How To Be A Traveller Not A Tourist

By Jai Rawat on Feb 22, 2016
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"Be a traveller not a tourist”, I couldn’t agree more, Travel has and always been about exploration and seeing new things and may be even about finding yourself in the process. It’s not about how many likes you have on your Instagram photo or the number of comments on your profile picture on Facebook. Sadly enough, travelling has become about bragging rather than the actual experience.

Something called "Too many photos"



Photos are just amazing and how looking back at them, we remember the good golden days is a feeling that is priceless. While uploading some pics on social media is not bad but seriously, there is something called uploading too many pictures. So unless you are that kind of a person who shares every post that says”1 prayer= 1 like”, please for the love of god do not share everything from what you ate to what you are going to eat. The reason why not to do so is very simple, because NOBODY GIVES A S**T.

Let’s NOT take a Selfie!



Travelling is about experiences and memories; not selfies and that ridiculous pout. Tip for men: Please do not have photos of yourself pouting in the mirror or behind beautiful scenery.  Firstly, because you are a Man not a Freaking duck and secondly, Brother you are going to be a dad someday and you don’t want your children to look at that hideous pout. Think of the children! PS. You can thank me later.

Checking in, again, eh?



I am not sure when this began but I am pretty much convinced that some people just travel so they can check into exotic locations. You see friends; this is one of the reasons why aliens won’t talk to us. On a serious note though, travelling should be relaxing or an exciting expedition that you take and not just because posting stuff online is cool! Yes it is cool, but you know what’s way cooler? Talking to new people, making new friends in a place you don’t speak the local language or even trying the local cuisine. Because when everything fades away all you have left are memories.

Travel where you belong!



Travel because you want to and not because "sharma ji ka ladka” went to Australia with his family. And remember, Travelling is about just taking life as it comes, plan, no plan, it does not matter. Just pack your bags and go! With someone you love, with your friends or even alone, because when you are a traveller you are never really alone. You will always have the road, the scenery and hopefully some good memories.

Too many photos not enough memories



I would just like to point out that there is something as too many photographs, Until and unless you are a professional photographer, there is literally no need to take a pic of every sunset or sunrise that you see, instead, take a break, enjoy the beauty and the colors that no camera can capture, photos may die away or become corrupted, but the magnificence of the splendid view will remain in your heart forever!

Travel at your own terms



Its ok to not travel, yes, I said it, life is about doing what you love and not about aimlessly travelling around if you don’t enjoy it. Some people like travelling, some don’t, and so if you are someone who hates to travel don’t be taken away by all the fuss about travelling. It’s not that a big deal may be your profile would look a little less hip, but at least you are not doing something just because others are doing it.

If you have it, flaunt it, NOT!


Travelling, sadly today has become more about boasting and showing others that you have an epic life rather than actually living that epic life! Boasting about where you went for your vacation is never a good thing, except for if you go to Paris, because it’s freaking Paris!

Small trips are good for you



When we think about vacations we always go straight to budget, dates and a long ass holiday. But you know what? Short trips can do the trick too. Take a nature retreat around your city, set up camp and bring your dog along (Assuming the fact that you have a dog, if you don’t then go get one, they are awesome!)

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Be like a traveller



Travellers explore the back roads and just want to find something new that makes their trip memorable; it can be as simple as talking to a local or playing sports with the local kids. Tourists on the other hand are people who take photos in such a way that it feels like they are touching the tip of the Eiffel tower or pushing the leaning tower of Pisa *face palm.

Young, wild and free



Be Young, be wild and yes most of all, be Free! Wander into the unknown, take up a new hobby, learn yoga or just explore till your heart desires. Don’t always go to places or see attractions that everyone loves, find your own places where you belong. And in the end if you still want to go to the main stream locations then go ahead, and may the force be with you!

Can you Not

Pc. Phil Plait/flickr

 A little pointer for all who think they know everything about a place because they went there, Psst, just because you went to France does not mean you know everything about it. Be humble like astronauts, do you think Neil Armstrong ever went like,”Ya so the moon is pretty boring, been there done that!” of course not! Because he is Neil, Neil knows that just because you went on a vacation to a city or country does not make you a history teacher. Neil is smart, be like Neil.

Because philosophy and travelling are different


You will often hear about people who say "Travelling is the closest thing to philosophy” or some Sh*t like that. Let’s be honest here, travelling a lot makes you a traveller and not a philosopher. Just like putting a profile picture of a car on Facebook makes you a moron and not a transformer! People, who say stuff like this, are either just kidding themselves or are stoned out of their mind. And personally I would like the latter to be true!

No Wi-Fi



There should be no Wi-Fi! Okay, before you start shooting witty comments let me tell you why. Travelling is not only about the destination, it’s about the people, the journey and the memories you create. So forget about the free Wi-Fi Starbucks is giving you and pretend it’s the 1800s, just go and talk to people and you will be surprised by what you find!

Now you know what a traveller is being all about; it’s not about trying to take that perfect selfie but rather enjoying that breath-taking view. Halt! Take a break and notice the world around you, because there is a sun set and a sun-rise every day, and you can choose to see it! So please, fellow homo-sapiens, let’s not make travelling all about Narcissism and boasting. Rather make it a retreat that you can cherish for the rest of your life. So be a traveller and not a tourist and you will experience travelling like the way it’s meant to be.

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