Tips to Plan Eating Stops on Your Itinerary

Have you ever thought what remains intact in your memory once you have returned home after your vacations ? Attractions would be one for sure, however, think more and you will come to realise that it is the gastronomic delight of a country that remains in your memory forever, even after you have forgotten which places and sights did you cover during your trip. Those lovely snacks, sumptuous lunches /dinners or local Knick knacks are one of the ways though which you etch out memories of a certain city or country in your mind. So here is a list of some of the ways you can plan your eating stops on itinerary for the next vacay:


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1. Always leave ample time between attractions around Lunch or Dinner

While most of us are in a hurry to cover as many attractions as possible, it is always a great idea to leave sufficient time to accommodate eating hours as we create our itinerary. It is practical, convenient and once you are executing your itinerary, it comes to great help in planning your time. While you are trying to accommodate attractions during lunch or dinner time, locate for the choices available nearby and try to adjust atleast 2 to 3 hours for the whole affair. So, for example, if you are going to Big Ben in London during afternoon, look for the eateries nearby where you can relish your lunch and enjoy your attraction as well.

2. Why not start your day with a complimentary breakfast at your hotel?


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While you are choosing an accommodation for yourself during your trip, always try to book a hotel that caters for complimentary breakfast. A sumptuous buffet in the morning will not only fill your belly to embark on your excursion, it would also be able to save your money on lunch. For your afternoon meal, you can actually go for eating stops that serve local snacks and enjoy the gastronomic delight of the city that you are visiting. 

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3. Add a food lane, food market to your itinerary around lunch time


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The culture of any region, city or country emanates not just from its attractions, but also from the food lanes/markets that reflect the essence of that place. For instance, Amsterdam is known for its street food available in various markets. Thus, it would be fun to incorporate a food lane or a market as a part of your itinerary during lunch since this way you will be able to relish great food and would stroll around like a local for a great travel experience. You will be taking care of two concerns at the same time!

4. How about a food tour on your itinerary around main meals?

Travel experiences are evolving! Isn’t it? While travel was earlier restricted to having a glance at the main attractions only, it is something different today. It incorporates an experience rather than a sight. Food tours offer you a perfect account of your destination as they introduce you to the culinary as well as the food culture of any place. So, during your lunch or dinner, try to book a food tour so that you can learn as well as relish local food so that they can become a part of your travelogues.

5. Don’t fall into the traps

Tourist traps often equate to jacked up prices. Simply ask locals where the best place is to grab an affordable bite. If you ask the hotel personnel, they will always give you costlier options as they have their own tie ups. Also, many websites will tell you good places to eat near the attractions. However, it would be better to go a little farther away from them and then to explore out eating options for yourself. They will be less costly than the mainstream ones and would be great on the taste quotient as well, although minus all the hype.

6. Choose for in-house cafeterias


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In house cafeterias of famous museums can be a bit costly, however, eating in them proves to be the best when you wish to save your time for covering attractions. They are casual, offer takeaways and are great to grab a bite. Some of these museum cafes have infact become so famous that can be easily considered as an attraction in themselves. The Museum Restaurant at Tassenmuseum Hendrikje in Amsterdam, Grand Louvre, Royal Academy café and Tate Britain are to name a few. 

7. Collect groceries during the day


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Familiarize yourself with the location of grocery stores near where you'll be staying and where you'll be around meal times. This way you can stock up on snacks instead of buying whatever is near attractions you're visiting, which are usually marked up for tourists.

After all Great food is synonymous with great travel experience! Hope these tips help you to create a perfect itinerary.

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