Honeymoon in Mykonos OR Santorini - What's Your Pick

By Seema Nande on Jan 31, 2019
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The battle is always on as to what makes the best place for a honeymoon in Greece between these two incredibly beautiful places. Some of the most photographed islands ever, Santorini and Mykonos have inspired several other places on the aesthetics front. Today, the Thalassa theme is one of the most evident in all kinds of hospitality. Whether it is a café at the end of the street or a fine dining restaurant, Greek-influenced themes have become run-of-the-mill. Having similar geographical characteristics of peculiar white and blue Cycladic houses fringed by bougainvillea creepers, narrow winding lanes that take you to some of the best spots to watch the mesmeric volcanic landscapes dotted by windmills and of course blue-domed churches against the backdrop of a blending blue Aegean Sea. That’s where the confusion nurtures!

To make it easier we bring you a breakup on the differences so you can choose whether you want a Greece honeymoon in Santorini or a romance in Mykonos.

If beautiful panoramas, tranquility, and undiscovered locations are your priority then Santorini is a better option. Keener on partying? Choose Mykonos. That being said, one cannot rule out Santorini as a place with absolutely no nightlife, there are a few cafes, restaurants and some clubs in Oia and Fira, but nightlife in Mykonos is absolutely another level. While Santorini adopts more of the popular culture with exceptional wine and dine scenes, Mykonos is lazier, albeit with a very rich history.

Owing to both the destinations being a hot stop for cruises, Santorini’s setting on cliffs accounts for its suitability for land adventures while Mykonos is more cruise-friendly. Thus, while Santorini lies a certain degree above the sea-level, Mykonos lies at sea-level. You have still got beaches at Santorini, although pretty pebbly, notwithstanding Mykonos super-soft sandy beaches. This further explains Santorini’s being as a volcanic isle whereas Mykonos is a complete beach isle.

Further on some honeymoon essentials, Santorini has more accommodations than Mykonos. There are more 5-star hotels in Santorini than Mykonos, but Mykonos’ boutique hotels are too cute to resist. For all the shopping fanatics, there is something in both the towns. Mykonos features some high-end boutiques including a Louis Vuitton one, whereas Santorini is more of markets.

These are the most evident similarities and dissimilarities between the two islands, either way, both are fabulous. We give you a lowdown on some romantic places in both the islands along with a list of amorous places to stay for an absolutely cherishing honeymoon.

Romantic Places in Santorini

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We get how mushy you are feeling already, searching for romantic places and things to do in Santorini! And so here are some of the best places, perfect for stealing a quick kiss with your lover or adoring the trademarks sunsets of Santorini in each other’s warm embraces.

  • Oia - The highlight of this island, Oia lies at the north in Santorini. Renting out a scooter and gallivanting in Oia can be an elevating romantic experience in Oia.
  • Red Beach - Swimming at the Red Beach and then watching a gorgeous sunset has got to be on your Greece honeymoon itinerary.
  • Wineries -  On your honeymoon, nothing can uplift the romance like a session of wine tasting at the plenty wineries here. Art Space winery, Antoniou, Argyros estate, and Boutari are some of the popular wineries in Santorini.
  • Black Beach - Nothing can beat the sultriness of a honeymoon tan. Sunbathing at the Black Beach will remind you of this lovely, romantic activity you did together on your honeymoon, once you are back.
  • Volcano hot springs -  A very relaxing and rejuvenating experience, take a mud bath and then soak up at the volcano hot springs at the center of the caldera.
  • Fira market -  Make your lady happy, by letting her indulge in some retail therapy at the Fira Market. Nothing can compare the joy of watching her happily shop!
  • Akrotiri -  Perched in Southern Santorini, Akrotiri is a beautifully deserted region that bestows you with incredible views of the Volcano.
  • Imerovigli Another underappreciated town, after watching the popular (and very crowded) sunset at Oia, come here another evening for some magic!
  • The trail between Fira and Oia -  For hiking enthusiast couples.

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Romantic Places in Mykonos

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Exotic beaches, movie-like windmills, beautiful churches, a labyrinth of exclusive shops, hip boutiques and a handful of restaurants and bars that keep the night alive, Mykonos is a humbler alternative to Santorini. It is quieter compared to Santorini, with just the right number of places to enjoy a nightlife. But this tranquility means, lots of places to enjoy sweet nothings with your spouse.

Take a cue from the places listed below.

  • Kato Milli - These 16th-century windmills are certain to bring some old-world romance to your relationship. From here, you can spot some other popular attractions in Mykonos too.
  • Little Venice - Sit down for a drink as you look into each other’s eyes amidst the beautiful surrounding of this place. This place is abundant with romantic cafes and restaurants.
  • Scattered Islands - Taking a cruise tour around Mykonos will bring you to encounter several scattered islands, that are sure to make you feel like Adam and Eve.
  • Elia Beach - Spark your romance with some fun as you indulge in some exhilarating watersports at this beach.
  • Panagia Paraportian - This gorgeous church will answer your prayer for lifelong togetherness.
  • Mykonos Town - the town is full winding alleys that are so cute that you are bound to have a lovely time admiring the characteristic white and blue, Cycladic houses.
  • Delos -  If you and partner love some history, then a trip to Delos is a good idea. It is believed to be one of the most important mythological and archaeological sites in Greece as well. This is where Apollo and Artemis were born.
  • Agios Sostis -  A dose if adventure amidst all the cutesy, romantic things! Rent an ATV and just get jet-setting through the island.
  • Lia Beach - Sunbathe, swim, eat, repeat! The ultimate hideout place, couples can do all this here in ultimate privacy. Indulge in delicious frappes and Greek yyogurt at the eccentric café here.

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Where to Stay in Santorini

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Three is not one standard kind of accommodation you will find in Santorini. This stunning island is home to a wide host of places to stay. There are resorts, boutique hotels, quaint cottage houses, apartments, suites and even villas that you can rent out and make your very own cozy, romantic haven. On the western edge places such as Oia and Fira are saturated with accommodations, mostly expensive. These regions featuring several leisure avenues and attractions also happen to be fairly crowded places. If this is something that appeals to you, then you can check out Volcano View by Caldera Collection, Asma Suites, and Giana Suites among many more apartment and suite options. Along with bequeathing you sweeping panoramas of the Adriatic sea these properties also feature fancy amenities like infinity and private plunge pools.

Not too keen on staying at crowded places, but don’t mind splurging a little? Check out properties at the Firostefani or Imerovigli areas. Some of the best places to stay in Firostefani include Exclusive Plan Suites, Dana Villas, Alta Vista Suites and the Astraea House. In Imerovigli, Above Blue Suites, Aqua Luxury Suites Santorini, Ilioperato and Absolute Bliss, promise elegant opulence. These are some of the creme properties featured on many Greece all inclusive honeymoon packages.

If you are on a budget honeymoon to Santorini, you can still enjoy all the beauty and culture of this island, by choosing to stay at a cheaper area such as Perissa or Kamari. Perissa is a picturesque village, a little outside the mainstream city. But Kamari lies pretty centrally, popular for its market, best to shop! Narkissos Hotel, Santorini Kastelli Resort, Studios Mary and Hotel Solaris are some hotels in Kamari that offer reasonable accommodations. In Perissa, top accommodation choices include Loukas and Emma Family Houses, Vassalos Rooms, Veggera and Maria Mill Studios. These are sure to cut down your honeymoon in Greece cost.

Where to Stay in Mykonos

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Depending on your preference you could choose to stay in the town area of Mykonos or towards the more quieter ones near the beach like Ornos, Agios Ioannis or Platis Gialos. In fact, the question ‘Where to stay in Mykonos; the beach or town?’ has been an eternal one. Bear in mind, that people choose Mykonos over Santorini, for a more exciting experience. The partying is mostly in the Mykonos Town or at the beaches of Super Paradise beach and Paraga, which even occasionally host day parties. There is a lot of happening nightlife, unlike Santorini. The only drawback of not staying at some accommodation near the beach would the comparative dearth of restaurants. To enjoy a tad livelier scene, you will require taking a bus or renting a scooter to the town area. The bus rides are however not too overwhelming, takes about 15 minutes max.

Mykonos Town Pad, Matogianni Hotel, Hotel Charissi, Leto Hotel, Semeli Hotel, Aletro Cottage Houses and the Sofia Village are popular places to stay in Mykonos Town. In Ornos, you can choose from Thalassa Prive Villa, Luxury Sea House Ornos, Anixi Lounge Suites - Adults Only, Blue Heart Beach House and the Ornos Sea View.
Agios Ioannis features a multitude of accommodations, from skyrocketing resorts and villas to more humble apartments. Apollonia Resort, Mykonos Moussa, Leto Hotel and Rocabella Mykonos Hotel are top choices here. In Platis Gialos, go for fabulous properties like the Kohylia Beach Guest House, Giaglakis Rooms, Giannakas Studios and Smaragda Rooms & Studios. Several Greek honeymoon packages rely on these mentioned places.

While choosing Mykonos accommodations, you’ve got know that this city is pretty expensive and you are most likely to pay more than you would for the same thing at another place. But, for its dramatic beauty of volcanoes, windy streets and pristine beaches, it is just a small amount to pay for!

Lastly, either of the places you zero down on is going to be absolutely lovely. Greek culture, breathtaking landscapes, and great food will make your honeymoon one romantic sojourn to remember.

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