How To Choose Your Travel Destination

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How To Choose Your Travel Destination

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Bit by the travel bug? Although most of us love the idea of leaving everything at the drop of a hat and taking off, it is not that easy. No doubt that being flexible in choosing the next travel destination is an enchanting part of leading a nomadic lifestyle, but, it always helps to invest some time in researching about various destinations and then short listing one. I for one, don’t earn buckets of money! I save for months on end to go on a memorable yearly vacation and I don’t like to blow off the money on the wrong destination!

Here are some pointers to take into consideration while deciding which travel destinations to visit :

1. What’s Your Travel Style?

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Let’s start with the basics- what is your travel style? Ask yourself, do you love the chirping of the birds while you rest in a cabin in the forest? Does the idea of sipping on hot cocoa amidst snow capped mountains turn you on?! Do the waves sound like a siren call? Do you want to splurge on a shopping expedition or go partying till you see the sunlight? Would you like to go on a volunteering mission? Or do you want to go on a rent a luxury yacht and go explore the seas? Better yet, would you love to mix up your travel style and step out of your comfort zone to discover something completely unique?

Figure out your travel style and then decide a destination based on that. The answer to the question "Where should I go on vacation?", lies in finding the type of travel you enjoy. For example, New Zealand would be a fabulous destination for an adventure junkie whereas India would turn out to be a magnificent host for someone who is culturally inclined.

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2. Your Friends’ and Family’s Reviews:

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Many a times, you might even be unaware of a destination until someone you know (maybe a friend, maybe a relative) returns from an epic trip from that particular place. Subconsciously, the reviews of your friends and family members matter a lot in selecting the destination of your next journey. For example, I had no clue about the sheer beauty of the Tinago Falls in Iligan, Philippines until a friend of mine returned from the island nation and showed me photographs of it. The city of Iligan has now been added to my wanderlust wishlist!

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3. Your Dream Destination:

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There are many things that influence your choices and aspirations. For me, my dream destination has always been Ireland. Why? Because I loved the way Cecelia Ahern has described its lyrical beauty in the novel P.S. I Love You! Also because of the way it has been picturized in the movie Leap Year! And I have been saving day in day out for a trip to Ireland. What is your dream destination? If all the factors are right (budget, climate, leave sanction from office etc.) why not choose that to be your next vacation destination?  

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4. How Much Have You Saved?

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How much money have you saved up also plays an important role in choosing your next travel destination. I have been dreaming about going to Ireland since 2005! But because of budget constraints, I end up travelling to destinations that are light on the pocket. And more often than not, these places turn out to be fascinating, marvellous and awe-inspiring. The town of Paro in Bhutan for example, it is so serene and so hauntingly beautiful that I had to pinch myself to realize that I was not in Alice’s Wonderland! I had gone to Bhutan just because it was a budget friendly option when I was down with wanderlust.  

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5. How About The Second Best?

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How about you skip the queues, get off the beaten path and explore destinations that people usually ignore? It might sound absurd to you, but in the words of Robert Frost, "Two roads diverged in a wood, and I-I took the one less traveled by, and that has made all the difference." How about you skip Rome and Venice and travel to Perugia and Verduno instead? Or maybe you can skip Tokyo and Kyoto and go to Nara or Chiba instead?

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6. What’s Up With The Climate?

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Once the travel bug bites you, it is tough to remain in one place. Itchy feet and a raging desire to travel takes up all the space in your mind. But, that does not mean that you can take off to any destination in the world. You don’t want to end up being drenched to the bone on your vacation because you forgot to check the current weather conditions. Before you shortlist a destination, keep yourself abreast with information of climate and temperatures of the place. Also read up on the current happenings and on-goings of the place. The last thing you would want on your vacation is to be trapped in a political turmoil.

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