7 Ways To Protect Your Money On Vacation

By Bhoomi Shah on Sep 22, 2015
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One of the most horrifying experiences you can have while travelling is having your wallet stolen. You lose the cash you were carrying along with all your credit and debit cards while youre in a foreign land. Even though, your cards can be cancelled and reissued by your bank, losing all that money is sure to make your vacation sour! And being without cash in an alien city can be one harrowing experience! If the idea of carrying your money during your vacation turns you into an anxious, neurotic insomniac, were here to help you out. Here are some easy ways to carry your cash and valuables during your travels:

1. Carry cash in different places

Dont carry all of your cash in your wallet and take it with you wherever you go. You never know when a criminal can strike and completely wipe you out in one imperceptible flick of his wrist! Carry cash in different places as back-up. You could put some money in your socks, the insole of your shoes and you can even stitch secret pockets into your travel clothing too! Get creative with it!

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2. Money belts are a bad idea

Money belts may seem like a good solution, but they have many drawbacks. The belts that need to be concealed underneath your clothing have one primary problem: youll have to adjust your clothes in order to access them, which is not just uncomfortable to do in public, but it also gives the criminal the chance to see where all your money is. If youre travelling to a place which is hot, its even worse because these kinds of belts need bulky clothing in order to be completely unnoticeable. Avoid them.

3. Leave the bulk of your cash behind at the hotel

Dont carry too much cash around with you; take only as much as you think youd need. Besides, every major city in the world has lots of ATMs. Use them instead.

4. Carry small bills or coins

Instead of carrying large valued currency with you, remember to carry small bills or coins. There is less of a risk. Carrying a full wallet makes you quite the lucrative target for criminals. Even if you do end up losing your wallet, if youre carrying small bills itll hurt less.

5. Use a messenger or cross-body bag

Theres always a danger when you carry your cash in your pocket. Using a messenger or cross-body bag and keeping it on the front of your body reduces your risk of being pick-pocketed since you can easily watch out for your belongings and the criminal has a higher chance of being caught.

6. Try not to wear expensive-looking clothing

For criminals, its all about outward appearances. If you look rich, they will try to pick-pocket you. You dont need to look like a runway model. Dress casually/moderately and try to blend in with the crowd and they probably wont target you.

7. Dont carry around your valuables

Think about it. You wont need your expensive, high-end watch or the lavish jewellery set you bought for yourself where youre going. Its a bad idea to carry expensive-looking things while youre travelling. Why not leave all your valuables behind at the hotel inside the locker in your room where theyre safe?

One of the most important things to do while travelling with money is not to be nervous. Thieves always notice paranoia. Be smart about the way youre carrying your money and valuables and youll never have to worry about a thing! Happy travels!

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