6 Ways to Travel As A Student

By Radhika Roy on Oct 19, 2016
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We all have the fetish for travelling and nowadays  "wanderlust” is the norm. Being a student we are all on the lowest of the budgets so how do we make our dream come true ? Here are small hacks on how to travel while you’re still a student . Trust me it’s the best time you will have. 

1. Explore Your Country 

The city which you are living in has more to offer than you know of. Look for the unexplored cities . Take a bunch of friends and catch the next bus which goes there. Carry just enough cash for transportation , a bed and food. Busses are extremely cheap and you’ll find the best of people if you go on local busses . Make the most of your Summer/winter vacations cause that’s the time you’re never getting back when you grow up.

2. Save Up On Hotels/hostels By Booking Homestays 

It’s the best way to know about different people and cultures. If you’re lucky they might provide you with food as well . Ask them about the places to visit. Go to places which doesn’t cost much like hiking, local streets, beaches, street food. Ask the locals about the cheapest bars/eateries.

3. Don’t Miss Out On School trips

School/college trips have excellent packages which helps are cheap and have good stays. What’s better than going on a trip with your school friends at the best prices?  

4. Go On Family Vacations 

All want to run away from family vacations , cause you know you’d better hang with the friends while the house is empty. Well , NO! Pack your bags and take that trip. When your dad is the ATM don’t miss out ( not that he wasn’t paying for the other trips). If you don’t want to go to the same places then drift off after reaching the destination. Convince them that you have a different perspective about things and go and explore that family destination. I’m sure that you’ll find something amazing.

5. Indulge In Exchange Programs 

Best way to go aboard with your pals is to go on that exchange program which your school/college offers. Don’t hesitate as they have made good arrangements and would have worked out in the past. If you’re lucky you might get a homestay as well which cuts your costs even more. More the friends more the madness.

6. Travel For A Cause

If you have a good enough reason to travel like a project you want to present in another city/country or have an educational conference get your trip funded. There are various websites which offer crowd funding facilities and if your reason is good enough then Waalaaahhh youre taking that plane without paying a single penny.  
A flexible plan always works the best. Do plenty of research before going. Book all your tickets 3-4 months in advance to get the best deals. Mostly importantly remember to go with the flow. There are times when you might not be able to cover everything but make the most of what you have. If you bump into a person/place which wasn’t there in your itinerary. Go for it.Be intuitive. Take that chance and see how it goes. We have a limited time for enjoying the student life. Take the plunge and grab every chance you get. Because YOLO. 
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