How To Fly Like An A-list Celebrity

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We all have silly quirks when it comes to flying, a lucky blankie here, a funny ritual there. Anything to calm the nerves and pray to god that the levitating metal tube has a safe landing. However, a lot of celebrities simply can’t do with some inane blankie or a lucky sock, they want their lucky charms to work and boy they make it work with some of the most bizarre airline etiquette you’ve ever heard of. So let’s get right down to it!

1. Gwyneth Paltrow


Image source: flickr/WEBN-TV  

This celebrity hot shot is a nervous flyer, so while other mere mortals chew on gum nervously, Gwyneth Paltrow will load up on Vitamin C and magnesium-calcium remedy and spritz colloidal silver all over her seat because it’s a natural bacteria and anti-viral. Er, wow.

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2. Olivia Munn 

Image Source: Wikimedia Commons

The actress and model is known for her Mary Poppins bag where she pulls out anything you need in any kind of emergency situation. A teeny bit nauseous when it comes to flying, she has baggies of salt that she picks up from restaurants because her miracle potion to cure any nausea is salt mixed with ginger ale and it works everytime. God bless her!

3. Jennifer Aniston


Image source: flickr/pimkie  

She has her pre-flight ritual to calm her nerves and according to her it always works. She enters the aircraft with her right foot first and gives the plane a good tap, to you know check if it falls apart or anything. It’s been her quirk since forever and there hasn’t been any meltdowns so, yay!

4. Mayim Bialik 

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Big Bang Theory Star, Mayim Bialik needs to have onion rings and half a coke before boarding and her essentials include, lavender oil, ear plugs, her ipod nano and some vegan sweets as comfort food. Bon Voyage to her!

5. Kim Kardashian


Image source: wikimedia.commons 

Well, no list is complete without a Kardashian and a Kardashian’s woe. The reality star needs to have a four hour contouring session and her hair and makeup done before taking a flight! The star leaves her makeup on the entire time so that she needs to do minimum prepping before stepping in for an appearance. It’s been her "in-flight strategy” and it’s definitely working!

6. Kit Harington

Image Source: Gage Skidmore/

Kit stars as the famous Jon Snow on the hit TV show of Game Of Thrones, although he’s absolutely fearless on television he does have the flight jitters in person. His remedy? A good Ol’ lucky pen and believe me that pen is old. He’s had it since he was a kid and surprisingly hasn’t lost it yet, he says he has mild ocd to it nd we believe it!

7. Lauren Conrad


Image source: wikimedia.commons  

Fashionista lauren Conrad, learnt it the hard way as she lost two of her bags in-transit before. She’s sworn to never check-in a bag and loves to travel with yarn and knitting needles to pass the time up in the air and by the end of the flight she’s got herself a new accessory to wear. Not bad, Lauren!

8. Morgan Stewart

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The Star of #Richkidsofbeverlyhills has a no nonsense policy to arriving late to the airport. She is always freakishly early and has zero tolerance to germs. Armed with rubbing alcohol at all times, she disinfects anything that might touch her.

9. Alexa Chung


Image source: huffingtonpost  

 TV host and Model, Alexa Chung also calls herself the worst packer of all times, as a frequent traveller you’d think she’d know what and when to pack down to the last T. But Alexa says she always forgets to pack something, and definitely leaves something behind. Hey, at least she’s human!

10. Carmen Electra

Image Source: Wikimedia Commons

Eclectic in nature, Carmen has her set ways when it comes to travel. She has to have the window seat and if you thought you would never be able to recognise Carmen in real life, well her standard parka, beanie and scarf is a dead giveaway. Especially,  since  she refuses to wear anything else, even if she is traveling to the Tropics or the Artics; there is no middle.
Now that you know  all you favorite celeb quirks, what are yours? Let us know in the comments below and happy tripping!
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