12 Hot Indian Snacks For Winter Season

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Winters can be a terrific time. Well we are not just talking about the shivers that it sends into your body, but the kind of gastronomic delight that it gives to your soul to beat that chill. India is a haven for the lovers of food and nothing can be as soul stirring than the street food here that warms up not just you body but your soul as well. Don’t worry about the calories that you will put up after tasting this food. They would be hardly visible with those extra layers of woollens. So, let us embark on a journey of Indian snacks that you must have during winters this time.

1. Chacha’s Chole Bhature at Kamla Nagar - New Delhi

Image Source: Wikimedia Commons

Every Delhi University student must be acquainted with this joint. Surrounded by some of the tops colleges of DU, Chacha Ke Chole Bhature makes for an irresistible Morning Breakfast! Don't get disheartened by the long waiting queue, it's quick at moving. So, grab your portion in between the classes or if you are not a student, then have them while you are shopping at the famous Kamla Nagar market.

2. Hot Tikkis at Bittu Tikki Wala - Delhi 

Image Source: Soniya Goyal/flickr.com

Anyone who has resided in Delhi would be well aware of BTW. Believe it or not, this joint has featured in some Bollywood movies. Those crispy tikkis that simply crunch in your mouth with steaming hot centres can be heavenly. So, complement them is the irresistible mint sauce that is poured over it.

3. Om Sai Parath - Ahmedabad

Image Source: Wikimedia Commons

What can be as beautiful as having the ghee laden paranthas in winter mornings? This family has taken street food to the next level. Well you can’t have your food here if you don’t have an appointment first. Their paranthas are authentic, hygienic and savoury parathas. Their Aloo paratha, Cheese paratha and 5 in 1 is a must try!

4. Kebabs at Bade Miya - Mumbai

Image Source: Youtube.com

The Turkish snacks of Kebabs have been indianised for ages now. So, while you are in Mumbai and you are in a mood for meat on a stick or just a quick mutton roll to fill you up before or after a binge drinking session around town, this roadside eatery near Colaba Causeway is something of an institution when it comes to midnight snacking.

5. Giani’s Gajar Halwa at Chandni Chowk - Delhi

Image Source: Pixabay.com

Perfect for a foggy morning in Delhi! Gajar ka halwa is an all-time favourite for the people who want to pamper themselves in winter season. Since it is the time of the year when you get the best of carrots, make sure you have thin sinful dessert at the famous Giani’s. A combination of ghee and sugar will let you fight with that chilly winter nights in Delhi.

6. Pav Bhaji from Sardar Pav Bhaji - Mumbai

Image Source: Wikimedia Commons

Try their Amul Pav Bhaji (with extra butter) or Cheese Pav Bhaji (with sprinkled shredded cheese on top) and be swooned forever. Mashed to perfection, the money here is definitely the bhaji which is a mix of potatoes, tomatoes and many other ingredients that render it a rich taste.

7. Samosas from Munjal - Delhi

Image Source: Wikimedia Commons

You get every variation of samosa at Munjal in Delhi. Its chana filled samosas, alloo samosas and many other forms have left people sing in praises for them. Not to forget those chole that accompany them to make samosas more palatable.

8. Ram Laddoos in Alaknanda - Delhi

Image Source: Wikimedia Commons

Gorging on these golden hued balls on lentils can be a super idea in winters. Alaknanda’s Ram Laddoos are famous for being light and fluffy, are crunchy on the top and soft inside, and are served with a garnish of tangy green chutney and grated radish.

9. Garden Vada Pav - Pune

Image Source: Wikimedia Commons

Located behind Clover center near Aurora Towers, this is one of the most famous vada pav outlets in Pune. Started in 1972 the quality of the vada pav has been retained for decades. The USP is the hot green chutney smeared between the vada and the pav. The dish is prepared with ginger, garlic and chilies that add a delicious flavour to the spicy vada served hot with fried green chillies. Pleasant service and the hygienic manner is the plus point.

10. Nizams’ Kathi Roll - Delhi

Image Source: Wikimedia Commons

When in Connaught Place, you must treat your taste buds to the yummilicious rolls of chicken at Nizam’s. Stalwarts in making Kolkata Mughlai rolls, Nizam’s is known for serving mutton botis and mutton seekh kebabs wrapped in a parantha with a thick layer of egg. Non-vegetarians can relish kakoris, biryani and Chicken Korma, whereas vegetarians can go for the Potato Masala Roll.

11. Jalebis from Chandi Chowk - Delhi

Image Source: Pixabay.com

That hot melting sugary inside of Jalebies can put any Hot lava cake to shame. Chandni chowk is famous for its Jalebies that have served generations with their sugary tastes. A perfect snack for winter to warm your soul!

12. Gulab's Rewari - New Delhi

Image Source: dailyhunt.in

You must have relished rewaris during Lohri. Even the tradition has established them as the perfect winter snack. If you are searching for the best one in Delhi, try Gulab’s. Their rose petals rewari is a must try.

So which one of these joints is on your target list this winter? Let us know.

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