5 Smart Steps to Planning a Honeymoon

By Priya Saha on Jan 08, 2019
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Now that the wedding season is on, most of you might have already got hitched or are planning to get in the coming days. So how about planning your honeymoon itinerary right now itself? It’s always a good idea to plan well in advance in order to avoid last minute panic attacks. After all, it’s your special day! So here we go. 5 Steps for Planning a Honeymoon. Read on how to pick up unique and beautiful destinations to unwind with your partner, booking and packing tips, best honeymoon ideas and all the budgeting factors!

Step 1. Pick Perfect Honeymoon Destination

Honeymoon is your private outing and you would surely not want to spend it amid huge crowds gathered everywhere. So, ditch the usual ones, go for some offbeat destinations where people are unlikely to visit often. Some offbeat locations for the most relaxing and stress-free honeymoon are Zakynthos, Dingle in Ireland, Lake Baikal, Lhasa and some other Asian countries you may consider short listing.

how to plan you honeymoon in simple steps

Here's List of best Honeymoon Destinations in the world to choose from

Step 2. Grab Honeymoon Offers on Flights and Hotels

Check out the e-travel portals which offer great deals and offers on honeymoon packages. To make it even more easier, go to the couponing sites which have some pre-listed offers and discount deals for various locations. Right from your hotel stay, flight tickets and lots more. Don’t forget to plan honeymoon trip well in advance so that you can save huge on the ticket rates. Pre-booking is a cheaper and affordable way.  Also, there’s a trick by which the online booking portals trap you. They track your visits on their page and hike up the rates every time you check. Thus, creating an illusion that the prices are rising and you need to book a flight soon. Do not fall to this gimmick. Always turn on your private browsing mode while looking through sites.

how to book a honeymoon

Step 3. Pack Light and Smart

Be a smart traveler carry the stuff only if you’d require it. Most of the times couples carry those fully loaded trolley bags and shed half of their energy and time in carrying the luggage and baggage. Pack in advance, make a honeymoon check list, shop for the things that you feel are necessary and carry only those. Packing will not be a tedious task if you do it thoughtfully.  Also, don’t forget that you might shop over there as well. So keep up some extra space for the incoming items ;)

honeymoon planning tips - pack light

Step 4. Get Travel Insurance

God forbid, but if you lose some valuables, luggage, items or cash while on your journey, you should be able to get it covered by good travel insurance. Nowadays, some of the travel cards/ credit cards come with an insurance facility. Make use of it and you’ll never have to regret your investments. What’s even more exciting is that, for every 100-500 miles that you cover on the card, you earn some bonus points. So basically, you earn benefits on your travels. Cool! Isn’t it?

get travel insurance for honeymoon trip

You can refer to this Travel Insurance Guide for further details

Step 5. Budget Your Honeymoon

Plan up your finances, do not keep any dues pending so that you do not have to worry about splurging at your honeymoon. Also, remember that going to a well known exotic location does not guarantee you a great time. Talk to your partner, watch out for each other’s favorites and decide upon a place accordingly. It does not make sense spending a bomb over a destination you never craved for. There are many travel agents and guides who may help you do your budgeting within limits. Try finding out the rates from various different online sources, do not trust what you see for the first time. Always compare prices and go for the best affordable deal.

how to plan a budget honeymoon

So, now you’re all set to go on your dream journey. Don’t forget to share these honeymoon planning tips with your friends who are next in the wedding bandwagon!

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