Best Locations for Honeymoon in September Worldwide

By TripHobo Travel Expert on Feb 19, 2019
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September is an ideal time for a secluded honeymoon; the weather is pleasant in most parts of the world. So you can choose from an array of destinations right from tropical beaches, breezy hill stations or rain forests.

Thanks to the demands of the routine life such as school and work, families do not prefer to travel during this period which is good news for couples as they can enjoy an intimate honeymoon without a single worry. Most of Europe & America boast of enviable climate during this month so even a bag packing trip, hopping from one destination to another is an amazing idea for honeymoon.

Take a look at Best Locations for Honeymoon in September in the world.

1. Greece - Warmest weather for honeymoon

Greece - ideal honeymoon destination in september

White cottages, turquoise and blue waters glistening in the pleasant sun describe Greece in a nutshell. Greece is a honeypot of lovey dovey couples who can’t wait to spend the rest of their lives together and the romantic settings fill the air with even more love. A honeymoon in Greece offers the old world charm as well as the luxury and sophistication of the recent times.  

Activities: Swim in the Red Beach, explore Oia,  take a mud bath by the volcano, shop in Fira,  douze the evening suns along with your sparkling wines.

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2. Spain - Perfect weather for September Honeymoon

honeymoon in Spain

Fabuloso choice for honeymoon. Spain is a perfect mix of vibrant traditions, green meadows, enchanting valleys, soft sand beaches and snowy mountains. Not to mention, the flamenco dances, sangrias and the overall atmosphere turn on the heat automatically. Undoubtedly one of the best honeymoon destinations in September.

Activities: Visit the stunning Alhambra Palace , Indulge in luxury at Sevilla, Refresh in the Arabic baths at Cordoba, relish delicacies at romantic Marbella, enjoy the nightlife and glamour in Madrid, party all night in Ibiza and indulge in extreme adventure sports at Costa Brava

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3. Morocco - Enthralling place for honeymoon

sptember honeymoon in Morocco

Top reasons to choose Morocco as your honeymoon destination- great weather, delicious food, gorgeous sunsets. Morocco is not just a destination, it is an experience with all the souks, spices, bazaars, etc. You will be glad you chose it. 

Activites: Camel Trekking in Sahara,  Hiking on Mount Djbel, Exploring Draa Valley, shop at souks and discover the Medina.

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4. Botswana - For the lovers of wild life

Botswana adventure honeymoon in September


Are you and your partner wildlife lovers? Botswana might just be the perfect destination for you then. Botswan boats of stunning natural beauty and amazing adventures. Adventurous couples are sure to make some life time full of memories at this one of its kind honeymoon places in September.

5. Zambia & Malawai - Best idea for honeymoon in Africa

Zambia & MalawaiPC:

An absolutely authentic ‘African Honeymoon’ is what you can expect from Zambia & Malawi. Zambia & Malawi are the perfect hideouts and ideal for relaxed breaks after a wedding. Observe the wild and a variety of birds from up close here engulfed in nature including gushing rivers, warm lakes and Savannahs just like Adam & Eve. In Zambia & Malawi, you are sure to make memories that will last for eternity.

6. Egypt - For adventure trip in September

romantic trip to EgyptPC: dustinpsmith/Flickr

This ancient, mystical land full of archaeological wonders is a beautiful place to honeymoon. Egypt has a lot to offer rich culture, beautiful cities, the pyramids, rivers, etc. The Mediterranean Sea acts like a cherry on the cake. Combine some romance with adventure and Egypt is what you will get.


7. Brazil - Go to spot for a fun honeymoon

fun romantic journey to Brazil

An ideal tropical destination that boasts of pristine beaches, landscapes and historical monuments, Brazil makes a supreme honeymoon place. Brazil is also very famous for its wild dance parties & vibrant atmosphere. Swish your spouse away to this amazing place for the most special vacation of your lives.

Activities: Get lost in the beautiful cities of Brazil with colonial architecture, Samba your stress away , visit Diamantina National Park, checkout the cultural hotspot of Sao Paulo.

8. Indonesia - Best beach for honeymoon in September

Indonesia honeymoon

Indonesia is a land of endless sandy beaches, dense tropical rainforests, impressive wildlife, grand mountain views, volcanoes and ancient temples. You can decide if you want to have a thrilling honeymoon in Indonesia or a laid back one.

Activities: Trekking in Serum, Go birdwatching in the rainforests, snorkeling, diving, visit Manusela National Park

9. Singapore - September honeymoon in Asia

Singapore datePC:

Singapore is a man made and a natural masterpiece. It is delight to the eyes and ears thanks to the magnificent display of musical fountains, stunning gardens, beaches, luxury hotels, etc. A honeymoon trip to Singapore is an amazing experience and if you have time in hand you can couple it up with a few of the nearby countries included in your honeymoon itinerary.

10. Mauritius - Best place to go for honeymoon

Mauritius beachesPC: Natesh Ramasamy/Flickr

A paradise In the middle of the Indian Ocean, Mautitius is one of the most sought after honeymoon destinations across the globe. Everything in Mauritius is worth loving, the food, the culture, the weather, the waters and the greens. You may want to visit these beautiful beaches in Africa on your honeymoon.

Activities: romance on the beautiful beaches, visit Chamarel, the village with seven coloured earth , sky diving , sea walking and snorkeling

We hope that this list will guide you to the perfect destination for your honeymoon. Stay tuned to get more information on honeymoon destinations by month.

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