where your honeymoon can become an affair to remember.

Go rafting in the Colorado River, take any of the scenic nature trails and hop on a ride of Grand Canyon Railway.

2. Dubrovnik, Croatia

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If you and your spouse are a Game of Thrones buff and want a honeymoon to the iconic King’s Landing; this is the right place for you.

Walk around its ancient labyrinth, take the special Game of Thrones locations tour and spend an evening whispering sweet nothings by the beautiful sea, this Jewel of Adriatic is a worth visiting destination for your honeymoon.

3. Palma, Spain

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A sublime beauty on the eastern coast of Spain, Mallorca is a sprawling honeymoon destination that is perfect for couples who want to spend quality time in the lap of nature. Backdrop of towering mountains on one side and gushing sea on the other, this Spanish beauty is one of the best honeymoon destinations in June. 

Go shopping, indulge in a luxurious couple’s spa, enjoy live music concerts and splash in the festivities of various festivals; that is if you want to leave the beautiful beach!

4. Capri Islands, Italy

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Transfer yourself to this pride of the Mediterranean with a romantic ferry ride from Naples and kick-start your honeymoon in a nonchalant way. The island dotted with celebrity homes is one of the best luxurious honeymoon places in June where you can plan your romantic getaway to!

Take a trip to the nearby Amalfi coast, swim in the beautiful waters and marvel at the game of sun and sea at the Blue Grotto, possibilities are endless!

5. Reykjavik, Iceland

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One of the most off-the-beaten path honeymoon destination, Reykjavik has great weather in the month of June and if you sunbath in an open park, that won’t be frowned upon; its summer finally!

Go museum hopping, swim in its outdoor geothermal pools, go whale watching or simply spend a quaint evening by the Tjörnin; you’ll have a great time for sure!

Ideal for couples who want a taste of historical and striking destination!

6. Santorini, Greece

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A splash of white and blue, Santorini is probably what heaven looks like (With party places as add on!)! Undeniably stunning and happening at the same time, relive your romance here as you watch the sun set over the sea against the dramatic backdrop of Santorini.

Scuba diving and snorkelling are some of the top recommended activities that you can try out on your honeymoon vacation in June here in Santorini.

7. Madagascar Islands

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If you want to plan a honeymoon to an exotic destination that is nothing short of a nature’s bounty, pack your bags and head straight to Madagascar. June is the right time to beat the heat of the islands and explore the Tsingy de Bemaraha natural reserve.

Camp out and enjoy the blissful moments with your spouse under the sun, go kite surfing, kayaking, deep sea fishing and diving- a trip to Madagascar islands is full of activities!

8. Andaman, India

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Tucked behind the dramatic history and vibrant culture of India is this pristine beauty that can elevate any soul with its turquoise waters and sunny weather perfect for a beach honeymoon.

Relieve your romance at the surreal Andaman Islands, binge on the delectable Indian cuisine and explore the underwater world with snorkelling, SCUBA and surfing activities. The special glass bottom boats are perfect to observe the coral reefs and if you are lucky, you’ll be able to spot a sea-cow on your visit!

9. Fortaleza, Brazil

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A beach place, a throbbing city and a plethora of mixed cultures, this is an ideal honeymoon destination in June if you want to go way down south! Apart from the fantastic beaches where you can tan under the sun and have all the beach fun with your loved one!

Evening strolls and catching the sunset from the Ponte Metalica, Praia Iracema is cherry on top!

10. Gold Coast, Australia

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A beauty of the land down under- Gold Coast is one of the most urban beach destinations in the world and makes for a perfect honeymoon destination for any month- given its all-year round fantastic weather.

Redefine the idea of fun at this non-stop entertainment destination, take a tour of World Heritage rainforests Lamington and Springbrook, go beach hopping on its 30+ beaches and head to Surfers Paradise for some adventure activities, the world is your pickle!

Make your honeymoon a memorable vacation; choose any of these honeymoon destinations by month for June and you can thank us later!

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