How India Is Benefiting From Narendra Modi- The Traveler

All these years after India got independence, it was divided into two sects of people- People who have enthusiastically participated in the discussions of politics, and people who have never ever been a part of anything that remotely relates to it.
Welcome 2014 and India saw a change. No, not just in the way politicians campaigned, how they made it totally global with international television talking about their popularity and how much money was poured into the elections. This time it was a change with the people. With majority of Indian population being youth, politics is no more ignored. It was, and now it is something that most of us take interest in.
And although this is a positive change (Achhe din), there is a dark side to this as well. India ka Aaam Aadmi (not the party) has taken over social media like Twitter and Facebook to express their opinions (which can be often uninformed, biased and totally personal) about each and every thing the government or politicians are/were doing.

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And one of their prime (minister) target is none other than our PM Narendra Modi. Trolling every single thing he does is like a new hobby to many people. I even overheard that it is going to be a full-time course in some of the top universities in India. (See, I can get you to believe that; power of words huh?)
And one of the major aspects on which PM Modi is constantly trolled is his travelling. He has been visiting foreign lands for quite a while now and not many like it. Here's a map showing the countries Modi has been to:

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Now before I start stating my opinions, I better make a few things clear- I am a Modi supporter and a travel lover; so in my eyes, this is a fantastic combo. You can totally judge me for that. 
So, I am always on a look-out, in a good sense, of where Modi is travelling to, next. And I firmly believe, if travelling can enrich us in many ways, a prime minister travelling could be of help in so many ways.
Here are top 5 reasons why I love the wanderlust PM Modi is struck with:

1. Learning from Others


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Travel helps you realise what your homeland really is; for good and for bad. Remember all those times when we travelled abroad and wondered why we, of all the countries can’t have an efficient transport system, speckles streets and responsible governing. 
PM Modi needs to see these smoothly running systems to replicate them back home. 

2. Fine Tuning with Different Cultures



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His travels include embracing the local cultures and ethnicities of the countries he visits to. This sends outs a warm welcome and paves way for a stronger intra-country bond, opening news ways for business exchange and trade relations with nations like Bhutan, Nepal and Mongolia. He is one of the very few Indian Prime Ministers who have visited countries like Mongolia, the United States and Canada and UAE. Also, he is the only Indian PM to address the British Parliament.

3. A Warm Welcome from Home


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Unfortunately, huge Indian population, talented and beaming with potential stays abroad. Diverse educational and occupational opportunities, that India might have lacked (?) in the past is one the reasons why a young talented Indian wants to move out of the country, if they already haven’t! This huge NRI population contributes to a huge chunk of investment in India. Modi is welcoming them home and his highly inquisitive speeches have gained a huge popularity with the NRI’s, helping them to believe in their country once again. 

4. FDI Baby!!

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We need to progress, and we need to do it fast and sustainably. Undoubtedly, PM Modi’s visit are engaging and attracting more and more FDI; which we badly need to grow and flourish at a faster pace. With new project and concepts like Make in India, Smart Cities and Digital India emerging, we need investments to create better think tanks and top-notch infrastructure. This will also help to create more jobs for us, and a better lifestyle, for sure. 

5. Acche Dinn (Definitely, May be)



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PM Modi’s visits are directed towards creating more opportunities for foreign investments. This, if achieved can help the Rupee to stabilize, which is a major plus point since many prime international currencies are falling. How will this help us? Fallen prices, better lifestyles, happy us! 
Bonus Favourite: 

6. Travel Inspiration, A Hobo We Admire

This one’s purely personal! Unlike other PMs, Modi actually takes out time from his busy schedule to visit the sights in the destination he is visiting. Making the most of the tiny moments he gets, he makes sure to explore and satiate the traveller inside him. He passes on his experiences through the stunning pictures he clicks. PM Modi’s Instagram account is flooded with beautiful pictures captured through the lens of the globe-trotter that he is! 
The stunning pictures in his account are a perfect travel inspiration. Have a look:

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So trollers and haters, you can continue to express your distress (alternatively, you can do something productive of your time), but I wish PM Narendra Modi a happy journey; because to travel is to live! 

Living out of a carry-on and traversing through the labyrinths of Europe, exploring the wilderness of America, divulging the eccentric culture of the Latin world and re-connecting her roots that sprawl in the rustic villages of India is one dream that she sees every single night. Once Lost, Now Found; Renuka is still oscillating between the paths to choose and the dreams to chase. A believer of righteousness, she likes to trust that her life is in accordant with her favourite book.