How To Plan For Your Short City Break

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If you’ve been thinking about having a short break away for months now, and you’ve saved the funds to go, you’ve agreed the days off from work and you’ve got your carry-on bag at the ready, then you will need to start planning your city break in order to get the most out of your time away, and to enjoy every second you have in your destination. Whether you’ve chosen your city, or you’re not quite decided yet, you can benefit by learning how best to plan for your short city break and ensure that you’ve packed everything you’re likely to need and all the logistics of getting from one place to the other are sorted.

Be Well Prepared

Your travel plans are going to decide how smoothly your short city break unfolds, and if you fail to prepare, you just might not get to see everything you wanted to see whilst away, and at worst you could find yourself a little worse for wear after having missed a bus or train journey, or even a flight. If you’ve settled your sights on having your short city break in Paris, then organise the necessary inbound and outbound journeys appropriately, think about sorting airport transfers in Paris, whether you’re going to collect money from the airport or use a travel card, and where and how you’ll travel about in the city. You might wish to get the train and travel slightly further out to the outskirts of Paris, so plan which day you’ll be doing this, and see if you could save some money by booking your tickets in advance.  

Decide Where You’re Going

Deciding where you’re going and packing accordingly is one of the most exciting parts of going away, so decide where you’re going by consulting travel guides and blogs and weigh up your options considering what there is to see and do in each of the cities you’re considering. You could go to your local library, travel or bookshop and browse through the travel brochures to get an idea of where you want to go. Consult the help of Lonely Planet to decide where you’re going, and they also offer extensive guides on travel destinations and offer tips on saving money and staying safe, so be sure to pick up a copy on Seville, if you’re hoping to spend your short city break in Spain. 

Get Packing

This is the exciting part, so begin to pack your bags and think about what you will need. You should do your very best to pack as lightly as you can, as after all, you have plumped for a short break away. Some advantages of packing light, include avoiding fines for heavy luggage, and importantly, you’ll have the space in your bag to fit items you buy whilst in the city, like new items of clothing, gifts for your family, and pieces of pottery and earthenware, for example, to display in your home. 

Check The Weather

To plan and pack effectively and efficiently for your trip away, you will need to know what the weather has planned for your short city stay, so make sure you pack some lightweight waterproofs if you’re planning to spend much of your time sightseeing in the open and the clouds have threatened rain. Conversely, if you’re lucky enough to have been forecast sunny spells, then make sure you pack your sun cream and a high SPF lip balm.