10 Tips on How to Get Over Post Vacation Blues

Coming back to your mundane routine after a long vacation that had transferred you in a state of ecstasy can be a difficult task. To re- adapt yourself back to the hustle and bustle of life after the relaxed sunbathing on the beach or a trek on the mountain or for that matter admiring the beauty of nature amidst a waterfall can seem depressing. The inability to readjust can certainly distract us from going back to our jobs, to household chores, to schools, colleges etc. You can be overwhelmed with a sense of disorientation, distress and desire to go back again to the soul unwinding holiday. Let us help you come out of post vacation  blues with atleast 10 tips that can help you get over vacation blues.

1. Know that you would feel disoriented after your vacation

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Do not set high expectations for yourself in your need to get back to normal routine. Time becomes luxurious and relaxed when we travel or experience new arenas but it can be really hard when you have to return to normal life. Know that it is perfectly normal to feel disoriented after your brush with excitement. Do not just hasten to  "get over" the experience. Know the importance of transition phase that transfers you from a period of heightened pleasure to one of a more mundane life. 

2. Try to understand that your vacation might not be over

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If the beauty of vacation lies in how it introduces you to different cultures, people, places and landscapes then it also lies in the kind of memories that vacation generates for you. Look at your photos or videos on your trip, or any unique souvenirs that you might have purchased. As you go through them you can easily remember the new places and experiences you were able to see. You can also spend your time arranging and formatting your pictures as per your trips so as to re-live the vacation back.

3. Share your experiences with people around you

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Sharing your experiences with family, friends and your knowns can help you recount your travel. You can also post any thoughts about the trip, interesting stories, funny mishaps, on Facebook or Twitter.  These days people maintain separate web pages for their travel. You can also maintain your timeline of different travels and be sure that you will feel happy with kind of memories that you have collected so far. Just be sure that any personal information revealed in photos or text is by choice, so that you keep private experiences private.

4. Form a nexus with the world of travel

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Do keep in touch with other travelers even when you are out of your holidays. It helps you get ideas for your next trip, and better ways of traveling. Ultimately you shall realize that vacation need not be the separate phases of your mind. It can be something imbibed in your mind.

5. Use the local stuff that you have brought back

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One way to beat your post holiday blues can be preparing something with the local stuff that you would have got from your trip- some piece of cloth, some local spices, food items, jewellery. For example: Make some dishes out of the spices that you must have collected. That would take you back into the streets of that country or city back. Use these items to keep up your vacation spirits high.

6. Realize what you can change in your life with your vacation experiences

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Try to understand how your life has changed during your vacations. You might have learnt to live without your mobiles, your TV or any other technology addiction. Life can be much easier if you simply understand how to live without things that we consider to be necessary. Further, you might have come across new values, emotions and ideas that can change your personality all together. Give time to these changes and incorporate them further.

7. Start planning for a new trip

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Even before coming back start working on a new travel plan that can ignite your passion further. Life can be much more fun when travel can become a part and parcel of your life. It can completely unwind you from the stress of mundane life. 

8. Start searching out something new in your own city

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There can be a huge possibility that there are many places you never knew existed in your own city. So take the plunge and go out to discover just what it has to offer you. There may be restaurants, parks, museums or art galleries which you have never visited. Don't be afraid to go out and enjoy the new discoveries on your own doorstep.

9. Write a Travel blog

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Time to get creative! The best way to relieve your adventure is to write a travel blog about the place you have just been to. You will surprised at how good this will make you feel and you are bound to receive comments from others who have enjoyed the same experiences as you did.

10. Catch up on sleep

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Lack of sleep affects so many aspects of our lives. By waking up on the right side of the bed, you'll be ready to ease back in to your healthy habits and alleviate lingering jet lag effects. 

Life can be much more fun if it is taken easier. Try to incorporate changes in your life and embark in your new phase of life fighting your post vacation blues.