Epic Retreats - Glamping in Wales

  • UPDATED Sep 05, 2018

This 2017 glamarous camping cabins will emerge in Wales and vanish once the guests have left the place. They are a part of Wales Tourism programme, "Year of Legends". They are just 8 in number and only 200 lucky people will be able to enjoy this exotic experience. These eight different hotels or cabins were designed by architects across the globe and the theme was to reflect the spirit of Wales. Each cabin is different from the other and designed clearly for the pop-up hotel. 


One of the cabins are designed mirroring a traditional Welsh woman's hat. There are 2 levels and on the second level i.e in that 'hat' sits a king-sized bed and the its a perfect setting for stargazing. 

One of the cabins are designed perfectly around sky as Wales has one of the best "International Dark Sky" areas in the World. For adventurerers and dreamers, the roof of this cabin will open and those who want to sleep under the stars will have a wonderful view of our galaxy. 

A cabin is dedicated to trademark material slate and 2 cabins that reflect the Welsh dragon. A perfect place for staycation! 

The pop-up hotel will appear in three different locations throughout the year. The exact locations will be unfolded sooner than later, guess one by the mountains, by the sea and maybe a Welsh heritage site.

Epic retreats  will aprroximately take 200 bookings only through this year. Of course prior booking is needed. The bookings will be made available for public soon.