My Honeymoon In Italy - A Dream Come True

By Renuka Shahane on May 06, 2016
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When I first met the guy who I would eventually marry one day, we clicked the most on two things- books and travel. So when we decided to tie the knot, one of the most anticipated planning was not for the wedding, it was for the first vacation  we could take together as a couple- our Honeymoon!

Love for the antiquity, interest in history, fondness for beaches and cravings for good food made us go for an honeymoon in Italy and boyy, were we glad!

The country, with its charming people, lip-smacking cuisine and awespiring beauty lured us into planning a honeymoon to its majestic cities, underrated villages and stunning beaches! Thankfully, it was summer and was the best time to visit Italy, so nothing could stop us from packing our bags and heading to this beautiful country!

Browsing multiple blogs, jotting down the best places to visit in Italy for honeymoon and squeezing them into a perfect itinerary using a really helpful Journey planner, here’s how we spanned the country on our honeymoon trip to Italy:


Rome - best place for a honeymoon in Italy

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Starting with this eternal city, the moment we retrieved from our jet lag, we picked up our camera and rushed to the charismatic Colosseum. The husband being a fan of the movie Gladiator couldn’t just stop admiring the gigantic amphitheatre where real life gladiators fought wild animals for life.

The reminisces of Roman Empire, the amalgamation of the same with Christian monuments, the dominating squares, the Vatican, dozens of refreshing fountains and the backdrop of pine trees made us realise why Rome is one of the best cities to honeymoon in Italy. Its aura is welcoming, accommodating and can instantly elevate your mood!

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2. Naples

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After our much celebrated Roman Affair, we headed towards South of Rome to be greeted by the birthplace of Pizza! The first thing we did was, binging on the lip-smacking, cheesy, fragrant, and wood-fired Pizza at Pizzeria da Gaetano. Toured the city through an awesome hop-on-hop off bus, spent hours at the archaeological museum and the saw the sun set over the sea!

3. Pompeii

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Two history buffs on a honeymoon in Italy and not planning a visit to ruins of Pompeii Scavi would be such a shame! Taking a cosy ride on the Circumvesuvinia- a train that takes a round trip from Naples to Sorrento and back to Naples, we arrived Pompeii early enough to beat the sun and make the most of our visit.

The baths, the amphitheatre, the homes and the tantalizing garden of the fugitives; we lost the track of time and surfaced into a parallel world.

If you and your spouse love anything ancient, Pompeii is one of the prime pit-stops and one of the must-visit honeymoon destinations in Italy.

4. Sorrento-Positano-Amalfi

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If there was one place in the world where I would want to be for the rest of my life, it is this place! One of the most pristine romantic getaways in Italy, Coast of Amalfi is an epitome of beauty, elegance and romance. Its unscathed hills, petite colourful homes that pounce down its vertical landscape and deep blue sea under a faint blue sky- Amalfi coast was a reverie.

The town of Positano is dotted with celebrity homes and boutique hotels that are perfect for a luxury honeymoon! 

Gulping down pitchers of fresh Lemoncello and slurping cheesy spaghetti as the sun shined on the beautiful bay; who would not want to be here!

5. Capri

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When I first read William Somerset Maugham's The Lotus Eater, I decided I want to visit this place some or the other day in my life. So adding it to my itinerary was a must, especially when Capri is one of the best islands in Italy for honeymooners!

After a ferry ride from Amalfi, we were transferred into world of sea and sonder! The luxurious resorts, the gushing turquoise waters of the Mediterranean Sea and a splendid clear sky, Capri gave us the much needed time to kick-back and relax after all the sightseeing!

No wonder, this is one of the Best Honeymoon Destinations in the World

6. Florence

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One of the top rated honeymoon places in Italy, Florence is a poem. You want to absorb it, learn it and cherish it forever and ever. An evening at the Michelangelo square overlooking the Dome of Duomo, a visit to Santa Maria del Fiore and a romantic photo over Ponte Vecchio- we had great fun under the Tuscan sun!

To add to our delight, we could also visit the leaning Tower of Pisa and admire the tilted tower with crisp white exterior that shined like a pearl!

7. Venice

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"Venice is like eating an entire box of liquor chocolates, in one go”

The Gondola ride, a floating city on the sea, dozens of art galleries and a romantic honeymoon; everything they say about Venice is true! Of all the dreamy sightseeing we did here; I cherish a romantic evening spent at San Marco the most.

Live music flowing through a violin, pretty dainty lights brightening up the historic square of San Marco and a meal with ‘cicchetti’ and ‘Polenta Nella Seppia’ ; life couldn’t get any better!

8. Milan

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Okay; So being a new bride, I could (and I should have) indulged into some classic retail therapy and what better than doing so at the fashion capital of the world- Milan! So while the husband made sure that we got entry passes to admire Leonardo’s ‘Last Supper’, I roamed around the Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II and shopped for everything that I could afford!

Let’s just say, I had bigger bags while returning and an even bigger dent in my pocket!

9. Lake Como

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This was the last destination on our vacation and being one of the top honeymoon spots in Italy, it was everything it promised to be! Snow-capped mountains, glacier lakes, boutique villas and a cold weather; Lake Como was the perfect end to our sojourn in Italy.

We returned home with bunch of memories and a dream to go back to Italy and to fall in love, all over again!

As Anna Akhmatova quotes, "Italy is a dream that keeps returning for the rest of your life

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