20 Top Honeymoon Destinations in Kerala

  • UPDATED Apr 09, 2018

Honeymoon Destinations in Kerala

The hilly terrain wearing a thick blanket of green with cheerful coconut grooves that define infinity, the gorgeous backwaters bordered by lush vegetation, so beautiful that it feels like sumptuous imagination painted into the ground, occupying space in thin air, flaunting its three dimensional pulchritude, that’s the heavenly beauty the land of Kerala proudly vaunts. Taking a vacation here is equivalent getting a glimpse of paradise that is artistically etched on land.

The serene beauty this state possesses makes it an apt destination for honeymooners with the exact ingredients to suite the taste of a newly wedded couple. Given below is a list of honeymoon destinations in Kerala you could pick from for a perfect romantic getaway.

1. Wayanad

Wayanad - honeymoon locations in kerala


Love adventure? Would a day of trekking or an island picnic make your honeymoon more perfect? If yes, then Wayanad is exactly where you should head to next. Get drenched in the milky Meenmutty Waterfalls, trek the Chembra Peak for panoramic views of the city and take a day out to visit the secluded Kuruva Island as you can plan a romantic picnic for just the two of you. Wayanad is an excellent spot to splurge on exuberant privacy with a heap of adventure. A visit to Edakkal Caves one of the unique and delightful things to do in Wayanad. You could book a comfortable honeymoon suite at the elaborate Vythiri Resort in the area.

2. Kumarakom

Kumarakom - honeymoon in Kerala backwater

Photo by Augustus Binu

Go back in time and do the old fashioned fishing and boating on a when you visit the stupendous Kumarakom. The wondrous backwater town bordering the sumptuous Vambanad lake is a charm in itself. A pleasant honeymoon in this area would simply comprise of boating, fishing and absorbing the glorious beauty that’s unjust to define in words. There’s a bird sanctuary close to the mysterious waters home to lovely migratory birds. So you have a whole lot of leisure time dunked in privacy for intimacy to embark at the town of Kumarakom. The 25-acre lake resort at Kumarakom would be the best place to check into.

3. Munnar

Munnar - best place in Kerala for honeymoon

Image Source: Youtube

Munnar is a vast ground of plantation and hence is lush green naturally. The calm of nature and the hush in the air somehow makes Munnar an ideal spot for honeymooners especially in summers. The sloppy ground and tree cover add to the beauty of this area. Undoubtedly Munnar makes it to the list of best honeymoon destinations in India. Romantically stroll hand in hand with your spouse exploring the gorgeous coffee plantations and enjoy the embellished gardens while you sip on a cup of steamy hot cup of freshly ground coffee.

4. Alleppey

Alleppey - honeymoon in kerala

Photo by Lenish

Treat your spouse to an out of the world experience as to surprise them with a honeymoon on a houseboat. This is something different and a lot of fun. Enjoy the picturesque beauty Alleppey throws your way while you sail the romantic waters in the gorgeous state. A beach cottage at Alleppey would be the best option for honeymooners coming this way. They serve delicious fresh food and offer an extra comfortable stay with utmost privacy. 

5. Kovalam

Kovalam - one of the top top honeymoon places in kerala

Photo by BishkekRocks

The gorgeous Kovalam, one of the best honeymoon places in kerala is a part of the state’s postcard. Kovalam beach is a serene water body bordered by rocks and fine sand. The lighthouse at the beach stand as an icon and the exquisite sunrise and sunset that takes place here is a feast for the eyes. Nothing can beat a beach when it comes to romantic destinations and Kovalam is one of them. Unwind and get cozy at luxurious accommodation with the pristine beach in the background. The Leela Kovalam is one of the most luxurious resorts in the area exhibiting panoramic views of the magnificent shoreline.

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6. Bekal

Bekal - Kerala places to visit for honeymoon

Photo by Abinandandev

The state is famed for its natural beauty and you can enjoy the best of the same at Bekal. Bekal is a blend of beaches, historic sites and the sumptuous backwaters Kerala is known for. You have the Bekal Fort here and you have a gorgeous shoreline too. The greenery compliments the beauty of Bekal while making it an ideal honeymoon destination stuffed with a whole lot of romance. Vivanta By Taj would be a great option to stay at if you choose a honeymoon in Bekal. They have luxury villas to enhance your lavish stay and keep you more than comfortable in Kerala.

7. Thekkady

Thekkady -places in kerala to visit for honeymoon

Photo by Ben3john

Crazy about adventure? Need an adventurous honeymoon too? The Periyar Wildlife Sanctuary Thekkady will fulfill your wish. Explore the magnificence of the famous town of Idukki too which is a part of Thekkady. The enormous Mullaperiyar Dam is another attraction worth taking a look at in the area. Murikkady, a popular part of Thekaddy exhibits exquisite views of cardamom, coffee and pepper plantations. You could also tour the place with a guide. Romance is in the air here, while nature is at its best. The Elephant Court resort would make for a comfortable stay in the area. 

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8. Poovar Island

Poovar Island

Photo by Surajram Kumaravel

It’s going to be a tough call between Bekal and Poovar Island for sure. Ever, unlike Bekal, Poovar Island is a stream of water bodies. A unique combination of a lake, a sea, a rive and a beach all on one island. There’s a fishing village neighboring the island that’s easily accessible too. Feel the privacy as you begin to love the isolation felt on this island confined to you and your better half alone and that's what makes it best place for honeymoon in Kerala. Book the Estuary Island Resort on a visit here.

9. Heritage Streets of Fort Kochi

Heritage Streets of Fort Kochi

Photo by Thorsten Vieth

Romance is equally distributed in the air as you breathe in the Heritage Streets of Fort Kochi. The historic lay out, heritage bungalows and the preserved culture creature a pleasant atmosphere around the area making honeymooners comfortable. To the people who love historic sites and take interest in the very interesting past, the Heritage Streets of Fort Kochi is a perfect place to get comfortable with your loved one. Take a walk down history lane while you step into the beginning of a new life.

10. Marari Beach

Marari Beach - Kerala

Photo by Vishnu Nair

Marari beach is home to private cottages that are traditional in the state. The cottages have private swimming pools which serves as the best start to a romantic holiday. The thatched grass roof and the hut-like appearance of these cottages feel more like getting back to the olden days. However, the cottages are very well furnished with lavish interiors and an elegant décor.  The beach is clean and beautiful making for a perfect romantic spot in Kerala.

11. Vagamon


Photo by SAMNAD.S

Encompassed by the rocky, tall, lush hills of Thangal, Murugan and Kurisumala, Vagamon, this part of Kerala s you a little high on isolation. Signing up for a honeymoon here is more like diving into the land of pine forests, meadows, orchids and the evergreen hills that sprawl the area. You could use the Vagamon Hide Out & Ayurveda Spa for a romantic stay.

12. Varkala Beach

Varkala Beach - kerala honeymoon destinations

Photo by Arunvrparavur

Overlooked by rocky cliffs, Varkala beach gets a natural set up and is outlined by resplendent pearly sand. The different shades of blue in the sea and the breezy shoreline makes Varkala Beach naturally romantic. While the mystic water hits the shore in a swish-swash twang, and the breeze starts rubbing onto your skin, lay over the sponge like sand and enjoy a drink or two with your better half soaking in the exquisite beauty of the lovely beach. Bluewater Beach Resort is a luxurious accommodation with on the beach.

13. Athirappilly

Athirappilly - Top honeymoon spot

Photo by Dilshad Roshan

The beauty of Athirappilly will leave you spellbound with a bunch of memories to last a lifetime. This spot in Kerala is a tourist favorite and sees a lot of crowd each year. However, it doesn’t compromise on privacy. The Athirappilly waterfall is pretty popular among tourists and locals and serves as a romantic sight for honeymooners.

14. Devikulam


Photo by Ben3john

Devikulam is a hill station in Kerala often left unexplored by tourists. This very fact leaves the gorgeous hill station isolated making it perfect for honeymooners. You have the marvels of nature, breathtaking sceneries, and the calm of nature with the awesome hilly weather all to yourself. Also there are plenty of sightseeing options at Devikulam in comparison with the other hill stations in Kerala. When nature’s tranquility merges with the newness of your marriage, it can’t get more romantic!

15. Ponmudi


Photo by Pillai.mech

Referred to as the golden peak of Kerala, Ponmudi is one of the state’s best honeymoon destinations. The vast stretch of vegetation with twined trails, a prodigy of tea plantations massive in size, a variety of butterfly species flying color all around the dense green makes Ponmudi a sight to envy. Couples feel away from civilization at this gorgeous and secluded destination and hence this peak is most opted by honeymooners. A blend of nature with its calm a privacy is exactly what a romantic couple would yearn for. Seek the same at Ponmudi while you explore the goodness of nature nestled in this stretch of land.

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16. Pathanamthitta

Pathanamthitta - in God's own country

Photo by Ashcoounter

Meet the enthusiastic side of Kerala with boat races, cultural centers, religious sites and a lot more. The term Pathanamthitta was derived from two Malayalam words; uo;Pathanam” and uo;thitta”. It simply means ‘a row of houses by the river’. As the soil on the banks of the river are fertile, there’s a lot of plantation clad land which amps the greenery in the area. There is a massive forest area that covers most of Pathnamthitta. The fairs, festivals and boat races bring life to the area bombarding the place with pure entertainment. On the contrary, Pathnamthitta is bordered by the Western Ghats and a little trek offers panoramic views of the land and water in the valley.  

17. Palakkad


Photo by Ranjithsiji

The granary of the state is a compilation of valleys, hillocks, river forests, mountain streams, dams and irrigation. Beautifully situated at the foot of the Western Ghats, Palakkad is blessed with the scenic beauty of nature and sufficient water for cultivation. The plantation zone is therefore replete with green stretches making it an infinite romantic field with the Ghats above to beautify the area with a hilly mountain range. The exquisite greenary undoubtedly passes for a honeymoon destination because of its calm and composed appearance with that raw beauty of nature.

18. Malappuram 


Photo by Quraishie

Just about an hour away from Calicut, lies the sumptuous Malappuram area perched on a hilly terrain. The glorious place is surrounded by the Arabian Sea on the west and Nilgiri hills on the east. To the south we have the Thrissur and Palakkad districts. That’s more like beauty of all sides. Malappuram also exhibit beauty within with the three rivers namely; Chaliyar, the Kadalundi and the Bharathapuzha taking its course through the city. With the lavish waters and the breathtaking surroundings, it’s no surprise that Malappuram makes it to the list of best honeymoon destinations.

19. Calicut

Calicut - best place to visit in kerala

Photo by P.K.Niyogi

Surrounded by the magnificent Arabian Sea on the west and the elegant tall peaks of the Wayanad hills on the east, Calicut, (locally known as Kozhikode) is home to serene beaches with pearly sand and mysterious waters, and the evergreen countryside with significant historic attractions combining to popularize Calicut, making it the famous tourist destination that it is today. Honeymooners can easily pick a beach and enjoy a romantic stay by the pristine beauty gazing at the sunrise and sunset and the orange smeared a layer neath the azure blue sky.

20. Kannur


Photo by Ks.mini

Kannur is blessed with beauty. The Arabian sea hugs the city from the west gifting it with pristine beaches while the Western Ghats overlook the city from the east giving it a green roof. The city is replete with not only natural beauty but also shrines and religious sites. It has served as a stepping stone for many colorful folk arts and folk music of Kerala. Music, beaches, vegetation and more, cheers to the beginning of a romantic honeymoon.

While all honeymooners look for peace, privacy and beautiful sights to enjoy their honeymoon, the state of Kerala is home to a plethora of such secluded romantic destinations. If it’s a honeymoon in India, there’s no way you can not consider the extravagantly beautiful state of Kerala.

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